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7 Sharp-Looking Orthotic-Friendly Shoes and Boots

Stylish orthotic-friendly shoes – a unicorn or a real possibility? We understand the frustration of coming home with a new pair of prescribed orthotics only to find one pair of shoes that accommodate them–boring gym shoes. After some stealth snooping, we dug up a closet-full of shoe recommendations that should handle your orthotics like a boss. You may do well to order up a half or whole size, especially if your orthotics are on the thick side. For more recommendations for orthotic-friendly shoes, visit our Facebook discussion on this topic.

Orthotic-Friendly Shoes : Naot Kata

Naot Kata

We love this review of the Naot Kata by Gail, a Zappos customer (shortened):

l love these shoes! It’s so difficult to find attractive shoes when you wear orthotics! I thought that toe surgery ten years ago would mean I had to wear ugly shoes or even sneakers for the rest of my life. Not so! These may be my current favorite shoes. Not only are they beautiful and stylish, but they also are super comfortable. I just remove the cork footbeds – which provide excellent comfort and support, by the way – and slide in my own orthotics. I can walk all day in these gorgeous shoes without discomfort and still feel well-dressed. “

The Naot Kata is a wonderful transition shoe from spring into summer, enclosing the toes and heel (which also keeps the orthotic secure and disguised). I don’t say this about every brand, but you may not even need your custom orthotics when wearing Naot – the cork and latex footbed is incredibly supportive. Find the Naot Kata in eight colors, euro sizes 35-42 (4-11) for $179.95 from Zappos, Nordstrom and Amazon.

Another orthotic-friendly closed-toe sandal is the new Earth Curie. We like the two-point adjustability at the heel and instep. Earth shoes come in sizes up to 12 and this particular style is available in wide widths. Find the Earth Curie for $109.95 from Zappos and  Nordstrom.

Stylish orthotic-friendly shoes - taos addition

Taos Addition boot

“These boots felt amazing from the first moment I put them on. I especially like being able to remove the included insole to use my orthotics.”  Zappos customer.

The Taos Addition is a chic, office-appropriate ankle boot with a removable insole to accommodate an orthotic. Walking around in the Taos Addition is a breeze with its low 1.25″ heel, round toe box, and adjustable strap at the ankle. Find the Taos Addition in sizes 6-11 for $170 from, and Zappos.

orthotic-friendly shoes - palladium pampa

Palladium Pampa Hi

The Palladium Pampa Hi is for the casual canvas-loving gal who has tried to get her orthotics to work with Converse chucks to no avail. Read these comments from women that have found success wearing their orthotics in the Pampa boot by Palladium. Available in sizes 5.5-11 for $55 from Zappos, and Amazon.

Orthotic friendly shoes - Sorel Kinetic

Sorel Kinetic Sneak

Who would have thought a hip, urban sneaker like the Sorel Kinetic would be orthotic-friendly? Not us! But this review by Zappos customer Barbara had us laughing and thinking twice.

“These shoes were an instant purchase for me. I am old. When you get to be 70 people get foot ailments. You get orthotics. They have to fit in your shoe. You get Velcro closures so you don’t have to bend down too long cuz it squishes your gut and you can’t breathe. I broke a leg and have to have lifts added to my shoe. I look at all the old people with their white shoes and Velcro closures and say “not me”. These shoes rock! I’m wearing them to Italy next week with my grandkids.”

Of course, the Sorel Kinetic sneak is not just for grandmas! See how 20 year-old Calla from Rougediamants styles her Kinetics. Find the Sorel Kinetic sneak in sizes 5-12 for $140 from, Zappos, and Amazon.

Orthotic friendly shoes - dr comfort coco

Dr. Comfort Coco

Dr. Comfort is a shoe company that specializes in diabetic footwear with high and wide toe boxes, firm heel counters, removable footbeds and smooth, seamless leather linings. We love that the Dr. Comfort Coco comes in extended sizes and widths from 5.5-12, medium to extra wide! Find the Coco for $139 from

Rockport Cobb Hill Paulette

The Rockport Cobb Hill Paulette isn’t fancy, but it provides a good fit in sizes up to 12 and four widths. This is a versatile, go-with-everything loafer that’s been around for years and has become a customer favorite. You can read through comments to see how it fits with orthotics. Available for $99.95 from Zappos, Rockport and Amazon.

See more orthotic-friendly shoes here!

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7 Responses to 7 Sharp-Looking Orthotic-Friendly Shoes and Boots

  1. Bridget says:

    These shoes look great & comfy. I’ll have to try a pair

  2. Emily says:

    I love your recommendations, always find something comfortable! Do you have recommendations for white fashion sneakers, wide toe to accommodate bunions? I follow Jo-Lynn’s blog, she did a wonderful review of white fashion sneakers, would love to get a pair.
    Thank you

  3. Emily says:

    Thank you for this blog. I love it! I ordered a bunch of your recommended shoes from Zappos to try on at home. I started out in life with narrow feet, but small bunions have transformed me into a medium, although my heel is very narrow. Add a high instep and super sensitive feet, and shoe shopping is very difficult. In case this is useful for people who share some or all of my foot characteristics: the Kata is smooth enough to wear on bare feet, has great arch support, a wide toe box, but will dig into a high instep. The Curie is very comfortable and smooth on bare feet, although I had to add a half-cushion under the removable sole to make it a little snugger. It’s gorgeous in the Bordeaux shade, which is a deep red.

    • Kirsten Borrink says:

      Hi Emily,

      Thank you for the feedback on the Naot Kata and Earth Curie–always good to hear how they fit certain feet.

  4. Jeanette says:

    Hello there. Why is it, we can’t get a hold of this company? To request a shoe we wish to purchase?? Can anyone tell me how??? Sign Jeanette.

    • Kirsten Borrink says:

      We are a website that reviews footwear and then links to stores that sell them. You’ll see links for each shoe to stores like Amazon, Zappos and Nordstrom.

  5. RUTH says:

    Hi, I have osteoarthritis in my big toe, I struggle with anything with even a, slight or wedge heel, I struggle to put any pressure on my big toe. I’m unsure what condition to look for on this site. Many thanks. Xx

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