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Published on December 28th, 2017 | by Kirsten Borrink


5 Reasons We Love the Rockport Cobb Hill Aria Bootie

Cobb Hill

Rockport Cobb Hill Aria in evergreen leather

Cobb Hill

Rockport Cobb Hill Aria

This review of the Rockport Cobb Hill Aira is sponsored by The opinions are completely our own based on experience.

We’ve come to trust the Rockport Cobb Hill brand for their commitment to comfort without sacrificing style. They continue to bring back popular styles season after season instead of discontinuing them (so frustrating) and the Aria bootie is a perfect example. Debuting in 2014, the Aria quickly gained loyal fans and we can understand why: low heel, comfort footbed, good looks and a great fit.

Cobb Hill

Rockport Cobb Hill Aria

It’s back this season in gorgeous hues of evergreen, oxford blue, and merlot (along with basic black and other neutrals). Kirsten had the opportunity to try out the Rockport Cobb Hill Aria bootie in evergreen leather. Even though her RA is flaring in her feet, the Aria still provides comfort for dress casual events and outings. Here are 5 reasons why she loves wearing the Rockport Cobb Hill Aria:

  1. The fit: Snug without feeling cramped. I have a few forefoot hot spots (bunion, hammertoe and metatarsalgia) so was understandably concerned about a too-tight toe box. Thankfully, the leather is soft and forgiving. With a thin sock or tights, my forefoot issues are fine. I also like the good fit at the heel–no slippage. If you have a wide forefoot or pronounced bunions (or prefer thick socks), I recommend ordering the wide width.
  2. The footbed: Extra cushioning in all the right places–forefoot, heel and arch. A stability shank in the midsole provides extra support. You may be able to insert an orthotic once you remove the footbed (it’s glued down, but can be taken out).
  3. The 1.5 ” heel: Just enough lift to keep your pants from dusting the ground, but low enough to walk confidently. When my RA is flaring, anything higher than 2″ puts too much pressure on my forefoot, causing pain, so the sturdy, low heel on the Aria bootie is much appreciated. It’s also made of thermoplastic rubber, so it’s lightweight yet durable and shock-absorbing.

    Cobb Hill

    Rockport Cobb Hill Aria

  4. The lining: This may seem like a negligible feature, but it’s worth mentioning since it adds to the overall comfort of the boot. A soft, breathable fabric lines the Rockport Cobb Hill Aria from heel to toe creating a cozy yet breathable environment for the feet.
  5. The details: Some reviewers call it a “granny boot;” I prefer “boot with a vintage vibe.” The decorative antique buttons, perforated dots and eyelet lacing add to the charm of this comfortable bootie. I like to wear the Aria with tights and a skirt, rolled-up boyfriend chinos and jeans.

Do you own the Rockport Cobb Hill Aria? Leave a comment and let us know what you think of this style!

You can find the Aria in whole and half sizes 5-10, 11; medium and wide widths for $109-140 at, $97-135 at Zappos, $91-140 Amazon.

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Cobb Hill

Rockport Cobb Hill Aria

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4 Responses to 5 Reasons We Love the Rockport Cobb Hill Aria Bootie

  1. Chloe says:

    I had a pair of these for about a year. I have duck feet, wide toes with narrow ankles, and a medium-high arch. I liked these a lot when I was a grad student in Seattle and didn’t do a whole lot of walking, but when I moved back home to New York City where I walk 3+ miles a day, the heels deteriorated really quickly. They’re just rubber all the way through, so on pavement they wear down fast and my shoemaker told me he couldn’t put a sturdy replacement cap on the rubber. I liked them, but I wouldn’t buy another pair for regular wear unless they change the shank design to include more structure under the heel. If you mostly drive or walk on carpet indoors and don’t actually spend a lot of time on your feet outside these are really cute and comfortable shoes. I didn’t like the button on the back at first (the granny vibe!) and originally thought i might paint over it, but I came to really like it and think it was a like a pretty accessory on my heels. Unlike the reviewer, I always found they slipped around my foot a lot and I mostly wore it with heavily padded athletic ankle socks, with thinner socks they could be really uncomfortable for me. I totally agree about the soft lining, I could wear these with bare ankles the first day I took them home without any chafing.

  2. Kirsten Borrink says:

    Hi Chloe,

    Thank you for your thoughtful feedback on the Aria. I haven’t worn mine long enough outside to experience the kind of wear you’re talking about–but I’ll pay attention to the heels as I wear them more.

  3. Lisa says:

    They look like they would be ankle-turners to me.

  4. Laura says:

    I just bought a pair this week but haven’t worn them yet except for around the house. I definitely agree with ordering the wide width if you have any type of issues with your toes/bunions, but I do have. Abit of heel slippage, so I’m going to have to try some different socks to see what works best .

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