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Published on July 14th, 2012 | by Kirsten Borrink


The New and Improved Best Stylish Shoes for Bunions Guide

The B-word is the theme of recent emails…

  • Your blog has been a huge help but I was wondering if you had any additional suggestions (or updated picks for bunions?) 
  • I have a very weak ankle that has been sprained so many times, it turns easily. I have bunions and I have plantar fasciitis in one foot. I’d also like to find a good dress option with a heel…I’m only 5’0″ tall. Consider this a challenge! 
  • I’m about to turn 30 in November and I’m finally starting to realize that it’s time for me to start treating my feet better. After many years of pointy toed heels and too small shoes (I wear size 11 and definitely squeezed into a few size 10s in my late teens and early 20s), I have the beginnings of bunions and my feet are indeed barking from my tendency to wear really cheap shoes with no support or cushioning…

Bunion, funyun. 

If you’ve got one or two, I’ve got the comfortable shoes for you.  

Aravon maya

1. Aravon Maya: The Maya is one of Aravon’s best-sellers as it qualifies as a versatile casual dress shoe. Owned by New Balance, Aravon shoes feature roomy and high toe boxes, rocker soles to propel foot through stride and take pressure off forefoot, and good arch support. Comes in FOUR widths! $150 at Zappos, $81-149 at Amazon

Ziera drift

2. Ziera Drift: This New Zealand brand specializes in orthotic-friendly footwear and the Drift is no exception. The Drift features a 3/4 removable inlay to accommodate an orthotic. The upper is made of premium soft leather which feels great against bunions–no rubbing. Fits a medium width foot best. Available at
Wolky kite 2

Wolky kite3. Wolky Kite: Go with me here. We love Pugs, Bulldogs and Shar-Peis because they’re ugly-cute. Can we muster some love for this poor sole, the Wolky Kite? Because I promise you, it’ll take good care of your problem feet. The anatomically contoured footbed provides excellent support and the lace system and adjustable heel strap ensures a customized fit to accommodate bunions or wider forefoot/narrow heel combo. 
Fly London Yaya 2

4.  Fly London Yaya: When you have a bunion, the thought of stiff leather even coming close to it Fly london yaya sets you off like chewing aluminum foil. Maybe that’s just me, but I doubt it. The Fly London Yaya is a bunion-sufferers dream shoe. It’s truly adorable, edgy, chic if you want it to be. The high-quality leather is soft and forgiving of toe bumps. This shoe should be mighty proud of itself for scoring 89 FIVE-STAR reviews out of 101 (the rest were FOURS except for a lone loser ONE star). $139-170 at Amazon, free shipping. 
Kalso earth innovate too

5.  Kalso Earth Innovate Too: I’ve put this shoe in my virtual cart at least three times, but backed out at the last second as I really, truly don’t need a new pair right now. If you’ve never tried Kalso Earth footwear and you have bunions, these may be your pot of gold. The negative heel technology sets the heel slightly lower than the toes which takes pressure off the forefoot reducing bunion pain. The toe box is roomy and arch support ample. This style runs slightly large and fits a medium to slightly wide foot best. Since publishing last year, Kalso Earth has come out with the Innovate 3!
Ziera jackson

6.  Ziera (formerly Kumfs) Jackson: If you must wear a 3″ heel, pick a brand that shows some compassion for your feet. The Ziera Jackson features what they call Soft Journey™ technology. Five layers make up the footbed: moisture-wicking leather liner, two shock-absorbing layers, anatomical contoured layer with arch and metatarsal support, and a stabilizing cradle which keeps foot from rocking. Phew. The soft leather upper will not aggravate bunions. Available for $199 at
Golite lime

7.  GoLite Lime: Isn’t this a good-looking hiking/walking shoe? It’s got a good feeling, too. GoLite incorporates PreciseFit™ technology:  the removable footbed comes with three inserts so you can custom-fit each foot whether narrow, medium or wide. This really does work, friends–it’s not a gimmick! The lace-to-toe design means no uncomfortable inner seams around the bunion area. Ample toe box room. $115 at Zappos.

How about you? Have you found a good-looking shoe that doesn’t aggravate the bunions? Leave a comment and let us know.

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11 Responses to The New and Improved Best Stylish Shoes for Bunions Guide

  1. Diane says:

    My Alegria Classics do my bunion proud! I have three pairs.

  2. cedar says:

    Just ordered the Kalso Earth shoe. I don’t need it either, but it looks so cute! I haven’t had great luck with Earth shoes…..they make me have plantar fascitis pain…..but I decided these are cute enough to try try again. 🙂

  3. Cathleen A McCarthy says:

    Great picks for shoes Kirsten!

    I just did a review of 2 Tsubo Wedge sandals that are comfortable and will help slow the progression of bunions, hammertoes and other foot problems.
    Also, check out my articles on my blog for:
    ‘Shoe Recommendations for patients recovering from Lisfrancs Fracture’ and ‘Top 10 Things to Relieve Foot Pain Today’.

    Keep up the fabulous work!

    Dr. Cathleen A. McCarthy

  4. ilegirl says:

    I had a pair of GoLite shoes for running a few years ago, and I loved them – even though I don’t have bunions. The toe box was roomy and the shoes are supportive.

  5. Sara says:

    Just wanted to let everyone know that I just ordered the Golite shoes from Amazon and they were just over $50, what a bargain.

  6. cedar says:

    Kirsten, you are missing NOTHING without the Kalso Earth Innovate Too! Back it goes. It looks so cute online, but looks homely IRL. And, nothing about it is comfy. It’s also a tad bit short in the toe. When oh when will I ever learn?!
    I will say, I have fallen in love with the Teva Omnium and have them in two colors. They are cute and I like them much more than Keens.

  7. cedar says:

    I am going to add that the lacing is really a poor idea. Not adjustable at all.

  8. Lindy Lou says:

    I have always been a stylish shoe person but one that the shoe has to be comfortable.(rather have (1) $100 pair that feels good than (5) $20 prs — have developed bunion on both feet under big toe. My closet of stylish shoes are torchure went on vacation took on 2 pr widest softest I had and was in pain (went in shoe store and lady told me I had bunion) sold me skechers and go/walk —saved my vacation. I was in such pain!!! Told her I was angry with her for telling me I had bunions. Please help me find stylish looking shoes ( I have always thought tennis shoes were only for walking on tread mill) thank you for any help

  9. Nellie says:

    I’ve found that MBT shoes have helped me get along with my remaining bunion for about 18 years. The other bunion had a bone spur as a result of an injury and was “repaired.” I now have a reverse bunion on that foot. The remaining bunion is complicated by a lateral ankle plate–the MBT shoes in addition to taking the pressure off the bunion also helped to strengthen the muscles around the torn ligaments and scar tissue re the ankle break. MBT’s have been wonderful shoes for me, although like anything, not for everyone. I can put my orthodics in them, too. However, my bunion is now aging and the tug-of-war between it and the plate is worsening, and I’m looking for a different shoe to give me a few more months if not years without surgery. I discovered Earthies last year, attractive street shoes with a wonderful support–in fact, my podiatrist exclaimed when he saw them, “These have built in orthodics.” Earthies differ from their parent Earth Shoe in that they have a flat sole, not the lowered heel.

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  11. Judy Sternberg says:

    I happened to find a pair of shoes on a sale rack & took a chance on them. Lifetime by Bzees– made by Naturalizer. These are sporty and it’s the most comfortable style of Bzees I’ve found. It’s like wearing a comfortable stretchy sock with a sole. I ordered a navy pair & a black pair online. Go up a full size or your toe touches the end. Now I can stand or walk all day & my bunion never hurts–Go Bzees! Less than $60 & sometime you can find them cheaper.

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