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Published on April 29th, 2016 | by Kirsten Borrink


Birkenstock Arizona Sport Review – A Colorful Classic!

Birkenstock Arizona Sport

Birkenstock Arizona Sport

For a comfort shoe blogger, you’d assume my closet would be full of Birkenstocks: single strap, double strap, ankle strap, day-glo colors and neutrals. Not so. My one trusty pair of Birkenstock Granadas bit it last summer. After five years of almost constant summertime wear, the rubber outsoles were worn down and the cork-latex footbed has clearly seen better days. I could get them resoled, but then I saw these color-of-the-sea beauties. Can a Birkenstock be beautiful?

I placed an order for the new Birkenstock Arizona Sport sandal in Biscay Blue oiled leather. This is my first pair of Arizonas ever and so far, they fit as well as my Granadas and provide the same level of arch support. The adjustable buckles allow for a customized fit for my wider forefoot and narrower midfoot. The thick white EVA foam midsole is an unexpected and fun detail, and while it looks more cushiony than the typical black EVA outsole, I can’t say it provides a higher level of shock-absorption.

Birkenstock Arizona Sport 2

Birkenstock Arizona Sport

Per usual with Birkenstock, I ordered the 40 “narrow” width and it fits like a dream. From my experience, Birkenstock sizing is very consistent. The “narrow” width is more of a medium and the “regular” suits a wider foot (you can tell the difference by the foot outline on the footbed: if it’s solid, you have a narrow; if it’s an outlined foot, that’s a regular). The size 40 might be a tad bit small if you’re a true 10. I vary from 9.5-10 from brand to brand, so find that the 40 fits best. It took about a week to break the footbed and straps in.

birkenstock arizona sport 4

Birkenstock Arizona Sport

The one feature of my Birkenstock Granadas that I took for granted is the soft footbed (a foam layer inserted between the cork layer and suede liner of the cork-latex footbed. This particular Arizona style does not have the soft footbed and I miss it. If you like the extra layer of cushioning, try the Arizona, or Granada soft footbed sandals. The Birkenstock Arizona Sport sandal in biscay blue (and three more colors) is available at Amazon and Need to try a pair on? Check out the store locater to find a retailer near you.

Do you like Birkenstocks? How do they help your feet? Do you have a favorite style?

birkenstock arizona sport

Birkenstock Arizona Sport

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22 Responses to Birkenstock Arizona Sport Review – A Colorful Classic!

  1. Lady Harriet says:

    The Bali style also only comes with the soft footbed. They’re super cute and were a good introduction to Birkenstocks for me. After wearing that pair 5-7 days a week for 2 years straight I had to throw them out, but I’ve owned 3 other pairs in different styles since then, both regular and soft footbed.

  2. Olivia says:

    My closet is full of Birkenstock and their other brands like Footseps and Tatami. I’ve always liked them, but since my feet have become more fussy, and a minor bout with plantar fascitis (spelling?), I wear Birks 90% of the time.

    The original footbed is my favorite, too much cushion makes my feet tired. I’ve had two pairs resoled, and I need to take my granadas in for new soles soon. If you’ve never had a pair resoled, you might be surprised at what a difference it makes. I roll out on one foot and I don’t realize how much that wears on a shoe until I get the new soles. The support is amazing after that.

  3. cedar says:

    I had a pair of Arizona’s many many years ago. I liked them then. I foolishly left them on the floor behind the drivers seat of my VW bug, and when I had the heater on, the sole shrunk to about the size of a keychain ornament.
    Last year, I bought another pair and didn’t like them at all. Nothing about the feel of them appealed to me, and I basically pretty much hated the look. 🙁
    I think Birkenstocks are probably history for me.

  4. Kirsten says:

    Now I’m regretting not resoling my Granadas. The cork-latex footbed was starting to break down too after being in the hot sun for so many summers. How much does it cost to get resoled, approximately?

  5. Kirsten says:

    They ARE cute! Hard to find in colors other than brown–I just searched…

  6. Sam.M. says:

    I’ve always found Birkenstocks to be very uncomfortable & they actually aggravate my foot problems because of the lack of give & shock support because they are so firm. Thanks to you I know know there are soft footbed ones I might have to look into them again.

  7. David says:

    Thanks for the reviews of our shoes. This is David Kahan, and I am the CEO of Birkenstock USA. Our team is working incredibly hard to bring everyone “happiness and satisfaction” with our footwear. Sharing some insight from the above…
    Some of our models come with a “soft footbed” and some come with our traditional footbed. For some people – the soft is preferred – it certainly has a “softer” feel right out of the box. Having said that, the largest majority of our wearers prefer the traditional or classic footbed. It may take a little “break-in” period – which I suggest a few days wearing around the house. But, once the footbed molds to your individual foot, the feel is incomparable to any other shoe you have ever worn and most people hate ever taking them off. While I wouldn’t make any medical “claims” —- anecdotally, many foot ailments including planter fasciitis are greatly soothed and many claim “cured” by wearing our classic footbed models. Birkenstock invented the “footbed” and yes it does mean literally a “bed for your foot” and every style is anatomically correct to provide the best comfort. For people who have unique foot problems I would suggest purchasing in a store where the associate is trained and can find the best Birkenstock to meet your needs. Once you know the model, online retailers may be fine for future purchases. Consumers can also reach our HQ in Novato, California via tel or e mail —- yes we actually have REAL HUMAN BEINGS who speak to you. Thanks everyone for your support of Birkenstock. It is our pleasure to bring you the most comfortable shoes in the world. David

  8. Kirsten says:

    David, thank you for the very valuable info. Let me edit post to list your store locater.

  9. cedar says:

    That certainly is impressive to have the CEO (USA) post this information. It says a lot to me about *true* customer service. Clearly, it starts from the top with Birkenstock!
    I want to add, that I did custom order a stiff pair of Birkenstock’s 20 years or so ago. They have a very hard footbed and what I refer to as “the bed of nails,” (hard bumps) all over the inside. I wore them often after running, and I do still turn to them when a PF flareup threatens. I consider them “tough love.” They help so much, and are still like new, although I’ve worn them many times, for a couple hours at a time.

  10. Lady Harriet says:

    Yes, I had them in brown, and I think they may have been available in black and black suede at one point as well. I’ve had two pairs on the Mayaris since then and amazingly found a pair of pink suede Arizonas with a soft footbed in my size for $2 at Goodwill. I’m hoping that if I alternate between pairs I’ll be able to keep my current ones going longer than a year or two.

    Birkenstock is the only brand I’ve found that both has enough arch support and is wide enough for my feet. I only wish I could find more types of shoes that feel as good! I’ve had good luck with Earthies for heels, but I had to order a size up to get them wide enough. They started making wide widths, but only for one or two styles, so I’m holding out for more. I bought a pair of dressy flat sandals from Earthies and the support was really disappointing. More than your typical sandal, but far below their heels.

  11. Olivia says:

    It was about $35. I did have a pair of clogs that the cork has gotten bad enough that the whole foot bed had to be replaced. That was around $65, but that’s not bad for what is almost new birks.

  12. Kristina says:

    Those are incredibly cute…and unfortunately I’ll never be able to wear them because I wear a 35 in Birkenstocks. I wish they’d carry everything down to size 35, but I’m sadly limited to just three colors of the Arizona and a couple of other styles. 🙁

  13. Violet says:

    I’m a big fan of Birkenstock sandals. My favorite styles are Mayari and Florida. I found in a great silver Birko-Flor (imitation leather straps with a soft flannel-y lining) Mayari last summer that I wear with everything. I have a red leather pair in a similar style (no buckle on the toe strap) that are not allowed to die.

    I used to find really cute Birks with patterned straps but haven’t seen them in several years. I miss them.

  14. Susan says:

    The Arizona, Birkenstock sandals have helped my foot with Mortons Neuroma tremendously! Wearing these sandals, I no longer have numb or swollen feet. I wish Birkenstock made a sandal that I could wear on long walks and cute that I could wear with a summer dress. Thanks!

  15. Kirsten says:

    I think the Mayari and Yara styles look adorable with summer dresses. Also, these featured above have become my go-to shoes for helping my plantar fasciitis. I just needed to break them in a little and now my heels hurt in any other shoe. Glad to hear they help your MN>

  16. Sarah says:

    My favorite Birkenstocks are the Pisa – I found a brand new pair in size 40N in high school and wore them to the bitter end.

    Now they don’t sell Pisa’s retail in the US! I’m so bummed!

  17. Pam says:

    You seem to be able to wear a lot of different shoes.Lucky you.I am still searching for 1 shoe that doesn’t hurt my see I have.pes cavus, neuropathy,hammertoes,plantar fascitis feet. Vionic is the worst. I have bought over $2k in shoes in the last 2 yrs. I just want to not have to walk. I am never without pain.I have so many braces and am so sick of people that think a pf foot is all the i’s not. I am not diabetic.

  18. Lisa says:

    I’m a big Birk fan and have been wearing them for centuries. I am not happy with the plight of the resoling at the moment – my fav pair have been in the repair shop since May and the estimate to return home to me is now September, maybe. It seems the larger foot beds are not available? That’s the scoop I’ve been told.

    I’d like to add that while the lasts on the specific types of shoes should be consistent, they can be tricky. Knock-offs are pervasive (on Amazon, especially) and the wear on the soles has changed – or at least it feels that way. They wear so much faster even alternating with other Birks. Here’s why I am veering away from Birkenstock (though I’d rather not). Every time I go to find a shoe in my size (42) they are not available, all gone, or only available in a style that I know hurts my feet. I’ve yet to find a decent replacement, though.

    Also, perhaps a Birk expert could weigh in here, but I was told that when you go to resole the shoe, you can pick whatever type of foot bed you like – soft or regular. Wondering if that might be true?

  19. Gina Mama says:

    This is a great article on Birkenstocks. I love this brand of shoes so much that I started a Birkenstock Blog. Please check it out
    And for the record, I much prefer the original footbed over the soft footbed. It provides me more arch support.

  20. Penny says:

    I still have my first pair of Birkenstocks, Boston clogs, that I bought for myself when I was 20 years old…16 years ago! I have held on to them because I just couldn’t bear to get rid of them even though I hadn’t worn Birks for years. I’ve recently been battling plantar fasciitis and pulled them out so I wouldn’t walk around the house barefoot. OMG, it was like heaven…the cupped heel and arch support! My feet feel so much better in general just wearing them at home. I need a size up now, but they are fine as slippers around the house. I remember now why I loved these shoes so much, and am debating which styles to go with for my new pairs.

  21. Sally says:

    thank you David for this info please can you you post the email which can be used for information. I aim interested to know which models are good for knee support and which ones to order for wide feet.. thanks ! I am 10 wide


  22. Jessica says:


    I know this comment was some time ago. I just want to share that I am struggling with exactly the same problems. All the others were likely caused by cavus foot. My doctor just wants to tear my feet apart, shave down bones, reassemble with pins, and all sorts of other Frankenstein’s monster ideas. Terrifying, to say the least. Tempting, also. As you say, the pain NEVER goes away. I am also NOT diabetic. Birkenstocks are the most comfortable thing I have found so far. However, winter is brutal. I have not dared to spend for the boots by Birk, because reviews online say they are not like the sandals. Also, no way to try anything on, and styles are extremely limited in a size 35. So…sigh…. I just want you to know that someone gets it.

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