Best Shoes for Bunions

Published on February 5th, 2011 | by Kirsten Borrink


Best Shoes for Bunions, Round Two

Dr. Cathleen McCarthy is a Podiatrist, author of the Podiatry Shoe Review blog , and a loyal Barking Dog Shoes reader.   After she added some personal recommendations to our recent list of the “7 Best Non-Orthopedic Shoes for Bunions,” we thought it only made sense to show you her choices.  (After all, isn’t a podiatrist who loves shoes pretty much a Barking Dog’s best friend?)  Be aware that a couple of these styles are being phased out and have limited availability, but on the upside, you might score a great deal if they’re available in your size.   Here are Dr. McCarthy’s bunion-friendly picks:

1.  Like most Wolky shoes, the Wolky Passion gets great reviews for comfort and come in a wide range of colors.

   Wolky passion

2. And in case you don’t believe us that “comfortable” isn’t synonymous with “boring” — meet John Fluevog. 

   Fluevog mahalo

3. More Wolky love!   The Velcro strap is an added help for those with arthritis or other conditions that can make fastening shoes a challenge.

Wolky t-strap

4. How many shoes are foot-friendly AND the have the power to make jeans and a t-shirt look high fashion?  This is just one reason we love Fly London.

  Fly london yale


 We'll be back on Monday with another installment of Comfort Shoe ABC's focusing on letters F-L.

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5 Responses to Best Shoes for Bunions, Round Two

  1. Louise says:

    I’m so glad you linked Dr. McCarthy’s blog again! I forgot to bookmark it and couldn’t find it.

  2. Diane says:

    My first pair of Fluevog’s – on sale ankle boots – arrive Monday. I can’t wait!

  3. DarlaCarla says:

    I just got my first pair of Fly Londons a few weeks ago, and I could not be more pleased! So odd yet cute looking, and very comfortable. I got the Yogo style in green, my only pair of shoes in this dark shade. Love them.

  4. Rose says:

    I’ve worn Fluevogs for about 15 years now, way way pre-foot problems. I can still wear some of the lower-heeled, wider toed styles. The rest I can keep as museum pieces. 🙂

    I find you really have to try on Fluevog shoes. The sizes are so different from shoe to shoe. If you must order them online, call the store. The sales associates are very professional and are usually happy to tell you how they run. I’m fortunate that Monika here in San Fransciso wears the same size as me (9 1/2 to 10) and can tell me what size fits her!

  5. Susan Terrel says:

    Need to find stylish shoes for my 15 yr old daughter who has juvenile bunions.They started when she was 12 and have gotten progressively worse.We have only found sneakers and orthopedic shoes.So she has to give up comfort for fashion.Who can blame her.

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