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Published on April 5th, 2013 | by Kirsten Borrink


Ahnu Karma Apres-Yoga Flat

Ahnu Karma

 Ahnu Karma courtesy of I’m wearing the Seaspray color.

Well, HOT yoga, these are adorable. Downward dog or not, the Ahnu Karma is one versatile, comfortable and supportive little flat. 

In the two weeks I’ve owned the Karma, I’ve done the following in them:

  • pushed the cart around Aldi
  • made a labor-intensive cake
  • been pulled around the neighborhood by Harley the untrained dog
  • hunted easter eggs with the kids
  • returned overdue library books 
  • stood in line at Chipotle pondering barbacoa or carnitas
  • not yoga

This is the exciting life I lead. It looks nothing like the sleek yoga ladies at the beach on the brochure below:

Ahnu Karma

But I still want to have comfortable, cute feet while doing these mundane albeit important on-my-feet activities. The Ahnu Karma supports my arches while providing coverage for my toes that aren’t ready to come out for spring yet (pedicure in cue). Seriously, the molded EVA footbed is feels somewhat like a tempurpedic mattress: firm while providing contoured cushioning. 

AHnu karma

Now you understand we talk bunions here at the Barking Dog. Not sexy, not couthe, but I feel obligated to discuss nonetheless. The Karma may cross over at the bunion area on your foot. I thought this might be an issue for me, but found the toe box to be wide enough that the leather didn’t cut into the bunion (and just barely covers them). If you have a wider foot, this may be more of a problem for you.

Ahnu Karma

Ahnu Karma

Do you have plantar fasciitis? The Ahnu Karma has about an inch lift at the heel so isn’t flat at all. 

How about a narrow heel. Do you have two of those? The Karma offers a stretchy back heel for a secure fit. 

A word on sizing:

The Karma runs about a half size large. The 9.5 fits my feet perfectly (usually a 10, sometimes a 9.5). Also, this shoe best fits a medium foot. Narrow feet may find the cross straps too loose and wide feet may stretch them out too much. 

Where to buy:

The Karma (around $90, less for last season’s colors) and other Ahnu styles are available at:

  • Zappos, $94.95 free shipping and returns.
  • $57-100, free shipping and returns.
  • Amazon (special deals), $46-96, free shipping and returns.
  • Nordstrom: $94.95, free shipping and returns.
  • $54-94.95, free shipping and exchanges.
  • $47.99-57.99, free shipping.

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8 Responses to Ahnu Karma Apres-Yoga Flat

  1. Sonia says:

    How flexible are the soles on these? I broke my foot last year and now need a firm soled shoe for spring. My old favorite mary janes were my Keen Sienna, but now I’m finding they are too flexible and don’t provide enough support.

  2. Kirsten@BarkingDogShoes says:

    Great question, Sonia. I’m fairly sure they’re less flexible than the Keen Sienna. Perhaps I find them comfortable because they’re more rigid than the average bend-at-the-forefoot flat (I have big toe arthritis).

  3. Theresa says:

    OOHHHH… I’m excited about these! They are CUTE, and thank you for mentioning they can be an option for PF sufferers. I’ll have to try a pair. The price is right too.

  4. anne walker says:

    I have a painful arthritic bump
    on the top of my foor. We are going
    to paris in May and I need a comfy
    shoe. Do you have any stores in the Boston

  5. Sally says:

    These flats look really nice. The thick EVA footbed is not something I have seen a lot in this type of shoe. It looks comfortable. These are a little pricey for me right now but something I would like. Thanks for the informative post!

  6. Richelle says:

    Hi Kirsten! I’m 1/2 way through a trip to Spain right now. I bought a pair of Karmas on your recommendation for my trip. My husband and I walk at least 10 miles a day on cobblestone streets and sometimes hike off the beaten path. I’m happy to report NO blisters and NO bunion pain. I do alternate Dr. scholls Gel pad inserts some days and no inserts other days. These shoes go with dresses, leggings, skinny jeans….they look great with whatever I am wearing! I chose black. Just thought I’d let you know! Thank you for the review! It’s made my trip a pleasure! Richelle xo

  7. Mandy says:

    I know this is late, so I hope you see the question…I’m wondering if socks are comfortable in these shoes for a cooler day? Thanks!

  8. Diane says:

    where can I find the Ahnu Karma in the ballet pink? I have two pairs – weairng out and I’m desperate for another pair in a size 8

    Please help me find them!!

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