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Published on April 4th, 2010 | by Kirsten Borrink


Comfortable Shoes for Travel | Reader Question

I just found your site, via Sal at Already Pretty, and I'm completely in love!

I was wondering if you've addressed shoes for traveling. I'm going to Oktoberfest in Munich in late September and then traveling to Italy for a cousin's wedding. Obviously, I'll be doing a lot of walking!

About my feet: I have arch supports for my flat feet, which I would ideally like to put into whatever shoes I bring. But, I can manage with shoes that have arch supports built in.

My travel style is somewhat dressy-casual. Lots of comfy dresses with cardigans. I like to be dressy enough that I won't feel out of place anywhere, but without sacrificing the comfort that will allow me to walk all over a city.

Any advice, or direction, would be greatly appreciated! Naot matai

You got it! I think you'll walk comfortable and in style with one or more of these options; many featuring removable footbeds or built-in arch support.

1. Naot Matai: I recommend this shoe at least once a month on Barking Dog Shoes. You can't go  wrong with Naot if you have a narrow or medium width foot that needs good arch support. The Matai features a removable cork/latex footbed that accommodates an orthotic or insole. This comfortable shoe comes in 11 colors and sizes 4-11! $162 at Zappos.

Keen midori 2. Keen Midori MJ: Environmentally-friendly canvas Keen that has a removable footbed to accommodate an insole. I love the pretty colors and feminine look of this durable Keen style. $80 at Zappos.

3. Wolky Cloggy: Danish Wolky makes the best dress-casual walking shoes. The Cloggy features a removable footbed, but you might find it so supportive that insoles won't be needed. Roomy toe box, anatomical footbed and rocker sole make these shoes perfect for long walks. $159.95 at cloggy

4. Ecco Performance Yarrah: A bit more casual, however quite a few Zappos customers comment on how this lightweight shoe kept their feet supported while walking on vacations. The Ecco Yarrah features: great traction, removable textile insole with molded EVA wedge for added cushioning (or accommodates your own insole), breatMe too luluhable material, adjustable velcro instep strap.  Runs true to size.  $47.60 at, $83-98 at Zappos.

5. Me Too LuLu: While the LuLu may not have the arch  support of the Naot or Wolky, it's lightwEcco lite skimmereight, easy to pack, well-cushioned and just plain darling. Me Too ballet flats are cut more generously in the toe box than other similar styles from different brands. Also, the insole is removable. Zappos customers love the LuLu. $89 at Zappos. 

6. Ecco Lite Skimmer: Fun colors, nicely cushioned insole with extra paddRomika nahlaing in the heel. Insole is removable. $65-119 at

 7.Romika Nahla: German-made, orthotic-friendly insole, adjustable buckle with hidden elastic for extra flexibility, durable outsole. $149 at Zappos.

8. Merrell Plaza MJ: Good ol' Merrell support and shock absorption in a dress casual style. Durable outsoMerrell plaza mjle makes this a good choice for travel. $64.99 at

9. Jambu Touring: A foot-friendly wedge slide that happens to be adorable, the Touring offers a memory foam footbed, hook and loop velcro instep strap for adjustability, and durable Jambu touring partially recycled rubber outsole. $113 at Zappos.

Readers, do you have a favorite travel shoe? I'd love a suggestion for #10!

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11 Responses to Comfortable Shoes for Travel | Reader Question

  1. daisy says:

    I think my Dansko Professionals and Marcelles (really, any Dansko stapled clog) are the most comfortable travel shoes ever. And they work great in Europe, I think, where you want a simple leather shoe that doesn’t look too much like an athletic shoe.

  2. EmK says:

    This is precisely the post I’ve been needing for months now!

    I agree with daisy that the Dansko Professional, once stretched with a shoe stretcher to better accomodate the bridge/top of my foot, is a good bet for comfort that won’t (negatively) stand out in an urban environment. However, they are too hot and clunky for warm weather.

    Jambu Journey is also great but is quite high (at least a 2 inch wedge heel) for me to feel comfortable striding across uknown cobblestones and terrain.

    I have been ordering up a storm on online shoe sites looking for a more streamlined, warm-weather alternative to the Danskos. I’ve just bought the Clarks Wave Cruise mary jane and will let you know how that goes!

  3. Kirsten Borrink says:


    Will you let me know how the Clark’s Wave Cruise feels? I know it’s super popular, great customer comments. I love Danskos, but remember wearing mine to Toledo, Spain and having a hard time on the cobblestone streets. They heavy rocker sole twisted on the uneven surfaces. Perhaps the Jambu Touring or Journey would act the same way?

  4. Beth says:

    LOVE my Danskos, but I’d also like to put in a plug for the Clark’s High Surf. I bought them last year and have worn the daylights out of them. They go with just about anything — jeans, crops, casual dresses/skirts — and they stand up to the “can I be on my feet all day and not hurt” test. Their flexible sole might also be more cobblestone/rough walkway-friendly than something like a Dansko clog. I also like that the t-strap style works with either bare feet or with light socks/tights.

  5. EmK says:

    Will do! I expect the Clarks to arrive later this week and am crossing my fingers.

    What you mention about the Dansko Professional is another of my concerns about them with unknown, cobbly streets and paths. And I agree the Jambu (at least my Journey) would be equally awkward in similar situations.

    The Clark’s Wave Cruise is marketing itself as having a rocker bottom (like Dansko has) but the shoe as a whole seems to sit lower and seems more stable. Another good thing is that it comes in three widths (though my Wide was sold out in my size).

  6. EmK says:

    These Clarks High Surfs look very promising. I only wish that the outsole matched the color of the leather (especially on the black) to allow for semi-nice resturants at the end of a day of touring! But I still might try these if the Wave Cruises don’t work.

  7. Ellen says:

    Do try the Naot Matai even if they aren’t your usual style – extremely comfortable & very cute on the foot. (check out – I recently found a pair in my size at 40% off retail). For fall in Europe I’d go with more enclosed styles rather than open-toed or sandals. If the Clarks fit but aren’t quite your style, just search out others of theirs – the fit is consistent across styles. I also like the Dansko closed clogs, but they are pretty heavy & need some getting used to.

  8. EmK says:

    Phew! Sigh of relief. The Clarks Wave Cruise gets a surprised but pleased thumbs up from me. I have had such rotten luck with online shoe buying of late and have despaired of finding a sockless comfort walking Mary Jane. (I was about to move onto the Naot if this didn’t work).

    I am going to write a full review of the shoes to put at the site I bought it from. My shoe reviews are very long and detailed, with measurements and such (info that cannot be found on most internet sites or promotional materials). Is it appropriate to post here in this thread? Let me know!

  9. Diane says:

    I just bought the Jambu Touring and love them! I do agree, though, that like with a Dansko clog, I wouldn’t necessarily be comfortable walking over an uneven surface wearing them.

  10. Coach Factory Outlet Online says:

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  11. rift platinum says:

    What you mention about the Dansko Professional is another of my concerns about them with unknown, cobbly streets and paths. And I agree the Jambu (at least my Journey) would be equally awkward in similar situations.

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