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Comfortable Boots, Biker-Style | Reader Request

Did this summer find you strolling the streets of Sturgis?  Me neither.  But I’ve always adored the rough-edged look of biker-style boots.  Too bad they don’t always play well with problem feet.  Here’s a comment from one of our readers:

 “I have bunions as well as osteoarthritis in my big toes. I love clunky looking motorcycle style buckled boots but even though the toe boxes appear roomy in the photos, they are always too narrow in the toe box and never seem to come in wide.”

I didn’t have much luck finding wides either, but here are a few styles that might be worth checking out for a comfort-seeking biker chick (or wanna-be.)

Harley davidson angelia

Genuine Harley Davidson boots with numerous five-star comfort ratings – might be worth a try-on. $142 at Zappos.

Ugg kensington
While not literally motorcycle boots, these have the right attitude, and many folks with wide feet find Uggs fit them well.  (And who doesn’t love the legendary coziness of Ugg boots?) $220 at Zappos.

Otbt jefferson

I can’t help but think the dual side zippers might be a big help to arthritis sufferers who often have trouble getting their feet into boots. $123-155 at Amazon, free shipping.

Propet kalinda

Yes, I know – these are not biker boots…but hey, they’re black and have a buckle.  Better yet, they come in wide and extra wide, get great reviews, and are waterproof. $37-94 at Amazon.

Naya saffron

Just before hitting the “publish” button, I noticed this new arrival by Naya, one of my new favorite brands for fashionable, eco-friendly comfort. The best news? The Saffron comes in sizes 4-12, medium and WIDE! $240 at Naturalizer, free shipping on purchases over $200.

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  1. Songbird says:

    Will any of them accommodate an orthotic?

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