Best Shoes for Bunions

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Best Boots for Bunions

It’s boot season, but bunions don’t care. They’re not going to hibernate quietly until spring sandal season, unfortunately. Let’s humor them with wiggle room, a wide toe box and warmth. See my top four tall-ish boots that won’t aggravate the bunions.

keen tyretread tall

1. Keen Tyretread: While they may not have the “wow” factor you’re looking for, your bunions may beg to differ. In true Keen form, the new Tyretread boot features a roomy toe box, removable recycled foam insole and contoured footbed with moderate arch support. What’s more they’re waterproof! The Keen Tyretread has a 14 1/2″ calf circumference with goring in the back for additional stretch and a half-zipper on the side. $80-139 at, $59-184.95 at Amazon.keen tyretread 1

arcopedico liana2. Arcopedico Liana: A vegan boot for bunions. The Lytech upper (a blend of Lycra and polyurethane) is soft and forgiving of bunions and hammertoes. The Liana is flexible, lightweight and even provides arch support, plus they’re washable! Best for thinner calves. $189 at Zappos,
Born Inna3. Born Inna: This mid-calf boot is a good option for the shorter woman. The Inna features a broad toe box, cushioned footbed, pull-on loops and a partial side zipper. $150 at Zappos.

Merrell Captiva Launch 24. Merrell Captiva Launch 2: My favorite of the five–something about the tab details down the back. The Captiva Launch 2 is waterproof, has the supportive Q-form comfort midsole that made me fall in love with Merrell in the first place, and the insole is removable. The toe box is broad with room for toes to spread out. One problem that Merrell hasn’t seemed to fix: some customers complain that the buttons pop off with wear to which the company will send replacement buttons. On sale $150-200 at Amazon.

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19 Responses to Best Boots for Bunions

  1. cedar says:

    I like the Merrell Captiva Buckle Down, but wish the burgundy color came in that two tone look that the espresso color has.

  2. kt says:

    Thank you so much for your hard work. Since following your work/blog/twitter/instagram I am understanding better of my foot!
    I also come to realize that I have one too many pretty, some expensive footwear in my wardrobe that is not suitable for me.
    I just wished I found your blog 2-3 years earlier.

  3. Christine says:

    I’ve tried just about every brand mentioned here, unfortunately , none are quite wide enough for my bunion foot 🙁 Are there any extra wide width boots out there ?

  4. Jessica says:

    I happened upon the Fly London Mistry boot recently, and I’m loving them for my screwy tailors bunion feet! Even though the shoe only comes in a regular width, the toe box is wide enough for me (mild/moderate tailors bunion). The leather is pretty soft, so it doesn’t rub too much on the tender spots. Also love the cushioned footbed and arch support – I added a pair of orthotics to mine, but the boots appear to have moderate arch support even without. I believe they’re discontinuing them (BOO!), but I snagged a pair from Amazon a few weeks ago. Just wanted to share with everyone – I have an impossible time finding shoes that fit so I get really excited when I find something great!

  5. Kim says:

    I purchased the Arcopedico Lianas, and they are by far the most comfortable shoe (boot) I have ever owned. I’m a teacher, and I’m often on my feet. I noted the sizing issues, so I selected a size 40; I normally wear a size 39, and the 40 fits perfectly. The boot is extremely light and soft. I almost feel like I’m wearing slippers. This is like a miracle because I have bunions on both feet and curling fourth and fifth toes on both feet. The curly toes particularly make finding comfortable shoes a challenge, so I was incredibly grateful for your lead. Finally, I have very thin legs, so I like a boot with a smaller calf circumference. I still have to wear boot warmers with leggings, but these are great with jeans. I hope Arcopedico will make more boots, perhaps even leather look boots, like these. Thanks so much for your work, Kirsten!

    • Kirsten says:

      Hi Kim! That is wonderful news. Arcopedico has a great sandal out this spring called the Stella. It’s a cork wedge with two adjustable straps–covers the bunion without pressing on it. So glad you like the Lianas and thank you for providing feedback.

  6. Serena Bussell says:

    Thank you for goodness sake! For women with extra wide feet and big toe fusion and brevis tendon repair, I have been at my wits end trying to find shoes and boots that even fit enough for my right foot. This is a very frustrating search. I lost my job after not being able to return to work and so my budget is very important right now. There are choices though and I’m so glad to hear that I am not alone!

  7. Happy Feet in Seattle says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I found this post after googling for “boots for bunions.” I just got the Merrell Captiva Buckle-Downs based on your recommendation. They have enough room for my big toe!! Hurray! Now I can wear something other than my Clark’s Wave.Runs.

  8. jenny l says:

    The Keen boots have been a lifesaver! Wide feet with bunions, these boots got me through our El Niño rains. I added a gel arch /heel support to make up for the half size larger. Feet were cozy, dry & happy, but not too hot. Thank you so much for the boot reviews!

  9. Tiffany says:

    I just bought the Merrell Captiva Buckle downs based on these reviews. I sure hope they live up to the recommendations.

  10. Julie says:

    So happy I just stumbled onto this website. I have hallux rigidus in my right foot. I have been struggling to find shoes anywhere until now. So thank you!! My double whammy though is that I wear a size 12 (I’m over 6’1″) so those super cute boots by Merrell and Keen etc. won’t work. I am looking at a few options on Zappos. Not the cutest boots in the world but not terrible. And my big toe will not be screaming at me all day long.

    • Kirsten Borrink says:

      Hi Julie–take a look at Shoebuy, they often carry larger sizes. I know these aren’t boots, but Sanita carries up to a Euro 43 while Dansko quits at 42 :

  11. Emily Murphy says:

    Hello, thanks for all of this informative information. I am 26 years old and I have a physical disability that limits me from walking long distances. My feet are very wide (at the forefront only) and I can’t find a suitable boot that will cater for my annoying blisters on my little toes. I find it difficult to wear any boot that doesn’t have a full length zip either. My calves are not wide and I am short, so I liked the look of the ‘Born Inna’ boot that you recommended, however I noticed that it doesn’t have a full length zip. Are you able to make any more recommendations?
    Thank you so much!

  12. Emily Murphy says:

    Put simply, could you recommend me a boot (or several if possible) that has: a full length zip, relatively flat heel, overall wide fitted boot and a wide forefront/shoe box. Thank you 🙂 🙂

  13. carol robinson says:

    I have a torn ligament in the ball of my foot and am having a really hard time finding any show let alone a boot that I ca wear with the orthodics I was made to wear. any suggestions? I have found a zero rise shoe with a wide toe box seems to work the best- All I have been able to wear is a choco sandal or sometimes a Birkenstock sandal but I live in Canada and could really use a boot- soemthing I could wear with a dress?

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