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Published on November 23rd, 2013 | by Kirsten Borrink


Best Shoes for Nurses

best shoes for nurses
Guest Blog by Anna from “The Days When I’m Not A Nurse”  
Thanks to Kirsten for letting me guest post on her blog today! I’m over at The Days When I’m Not A Nurse, if you want to come say hi!
I’ve been a nurse for 5 years. That’s roughly 780 days in the hospital. On my feet for 9,360 hours. But I’m still a baby nurse compared to some of my colleagues who have been in the business for 20+ years. So perhaps I’m not the best person to recommend shoes, but I can tell you what I’ve found to be the most comfortable so far during my long shifts.
best shoes for nurses

1. Danskos (Dansko Professional Art Palette shown above): 
Of course these would be on my list. They’ve kind of dominated the healthcare shoe world. On an average shift, at least half of my co-workers are in Danskos. I became converted when I wore through my second pair of shoes in the same year and knew I had try something different. They have fantastic arch support and a very professional look to them. They come in tons of different styles and colors so you’re practically guaranteed to find a pair that appeals to you. Cons- breaking them in takes time. Don’t make the mistake I made and wear them for the first time during a 12 hour shift. Your feet will not enjoy that.

*Dansko has some new shoes coming out soon! It’s a comfort sneaker that I get to try out later this month, and I can’t wait! 

best shoes for nurses

2. Athletic shoes: 
For all the people who don’t care for Danskos, a nice pair of comfortable sneakers can be perfect for work. You can get them in any color, any shape, and find them at any store. There are so many nurses I know who don’t wear anything special, they just find a pair of tennis shoes that they like. One downside is that they’re hard to sanitize if body fluid ends up on then… just saying. A word of caution: Converse looks cute on Grey’s Anatomy, but they’re flat and your feet are aching halfway through a shift.

best shoes for nurses

3. Timberland
Timberland is typically known for making boots, but they’ve branched out into a professional series for those in the healthcare setting. I’ve been wearing their Timberland Pro Renova Professional Slip-on shoes to work for over a month now and they might be my new favorites! The first time I saw them I suspected they were another Dansko-wannabe, but these are SO different! They have a nice, wide support (as opposed to Dansko’s more narrow shoe) and the heel cushion is incredible. I can’t emphasize this enough, my heels feel like they have clouds underneath them.

The one con so far: they haven’t gotten rid of that new-shoe squeak when I walk on waxed floors. Other than that, I’m sold! (I can’t seem to find a website that still carries the light grey ones I have, but there’s a blue one and pewter one that are just as cute!)

Thank you, Anna!

A few more recommendations based on my experience and that of my neighbor, Christine, the super RN:

    • Alegria Dayna with excellent arch support, rocker sole and roomy toe box. Accommodates orthotics and comes in wide widths. 
    • Dansko Pro XP: same rocker sole and roomy toe box as the Professional, but more lightweight with a cushioned footbed. 
    • Sanita Professional Pearl: Sanita used to make the rocker soles for Dansko and continue to make their own Professional clog. 
    • Crocs Mercy Work: All the comfort of regular Crocs but with a non-slip sole.
    • Spring Step Professional Florence: More affordable than Dansko, but not as much arch support. 
    • Ahnu Jackie Pro: Cute slip-on with good support and a non-slip sole–good choice for those that dislike the clog look.

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6 Responses to Best Shoes for Nurses

  1. isabella says:

    BEST OF ALL SHOES: gray’s anatomy. So light, and cushing. ADORABLE.

  2. Hoang Nguyen says:

    My sister is a nurse and she is looking for a good pair 🙂
    Your post is really great though, detailed information. I’mma recommend this to her so she can make a choice herself ! And i think she fits them Danskos 🙂

  3. Lilly says:

    Great post but how about crocs, Nursemate and Alegria?

  4. Ashleigh says:

    Where can I buy the grey timberlands? I can’t find them anywhere.

  5. Ashleigh says:

    Never mind, just saw that nobody carries them now.

  6. Chris Arnesen (mother of Sunny) says:

    I love nurses and I love our feet.
    And I love this blog. You’re the best.

    I have to tell you that my feet are happiest in the Algeria Dayna shoes (I wear red Mary Janes). There’s lots of wonderful support and roominess which all nurses appreciate on those long shifts in the dark of night or the heat of the day. But I also appreciate them because I have a bit of foot drop which can be a challenge in ER settings . The sole doesn’t catch on the linoleum floor and if I need to slide my orthotic in the footbed, there’s plenty of room.

    On a more shallow note, when I wear them I look fabulous! This, in the scheme of things doesn’t seem that important, but it makes me happy.

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