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Born Sandals for Hallux Limitus – 3 Charming Styles

Born Sandals for Hallux Limitus or Rigidus

Born Sandals for Hallux Limitus or Rigidus

Have you been told to wear a thick, rigid-soled shoe by your podiatrist? Do you have hallux limitus or hallux rigidus and need a sturdy shoe that won’t over-flex at the forefoot? Perhaps you’re down in the dumps because you can only picture fat clogs and tennis shoes and can’t stand the thought of giving up cute shoes forever. Now looky here! Born footwear must be reading your mind because their spring line includes a few styles that feature just what you need: thick yet super shock-absorbing soles with a comfort footbed. The thick leather straps are lined with soft microfiber and run wide, so they shouldn’t irritate a bone spur. Thankfully, flatforms are pretty trendy right now, so you can have hallux rigidus and look stylish at the same time.

Born Bastille

Born Bastille

The Born Bastille sandal shown in the top photo features a 1″ platform with a slight rise to a 1.5″ heel. The cushioned insole and
thick EVA outsole provide cushion and shock-absorption while the steel shank offers support to the midfoot. I’ve read that this sandal runs wide through the forefoot. Zappos customers with varying foot issues from Morton’s neuroma to bunions to plantar fasciitis like the feel of the Born Bastille.

Unfortunately, the Bastille is only available in whole sizes but since it runs a tad large and wide, order down if between sizes for the best fit. I do not recommend this sandal for narrow feet. Available for $85 at Zappos (only two colors), $85 at, $84.95 at Nordstrom (all four colors), $84.95 at Shoebuy.

Born Sandals for Hallux Limitus

Born Benitez

The Benitez sandal is the slide version of the Bastille–same footbed and thick EVA outsole, but with one thick leather band across the forefoot. Again, this sandal fits a wider foot best and also comes in whole sizes only. $80 at Zappos, $80 at, $79.95 at Nordstrom.

Born Sandals for Hallux Limitus

Born Petula

If you don’t care for the white-soled Born Bastille and Benitez, how about the Born Petula with its canvas-wrapped outsole? The Petula’s platform isn’t as thick as the others, coming in at 3/4″ with a 1 1/4″ heel. The footbed is cushioned and the ankle strap is adjustable. This style runs wide like the others and comes in whole sizes only–probably best to order down if between sizes. The Born Petula is available in five colors for $79.99 at Zappos, $69.99 at, $99.99 at FootSmart.

Another brand to consider if you have hallux limitus is Bionica. Many of their sandal styles feature a thick platform outsole, soft cushioned insoles and decent arch support. They don’t run quite as wide as the Born sandals shown here. So far, the ratings are high and customers are happy with this new line.

Do you have a favorite sandal that helps your hallux limitus or hallux rigidus discomfort? Please feel free to leave a comment and help other readers out.



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16 Responses to Born Sandals for Hallux Limitus – 3 Charming Styles

  1. Michele says:

    I purchased Wolky Bali to wear on a cruise….best decision ever for this hallux limitus girl. They look great with swimwear and with casual outfits. They do run a little larger than Wolky Jewel, so if you’re between sizes, I recommend sizing down.

  2. anna rivera says:

    What do you think of minimalist footwear?

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  4. elliot says:

    just got the born bastille and have been wearing them around the house for a few days — no toe pain ( either big toe or Tailor’s Bunion) and they seem to be neutral and supportive enough for my knees! thanks for reviewing them.

    • Kirsten says:

      And thank you for providing feedback. Do you find them to run wide?

      • elliot says:

        They do probably run a little wide — they fit my feet perfectly but i am on the wider side of medium. I wore them all day yesterday — my knees which have been wonky for a few months feel very strong today. i’m going back for another color!

  5. Julie Ferraro says:

    I purchased the Born Bastille after reading your review, and love them. I have PF and mild arthritis in my big toes, and these shoes give me the arch support I need, while also providing cushioning for the balls of my feet and rigidity in the toe area, to keep the big guys from having to flex too much. My only critique is that I usually wear a medium width shoe, and the leather straps were a bit tight on the toe joint for the first couple of times I wore these, until the leather loosened up and the soles smooshed down a bit from wearing. I’m going to order another pair and get the wide width. Hopefully my foot won’t slide around in them. Overall, these are extremely comfortable and I have been able to wear them all day (and stand for a parade yesterday!) and not have fatigue or pain after taking them off.

    • Kirsten Borrink says:

      I value your input regarding the shoe since I don’t own it! Thank you so much.

      • Julie Ferraro says:

        I just checked all the shoe sites and these are pretty much sold out. Zappos still has some but Born themselves are not offering them on their site, and neither is Shoebuy. Nordstrom has only size 7 and 11 left.

  6. Marjorie Kravitz says:

    I never heard of Bionica shoes before. This summer I got a pair of Born Bastille sandals in tan and they are very comfortable (I have some forefoot issues). I didn’t like the black with silver but I wanted a black dress shoe so I looked up Bionica and found the Bionica Comet in black at Amazon for only $61. They came today and are very similar to the Born Bastille – thick inflexible sole with soft insole. Thank you for providing this wonderful service.

  7. Andrea Johnson says:

    hi these are cute. I am having to reconsider my summer footwear choices as the arthritis in my toes is becoming more painful and the shape of my feet changed. Some of these shoes are pretty nice, but mostly the choices available in New Zealand make me want to cry.
    Do you have any hints about getting the right size for ordering online? That might be my best option. Looking at NZ stockists of some of the brands you mention in your blog, the range is just not there.

  8. Kirsten Borrink says:

    Just saw this style for fall 2017: OTBT Wander Out. Maybe work for HL or HR?

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