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Ahnu Sugarpine Hiking Boot | Lightweight, Supportive, Waterproof

Comfortable Hiking Boots | Ahnu Sugarpine

Ahnu Sugarpine Hiking Boot in Astral Aura color combo

Whether you’re a serious hiker or just enjoy a refreshing nature walk, I think you’ll get a kick out of the Ahnu Sugarpine hiking boot. I had my eye on a pair for a while and finally scored a pair for under $70 at! As you can see from the photo, we’ve had little to no snow since December, so I put the snow boots away until April (when we get that one surprise snow after the daffodils are halfway up) and put my new Ahnu Sugarpines on the boot tray.

Ahnu Sugarpine Hiking Boot

Ahnu Sugarpine

I read many positive reviews about the Ahnu Sugarpine before purchasing; mainly about their lightweight construction, waterproof uppers and good ankle and arch support. And now that I’ve worn them on a few casual hikes, I’d have to agree. First of all, they’re darn cute and come in so many fun color combos unlike other rock-colored hiking boots. But they’re not just good-looking, they’re good-feeling. The toe box is roomy, yet the mid-foot and heel fits snugly. The mesh uppers are forgiving of bunions and hammertoes (I have both). My only concern is the gusseted tongue. It’s designed to keep mud, rocks, water out, but initially caused some ankle discomfort. I’ve found that with a few wearings, this issue is diminishing.

The arch support is noticeable, but not annoyingly so. You can always remove the insole and add your custom orthotic if needed. A nylon shank provides stability while a Vibram outsole absorbs shock on grips well on a variety of surfaces. I wore my Ahnu Sugarpine hiking boots on a winter retreat to Wisconsin. The ice-covered walking paths presented a challenge for anyone in tennis shoes, but my Sugarpines handled the ice like a boss. Interestingly enough, my feet stay warm in these boots in temperatures down to 30, even though they’re not insulated, as long as I wear with warm socks. I’ve walked in light rain and my feet have remained dry. But after reading reviews, I feel that I could trust my Sugarpines to keep my feet dry through puddles or a quick dip in a creek if I slip off a rock!

Ahnu Sugarpine Hiking Boot

Ahnu Sugarpine Hiking Boot

I’d recommend the Ahnu Sugarpine hiking boot for narrow to medium width feet. I’d also suggest ordering up a half size if you plan on wearing with thick socks–the boot does run a tad small. I ordered a 10 for my 9.5-10 medium width feet and the fit is spot on.

The Ahnu Sugarpine comes in quite a few color combos, sizes 5-11 (yes, even the hard-to-find size 10.5) from Amazon. Check out for last season’s color combinations at a discount. Read a review from a more serious hiker at Relentless Forward Commotion or check out a thorough technical review at Outdoor Gear Lab.

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5 Responses to Ahnu Sugarpine Hiking Boot | Lightweight, Supportive, Waterproof

  1. Rosie Pollard says:

    I have these in a wine color and I loved them out of the box. They are Super comfy!

  2. Kirsten Borrink says:

    Kind of like a running shoe-hiking boot combo, right? I just love them.

  3. ClairBear226 says:

    Thank you for this review! I live in the Chicago suburbs, so I chuckle at your comments about the weather, ha ha! The daffodils do get a beating here some years. I’ll be going to Alaska in August and am looking for a lightweight water resistant hiking boot. These look like they’d be perfect.

  4. cedar says:

    I bought a pair last year to take to New Zealand, but they were too stiff for me. I returned them.

    I do have and love the Ahnu Montara hiking boot. After trying about ten different pair, they are the heaven I was looking for.

  5. Shelly says:

    Hi, I did a massive amount of research trying to find a sneaker or boot that would allow me to walk a lot without suffering my normal problems. I have a replaced toe joint, ball of foot pain, ankle pain from osteoarthritis and RA. I bought these just before a trip on your recommendation and am thrilled! I replaced the insole with one from the Walking Company, and was able to hike up and down literally hundreds of stairs and across San Francisco without a hitch. Loved them! Thanks for the review! Now if I could find some summer dress sandals that would allow me to do the same, I’d be delighted!

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