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Published on November 13th, 2013 | by Kirsten Borrink


Abeo Shoes reviews

abeo shoes

Abeo shoes have always been on my radar screen. But up until this fall, Abeo footwear consisted of comfort sandals and supportive athletic shoes. Enter dress shoes with arch support by Abeo, a brand exclusive to The Walking Company. Each pair features a built-in orthotic footbed in two choices of support. The neutral footbed provides enhanced arch support designed to match most foot types while the metatarsal pad footbed provides extra ball-of-foot support in order to relieve forefoot pain. Take a look at a handful of Abeo shoes that I think would meet my reader’s needs.

abeo judith

The Abeo Judith is a comfortable option for those with bunions and hammertoes with its neo stretch fabric upper. $159.95 at The Walking Company, free shipping and returns to store. Order up if between sizes as it runs a little small. 

Abeo Harleen

Shot28_68478 (6)

The Abeo Harleen is for the high-heel lover that needs optimum arch support. The tie closure accommodates a higher instep or slightly wide foot. $169.95 at The Walking Company.

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 10.16.21 PM

The Abeo Halley is a classic pump with excellent reviews for support and overall comfort. One reviewer loves this shoe since it fits her wider forefoot due to bunions while staying put on her narrower heel. $159.95 at The Walking Company.
Abeo at The Walking Company

Have any of you tried on some of these Abeo shoes when popping in to a Walking Company store near you? Any other models that are interesting to you? I would love to hear your feedback in the comments below.


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13 Responses to Abeo Shoes reviews

  1. Sharon says:

    HI Kirsten – These sound interesting. I tried to find out a bit more information and the ONLY website I could find was the Walking Company. Is there no Abeo manufacturer’s Website? From the Walking COmpany’s page, it appears that these shoes only come in the standard width. I usually take a wide -but sometimes reviews and such will indicate when a “standard width” accommodates a wider foot. I wondered if this was true for Abeo?
    Also I have a high arch and need a lot more support in “high heels” than the “normally arched” foot. So arch support is great and is better than not having much – but I wondered how high of an arch is supported?

    I have been following your blog for a few years now and appreciate all that you put into it. Thanks!

  2. Nanci Cartwright says:

    I love Abeo sandals and walking/running shoes with the metatarsal support. I have Morton’s Neuroma in my left foot so need the extra arch support and a wide forefront. Obviously, sandals aren’t enclosed but the tennis shoe is great. You can put your own orthotics in them but I actually like the $70 walking company orthotics which are far healer than my custom made ones. I’m hoping that these dressier shoes are as good. I haven’t found any shoe with a heel that I can wear with the Morton’s Neuroma. The Walking Company has an excellent return policy, just don’t wear them outside if you think you’ll need to return them. And yes, the Walking Company is the sole seller of them at this time. You can order online and return them in a store if you have one nearby.

  3. Nanci Cartwright says:

    That should have read that the walking company orthotics are far cheaper than my custom made orthotics. Should have previewed my comment. For others with Morton’s Neuroma, I have found Dansko, Naot and Ariat shoes and boots work for me.

  4. Lisamarie says:


    Have you tried Allegrias? My feet love them (and I too suffer from Morton’s Neuroma in my left foot).

  5. Sharon,

    Do you have a Walking Company near you? Here’s their store locator;

    I know they only come in medium width currently, but maybe you can get into a store and try them on?

    You could also leave a comment on their Facebook page and see if you can get a reply,

    Hope this helps!

  6. Good to know, Nanci. Thank you!

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