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Born Shoes for Men: Sturdy Soledad Oxford Gets Good Grades

Born Shoes for Men: Soledad Lace-up

Born Soledad

Born Shoes for Men: Soledad Lace-up

Jeremy wears the Born Soledad Lace-Up

Barking Dog Shoes has long assisted achy-footed women in their pursuit of comfortable, stylish footwear. Over the years, however, we’ve received numerous emails with a general theme: Where are the men’s shoes? Valid question! Let’s get started with an A+ review of Born shoes for men.

This month we reached out to our friend Jeremy, to assist us in a review of Born shoes for men. Jeremy is a well-respected health teacher at a large high school in the Chicago suburbs. And as we all know, good teachers rarely sit down on the job. In fact, the only time Jeremy does sit down other than lunch and plan, is when he’s sitting passenger-side as he coaches students through drivers education.

Jeremy chose the Born Soledad lace-up to review. After wearing his new shoes for a week, he gave us a two thumbs-up report, “The Born Solead has a wonderful fit and feel. It gives excellent foot support and at the same time is comfortable. I never recognize that they are on my feet.” We attribute the overall comfortable feel of the Soledad lace-up to Born’s signature Opanka hand-crafted stitching technique (among many comfort features). Tom McClaskie, President and Creative Director of Born Shoes, explains the “trampoline effect” of Opanka stitching in this video:

Jeremy states that while he doesn’t have any major foot issues, he is a bit clumsy. His previous shoes tripped him up while catching on the ground, but the Born Soledad fits snugly, encouraging him to pick up his feet. In addition to the secure fit, Jeremy also appreciates the cushioned yet supportive feel of the footbed (thanks to dual-density foam and arch cushion). In fact, when wearing his Borns, he doesn’t feel the need to kick off his shoes the moment he gets home–now that’s the litmus test of a comfortable shoe!

When asked if he would recommend the Born Soledad to others, he enthusiastically replied, “Yes! It is a cool-looking shoe, very comfortable, and a reasonable price. I anticipate this shoe will last a long time.”

The Born Soledad lace-up is available in whole and half sizes 8-14, medium width at, ZapposNordstrom,, and

While more men’s shoe reviews are slated for the near future, see this review of the wonderfully comfortable Olukai Moloa for men (by Kirsten’s husband).

Born Shoes for Men: Soledad Canvas

Born Soledad in Canvas

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3 Responses to Born Shoes for Men: Sturdy Soledad Oxford Gets Good Grades

  1. susan says:

    Thanks for reviewing Men’s shoes! Can you do a feature on men’s shoes that work with custom orthodics? You have been so helpful for my footwear decisions and I look forward to reviews on men’s shoes. p.s. I have purchased men’s shoes in the past and I do not think I am alone – they generally have a wider toe box and better support.

  2. David W Froment says:

    Hi Kirsten, saw this question from Susan and I want to answer. Susan, look for shoes that have removable insoles. When you remove the original insole you will generally have enough room for your orthotic. Our Samuel Hubbard shoes are used all the time with customers orthotics. Thanks, David

  3. Rose says:

    Thank you! Always on the lookout for comfortable and supportive shoes for my hard working husband!
    Thank you for YOU!! Love reading your valuable posts and can’t wait for the next one every time!

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