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Published on September 17th, 2012 | by Kirsten Borrink


Jafa Shoes and Boots – Vibrant Styling, Handmade in Israel

Jafa shoes

Naot, you’ve convinced us that Israel knows their comfort footwear, now here comes the US debut of Jafa shoes to convert any doubters. People, this is a brand to watch. Here’s the lowdown on Jafa shoes:

  • Handmade with personal attention to detail in Tel-Aviv and the historic city of Jaffa.
  • Designers employ couture-quality leathers; buttery soft and beautifully hued.
  • Jafa specializes in good fit and all-day comfort. Roomy toe boxes, good arch support, shock-absorbing soles.

Jafa boots 2

I reached out to Karen Crivelli, president of Jafa, when the Aliza boot crossed my Facebook feed one morning. I like what she had to say about the company in a recent email:

Our boots and shoes are all hand made in Israel. No kidding…I have been to the factory many times and am still amazed that it’s almost like stepping back in time. Our soles are just about the most comfortable out there and the quality is top notch. Nothing is outsourced, which makes it even better.

Karen sent me the Aliza boot in grey to review (top photo). My husband thinks they’re oddball, but that’s exactly why I like them. They’re an unexpected ending to a fairly basic outfit. I plan to wear them with skinnier jeans, tights and skirts, tunics and leggings this fall. If I worked outside the home, I could get by in these all day comfortably without kicking them off on the drive home. My feet feel loved in the Jafa Aliza boot. Here’s why:

  • The leather is rub-against-your-face soft. Like the soft edge of a kid’s blanket. 
  • The toe box is roomy and structured– doesn’t bother my bunions and hammertoes.
  • The footbed is cushioned yet supportive.
  • The sole, oh my soul, it’ll protect your heels and pressure points from pavement pounding pain. 
  • Amazingly lightweight. Looking at the boot in photos, I thought it might feel clunky, but not so.
  • The buttons have elastic bands between them with allows some stretch when walking. This also helps if you have wider ankles or a high instep and need some give in your footwear.
  • The fit is spot-on. I’m sometimes a 9.5, often a 10 and the 40 fits well, nice and snug. 

Jafa is a small company now (that will change), so they’re not available yet at stores like Zappos. But I suspect some of you are going to love the look and want to try a pair for yourself. Check out Jafa’s store locator or shop Jafa at Amazon, and Saager Shoe Shop, Have a question about Jafa? Like them on Facebook and leave a comment; they’re customer communication is top-notch.

Jafa factory


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12 Responses to Jafa Shoes and Boots – Vibrant Styling, Handmade in Israel

  1. AmyD says:

    what color boot are you wearing in the photo? I love it.

  2. Kirsten@BarkingDogShoes says:

    Hi Amy,

    It’s the Jafa Aliza boot in light grey!

  3. Rechelle says:

    After receiving your newsletter yesterday I spent a good deal of time last night tracking down the Jafa website and the locations where the Jafa brand is sold and LUSTING after a couple of pair of boots….. oh- and pinning them!!
    I want to thank you for your blog- I love the updates every week but take for granted all the work you do locating and sharing the wonderful COMFORTABLE shoes you find- so here’s my thank you- I now know about the Gentle Souls brand and have bookmarked the Bay Unique pair as my new fall shoes along with a pair of boots- they were going to be the Clarks Majorca Villa or Sun but now I want the Jafa Bitya #2060 or the Style #120-
    choices, choices…….

  4. Linda says:

    Oh why, oh why are they not available anywhere in Canada?? 🙁

  5. Cathleen A McCarthy says:

    Hi Kirsten,
    Love the Jafa boot! Thanks for introducing me to a brand I hadn’t heard of – I can’t wait to try them! They look fabulous and comfortable…
    Dr. Cathleen A McCarthy

  6. Annika says:

    I just bought a pair of the short boots with the cute little buttons (bottom right as seen above) and so far I love them. The real text of I’d they are as awesome as they seem will be seen when I am, hopefully, still wearing them several years from now 🙂

  7. Joani says:

    I’m in tel aviv. Where is the factory?

  8. marilyn says:

    I just tried a pair on and loved them. So unique and beautiful boots. They fit perfectly. Trying to decide if I want to spend thst kind of money.

  9. Vinie Petrov says:

    are they good enough for people with bad bunions like me ?

  10. Morgan says:

    I am looking for the jafa 127 carmel boot but have been unable to find it…any ideas? Thank you I’m a size 8.

  11. Beverly ormbrek says:

    I am looking for either the #140 or #127 boot in size 40 black!

  12. T. Smith says:

    I am looking for a Jafa sandal style 820 in a 38 black. Is there available?

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