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How to Find Comfortable Inexpensive Shoes (Our Best Tips)

We often hear from readers who are discouraged by the high cost of good shoes.  We’ve discussed why quality shoes cost more, talked about the importance of shopping for overall value (not just price) and spoken up in favor of owning fewer, but better quality shoes. But as budget-minded individuals ourselves, we thought we’d share some of our favorite tips for finding discounted pricing on shoes from top comfort brands. So if you’re in the market for comfortable inexpensive shoes, read on.


Our first tip? Plan ahead.  If you know your current shoes will soon need replacing, or you have an upcoming event requiring new shoes, start early. Read our reviews, find styles that work for you, and keep a list of brands you like.  Then keep an eye out.  Check out off-price retailers like DSW, Nordstrom Rack, TJ Maxx, and Sierra Trading Post, who often offer quality brands at discounted prices.  Their stock is constantly turning over, so you need to be patient and persistent. Keep looking, and be sure to check the clearance section for especially great (sometimes off-season) bargains.  Using this method, we’ve found deeply discounted deals on shoes from brands we frequently recommend.  You just need to know what you’re looking for, and keep at it.

Another thing to keep in mind is that almost all shoe brands have sale or closeout sections on their websites. These may be brands you won’t often find at discount retailers. Using this tip we’ve found some terrific deals on styles we’ve reviewed in the past, including those from Earth, OTBT, Alegria, and Sofft. If you have your eye on a specific shoe style or brand, a scroll through that company’s website may lead you to the bargain you’re seeking.  Also, be sure to check the sale sections of websites like Zappos, Nordstrom and for discounted pricing on a wide variety of brands.

For even deeper savings, try the Honey browser extension–it automatically finds and applies coupon codes at checkout. We’ve tried it and it works!

Sometimes outlets are in a different web location than the company’s main website. Here are a few links you may find handy as you hunt down the perfect comfortable inexpensive shoes:

Comfortable Inexpensive Shoes : JBU Alicante

JBU Alicante

Speaking of favorite brands, something else you should know about is that numerous brands have sister lines offering similar levels of style and comfort at lower price points.  For example – Sofft Shoes produces EuroSoft, Jambu makes JBU, Naturalizer is sister to Natural Soul, Earth owns Earth Origins, and Born produces B.O.C.  There are probably other sister brands out there as well, so if you have a favorite shoe brand we didn’t mention, do a little online research – it may pay off.

Inexpensive Comfortable Shoes : B.O.C. Peggy

B.O.C. Peggy

For REALLY great bargains, consider the second-hand route. Finding comfortable inexpensive shoes at resale shops requires even more persistence than discount retailers, but the payoff can be huge.  Here again, doing your homework ahead of time is essential so you know what brands to look for. New to thrifting? Start by learning what thrift stores are convenient to your home and workplace. Also ask around and read Yelp reviews to find out what shops in your area are known for a good selection. Then make stopping by a part of your routine. If you skip the rest of the store and look only at shoes, all it takes is a 5-to-10-minute stop once a week on your lunch hour, while you’re out doing other errands, or on your way home from work. You may go for weeks without seeing anything, but the feeling on that day you find just what you need for pennies on the dollar? The absolute thrill of victory.

Not up for that labor-intensive of a hunt? Shop eBay or thredUP from the comfort of your home or office for great deals on gently-used shoes.  You can even set up alerts so you’ll be notified when an item you’re looking for becomes available. eBay sellers rely on their online reputations, so sellers with good ratings often bend over backward to give excellent service.

If you want to learn more about finding comfortable inexpensive shoes, check out our recent posts on well-priced sandals , affordable boots, and wallet-friendly Birkenstock alternatives.

Now it’s your turn – what’s your favorite tip for finding good shoes at an affordable price?  Have you used any of the methods we suggest?  Have any new ideas to share?  We’d love to hear from you!

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7 Responses to How to Find Comfortable Inexpensive Shoes (Our Best Tips)

  1. Susan T. Ashworth says:

    Great tips! I will add to the list. I find that they carry colors or styles that are being phased out, so the prices are reduced.

    I have had excellent luck on eBay with shoes. I stick with brands and styles that I know, so I know what size will fit me. Savvy eBay sellers photograph the bottom of shoes too, so it’s easy to tell when shoes have not really been worn. I think more than any other item of clothing, we buy shoes that we think will work, but several wears prove that they don’t. Enterprising people sell those shoes on eBay.

    I love the blog – thanks for what you do.

  2. Olivia says:

    I have shopped on ebay with some success, but favorite method is thrifting. There are are a couple food stores near me that I go to often, and i always check the shoes. I have gotten Birkenstock, Uggs, Geiswien (sp?), Haflinger, Mahabis, and just last week Easy Spirit. All like new, and under $20.

  3. Lisa Cone says:

    Zulily often has Dansko, Sofft, Munro and others at deep discounts.

  4. Jana says:

    This is so helpful . . . as always, thanks so much for what you do!

    With a bad bunion and Morton’s neuroma on my wider left foot and a right foot that is perfectly normal I have the most difficult time finding shoes. Wide widths feel OK in the toe box, but my heels slip out and my normal width right foot positively swims in these shoes most of the time!

    This past fall I wanted to avoid bunion surgery which had been recommended several years ago, so I set aside some pretty serious money and went to a couple of good shoe stores that sell the big comfort/healthy shoe brands (with wide toe boxes, lots of support, low heels, etc). I did lots of research in advance, took my time and tried on many pairs, thought I was getting great shoes that would work for me, and then . . . like the commenter above observed . . . after a few wears, found that most didn’t really help and some even irritated that left foot more. Most frustrating was that I had thought buying shoes in person (rather than online as I normally do) would be a better route, but now I have a bunch of expensive shoes that I avoid wearing and only have two pairs that don’t aggravate my left foot–which I actually bought online (ABEO Galena boots). So I may start going the ebay route/outlet stores/sites as suggested here since my original plan (spend good money, heal thy feet) was a bust! Thanks again for your tips and help through the years!

  5. Leigh says:

    Don’t forget Ebates!! I purchased my new hiking boots from Keen, on sale, and I received a 2% rebate!! Every little bit helps!

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