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Published on January 31st, 2017 | by Kirsten Borrink


Waterproof Shoes and Boots [4 Stylish, Comfortable Options]

That’s the last time I’m falling for the Farmer’s Almanac winter forecast. All was well and good in December: plenty of sunny days and above average snowfall–just the way I like my winters. But then January came. Every day like the one before–gray, rainy or sleety with temperatures hovering around 39. I’ve broken out my Vitamin D supplements and traded in my snow boots for anything waterproof. But truth me told, even the queen of comfort footwear has extremely limited options in waterproof shoes and boots–like one pair of bright green rain boots.

If part of your commute to work includes walking, and you’d rather not tote a change of footwear for rainy days, consider a pair of stylish waterproof shoes or boots. Check out our recommendations!

waterproof booties

Blondo Villa

Blondo Villa – The manageable 1 3/4″ stacked heel gives this Blondo beauty a chic look while still maintaining its all-day comfort. All Blondo footwear carries the AquaProtect®seal which certifies the use of high quality waterproof leathers and other materials with seam-sealed construction. This process makes Blondo footwear truly waterproof and easy to clean after exposure to salt. Read this review from the Uniformly Dressed blog. Available at Zappos and Amazon. Find a size 12 at Nordstrom!

Waterproof Shoes

Romika Citytex 131 and 121

Romika Citytex footwear – Both styles, the 121 and 131, feature a Topdry TEX waterproofing membrane to keep your feet dry. Romika Citytex is for you if you need good arch support or a removable footbed to accommodate an orthotic. These style run a little snug, so you may want to order up a size if you plan to wear with a thicker sock. Available at ZapposAmazon and Nordstrom.

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Cougar Rainy Day Shoe: Enjoy the fashion sneaker trend even in the wettest weather! The Cougar Rainy Day features a textured rubber upper, soft tricot lining and removable memory foam insole. Available in seven neutrals and pastels, sizes 6-11 from Nordstrom and

Waterproof Shoes and Boots: Arcopedico L19

Arcopedico L19

Arcopedico L19 – With 75% of Zappos customers awarding the Arcopedico L19 with five stars, I’d be remiss not to include it in our lineup of trusty waterproof shoes and boots. The L19 features a Lytech upper which is a blend of Lycra® and polyurethane that’s water-resistant and breathable. This vegan bootie is a perfect choice for feet with bunions or hammertoes as the Lytech is soft and forgiving of toe bumps. Get ready for some serious arch support in the Arcopedico L19–it may look like a slipper-type bootie but once it’s on your foot, you’ll feel the structure of the supportive insole. Available at Zappos, and Amazon.

For more waterproof shoes recommendations, see our recent feature on Blondo footwear.

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10 Responses to Waterproof Shoes and Boots [4 Stylish, Comfortable Options]

  1. cedar says:

    I have the Romika 121 and it has been my go-to boot for the past few years. It’s comfortable, sleek, weatherproof. It runs TTS, but very slightly narrow. It has a good insole, but I sometimes switch it out for another when my PF is flaring.
    I tried the ahnu Emery several months ago. I love the look, but it didn’t fit my foot well, and was stiffer than I prefer.
    The Arcopedico L19 is super lightweight and has such great support/structure. I have the knee high version, and find it sort of magic.
    I love those Blondos and am tempted!

  2. Kirsten Borrink says:

    WOW! Thank you for the feedback. xxoo

  3. Tracy Stavick says:

    I am currently working in education and often do recess duty in a state with snowy, icy winters. I am looking for some type of boots that I can possibly wear both indoors and outdoors, are somewhat dressy, and are comfortable, but I am somewhat hesitant to get women’s boots because I can almost never find a pair of women’s shoes that work for me. Right now I am wearing men’s flat, dress shoes, size 8 and half, which are fairly comfortable, but not good outside in winter; also, they are beginning to wear out. I refuse to wear heels, and all of the “flat” women’s shoes I have tried on are so uncomfortable. I feel like my toes are squished together, even in women’s wide shoes. Any advice? Thanks

  4. liz says:

    Hi, would love a post on wide to extra width shoes and boots (with removable footbeds) …especial low to no heels.


  5. Sarah says:

    Me too, Liz!!!

  6. webdoyenne says:

    Another fan of the Arcopedico L19. Wore them on a recent visit to Portland with younger son. Did use waterproof spray to hedge my bets and also threw in a gel cushion. I have terrible arthritic feet; in addition to hallus rigidus, I broke a lot of bones in my left foot in a motorcycle accident. When you get to a certain age, all of this comes back to bite you. The L19s were amazing. We went on a waterfall hike along the Columbia Groge; was able to keep up with my 25-year old son and had no trouble navigating rocky, muddy trails. It rained for four days straight in Portland. The L19s kept my feet dry, and the mud cleaned up just fine with a damp cloth. The boots look brand new. I took along a second pair of shoes on this trip — Taos leather sneakers that I like — but wore the L19s every day.

  7. Kirsten Borrink says:

    Thank you for the feedback re: Arcopedico L19. I always appreciate when readers chime in with their personal experiences as I can’t wear ALL THE SHOES! And now I want to go to Portland….

  8. Lis says:

    Just a heads up that the Arcopedico L19 is not actually waterproof, it is water resistant, and that is not the same thing. And when I’m caught in a New England downpour, waterproof is what I need.

  9. Catherine says:

    Hi – After reading about the Rainy Day Shoe here, I was checking out other waterproof Cougar styles and wondering — would other/all of their shoes be considered bunion “friendly”? They have one called the Ruby Rain Shoe and one called the Dash Casual Loafer (both of which I think have a cuter and lighter weight looking than the heavy boat shoe look of the Rainy Day) Anyone have any info or experience on the comfort factor for these two styles?

  10. Catherine says:

    yes my husband noticed this as well when we went to check them out more — good to note

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