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Published on April 27th, 2012 | by Kirsten Borrink


Dansko Jute Pro Vegan Review

Dansko espadrille
Dansko paula

I call it the “Dansko-drille.” The Jute Pro is the newest member of Dansko’s Stapled Clog collection (it’s vegan too,  if that’s a top priority for you).

My beautiful friend, Paula, is going to review the Jute Pro for you.

1. How does the Jute Pro fit compared to your other Dansko Professionals?

I usually wear a size 40 in a Dansko (my favorite go-to shoe in the fall/winter in the black patent – worn with a medium to heavy sock). Because this particular shoe looks best worn barefoot, I had to go a size down, which fit perfectly.

Editor note: This seems to be a common observance based on reviews. You may get a better fit ordering down a size.

2.  Is it as comfortable as your other Danskos?

 I wasn’t sure how a Dansko clog would feel worn without socks, but it’s surprisingly comfortable! I feel like I can easily wear them all day without any complaints.

3.  Do you have any foot issues that this shoe helps?

I have a very narrow heel, and it’s a bit tricky to find a shoe that fits just right. I LOVE that this shoe is supposed to be worn loose, and fits my narrow foot perfectly! It fits similar to the patent Danskos that I own, and I love the ‘clog-like’ feel.

Overall, I absolutely love the shoe. It’s a cute spring/fall shoe, and the colorful stripes are a fresh change from the black and brown Danskos I wore all winter. The shoe is very comfortable – even without socks! They go very well with jeans, capris, and even skirts – very versatile.

Dansko jute pro 2
The Dansko Jute Pro comes in three patterns (stripes and two colors of embroidered flowers) and is available at:

Style note: Paula’s colorful belt is from Noonday Collection. Handwoven by rural Peruvian Belt women, the “Embellished Belt” is only one of the uniquely beautiful hand-crafted items you will find at Noonday Collection. I love their mission statement, “Our passion at Noonday Collection is to connect you with the lives of artisans struggling for a better future while styling you along the way.”

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7 Responses to Dansko Jute Pro Vegan Review

  1. Elizabeth Ann says:

    Hooray for vegan shoes! Sadly these are just too cutesy for me. Still on the hunt for supportive, everyday vegan shoes. Anyone have suggestions?

  2. Kirsten@BarkingDogShoes says:

    Elizabeth Ann,
    One of my favorite vegan shoes is the Jambu Journey Vegan. It has good support, not quite that of Dansko, though.

  3. elizabeth ann says:

    Thanks for the tip! I’ve been looking at Jambu shoes a lot lately, but hadn’t really considered the Journey. I usually prefer something with a back and a lower heel, but perhaps I should consider giving it a shot.

  4. cedar says:

    I suggest J-41 or Jambu. Both very comfortable and many/mostly? vegan styles.

  5. elizabeth ann says:

    I am getting pretty close to investing in a pair of Jambu or J-41 shoes (a big investment on a graduate student stipend). The problem is that the style I am most drawn to the Jambu barefoot, is probably also the least supportive.

  6. cedar says:

    Did you check They often have both.

  7. Cathleen A McCarthy says:

    The Dansko Clog is my go-to shoe for when I need to be on my feet all day! I ordered the Dansko Rowena sandal for summer and am thrilled with how it looks and feels.
    Hope all is well,
    Dr. Cathleen A. McCarthy

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