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Hello, my name is Heidi and I’m a Cosmetics Addict. 



…I am also Kirsten’s sister

I have always prided myself in knowing who’s who in the cosmetics industry. Inspiration happens  looking at magazines, Instagram and roaming the aisles of Sephora. But you don’t know what you don’t know. Obviously a bit behind, I had never heard about the term Clean Beauty until recently. With so many brands and products out there, it can be overwhelming.

Clean Beauty – all you need to know:

The Today Show had a recent summary of the growing industry of clean beauty. Click here to view –

My cosmetics career began almost by accident in 1995 working for Elizabeth Arden at a department store.  They hired me in the cosmetics department because I wore my makeup well and had nice skin. I was shocked, but I loved it.  I learned about ingredients like ceramides and plumping up lines and wrinkles. From there I went to Ultima II with the cutting edge long-wear makeup Wonderwear. Working the Ultima II counter in Staten Island, NY gave me a whole new skill set if you know what I mean.  Oy.

Next,  I had the privilege of wearing the white lab coat at Clinique. I was so proud when  I finally got the job and began to proudly sell a revolutionary new product called Turnaround Cream. It was a cream in a holy blue glass jar to wear overnight that would renew your complexion to baby skin smoothness by the next morning.  It was the newest step in chemical exfoliation. As a Clinique beauty advisor I learned one of the most important routines:   Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing and sun protection.

Clean Beauty Finds by Heidi

Sisters through the same Mr.

Then came Origins.  Fairly new to the cosmetics industry- aside from Aveda, I hadn’t  heard much about “natural skincare”  ingredients and their skin-transforming properties. As I learned about plants and essential oils I was hooked.  Though a new trend, it fit right into the organic movement, popularity of alternative medicine and recycling.

Throughout my career, my support and fellow cosmetics fan has always been my sister-in-law, Kirsten. If you ever look on Facebook, you will see a pattern of our funny pictures, where we pose and act inappropriate. She is definitely my sidekick and I love her opinions on products.

Every move to a different state has lead me to yet another department store brand in my cosmetics journey.  I am proud to say I have worked for “The Big 3” –  Clinique, Estee Lauder and Lancome.  There are star products for each brand. The research behind them guaranteed they worked. And the volume of their sales was proof women were buying them.

Clean Beauty – what I didn’t know :

  • I was selling personal care products that have had only 30 banned ingredients, while The European Union has restricted 1,400.
  • I’ve been working in an unregulated industry that hasn’t passed a federal law since 1938.
  • The more than 80,000 chemicals on the market, especially true in the skin-care and beauty industry, have no real safety data.
  • Serious health issues like cancer, infertility and hormone related illnesses are on the rise and can be due to exposure to toxins found in our daily care products.

Call me late to the party, but I have just discovered a brand called Beauty Counter whose mission is to change all that. They have what they call a “Never List” that lists 1,500 ingredients that are not safe for our health and that are banned from any of the products they produce.

Read about them here:

I took for granted all the prestige skincare and luxury brands I was selling were Safe!!

The goal I have in the next part of my journey is to simplify and to select mindfully from the Beauty Counter brand and hopefully do clean swaps with my beauty products as I go!

Clean Beauty Clean Swap

Clean Beauty InformationLearn more about Clean Beauty

One of the reasons skincare and makeup make such a great partnership with shoes is the personal and bespoke nature they carry. Shoes and comfortable shoes in particular, have a very loyal following. After all, it’s your feet and you want to be comfortable walking, standing or hiking through the woods. Every shoe customer has very specific needs, concerns and fits and so does the cosmetics customer. And there are styles and products for everyone.

Beauty Counter has a unique way to find out the regimen that is right for you and your skin’s concerns

Take the Beauty Counter skin care quiz here!

Your complexion and face have a type and needs its own regimen for protection, health and repair. You may get advice from the beauty consultant, but it will always come down to your own style and personal preference. We are here to help you select clean beauty and options for a healthier lifestyle.


What about you? Have you been using clean beauty products, or any products from Beauty Counter? Let us know in the comments below.

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