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Published on March 22nd, 2012 | by Kirsten Borrink


Naot Dorith Sandal Review

Naot dorith
Naot Dorith in teal patent courtesy of Naot

I'm no foot model, but this sweet little sandal by Naot makes the best of my barking dogs. How often do you find comfort footwear that looks feminine, minimalist and provides the same support as your clunkier stand-bys?

The Naot Dorith fits to a tee and feels terrific. I'm surprised at how my arches feel supported in such a low-to-the-ground sandal. It's not quite the arch support of Dansko, yet it's more than I'd expect for this type of sandal. The leather-lined cork/latex footbed molds to the foot and feels soft against the sole.

The Dorith is more flexible than other Naot styles and the shock-absorbing sole makes walking on hard surfaces a breeze. I've enjoyed walking around the neighborhood in these. When my five-year-old takes off on his scooter, I can pick up the pace with no problem in my Doriths.

One concern. The top strap fits snug on my wider forefoot. Because I have hammertoes, it rubs a little at the base of my second toe. This may not be a problem for those with toes that align nicely and don't bump up. It doesn't cause irritation or blisters, just something I notice while walking. 

The Naot Dorith is from the Elegant Flats collection and fits a narrow to medium width foot best. In fact, if you have a wider forefoot, you may find the top strap too snug. I normally wear a 10, sometimes a 9.5 and find the 41 to fit well. The Dorith comes in Euro sizes 35-42 (4-11).

Where to buy the Dorith and other Naot styles (check out the Elinor and Mona from the same collection):

Naot dorith 2

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6 Responses to Naot Dorith Sandal Review

  1. cedar says:

    Those are pretty! They look feminine and kind of “artisan.”

  2. Michelle says:

    I have thse and love them! My foot is a little narrow and shallow and they fit well.

  3. chimera says:

    Very cute! I’m a little worried about my bunions, though – looks like the bunionettes would poke out through that loop in the shoe, but maybe the bunion would have a hard time? I think I’m going to find a place to try these in person…I really love them. Great find!

  4. Kirsten@BarkingDogShoes says:


    As you can see, I have those pesky tailor’s bunions too. They do poke through the side opening, therefore no problem. I have bunions too and don’t find the strap to be aggravating. My problem is more caused by the narrow top strap rubbing a bit across base of toes, but I see it loosening up. I love these so much that I’m willing to see if that happens. Let me know if you can locate a pair to try.

  5. scris says:

    I have them, love them and am already looking to buy a second pair because I wore mine out so much!

  6. MG says:

    Oh, how I wish they made these above a size 42! Naot has the *weirdest* sizing out there. The “narrow/medium” run not only narrower, but short (I’m a US size 11m but take a 44 in their Kayla sandal! It’s long, but fits waayyy better than the 43 which really is a narrow); the “medium” width ones I can (usually) wear a 43. In *some* of the medium width sandals, a 42 (although it is a little short).

    Given how popular this brand has become n the US I’m amazed they haven’t adjusted their sizing (as other companies have)!

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