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Comfortable, Stylish Shoes for Bunions 2012

Naot matai
1. If the dog hadn’t stole one of my Matais, I’d be wearing them both right now. Softest of soft leather uppers and a wonderfully supportive cork/latex footbed, the Naot Matai is kind to both bunions and those painful bunionettes on the outer side of the foot. $169 @ Zappos; free shipping and returns.

  Cobb hill paulette 2

2. Cobb Hill Paulette: Cobb Hill is a new brand under the New Balance umbrella and is gaining popularity among the problem-footed. A Zappos customer raves,

The shoes are comfortable and supportive…take it from someone with very sensitive feet! I was surprised to find that the insole has extra cushioning in the metatarsal area and then drops off so that toes (and my bunion) still have breathing room. Oh so nice! 

The Paulette comes in three widths, sizes 6-11 for $63-85 at Zappos and Amazon.

 Cobb Hill: Cobb Hill Footwear

Haflinger  (1)

3. I can no longer pad around the house in socks; my arches, metatarsals and tailors bunions won’t allow for it. I recently ordered a pair of Haflinger Alice clogs remembering how they saved my feet during the early days of living with RA in the 90s. The soft wool felt uppers don’t press on the bunions or hammertoes and the anatomical cork/latex footbed provides excellent arch support. Great as a house slipper, but can be worn out and about with its rubber outsole. Check out the updated styles and colors at Zappos and; or Amazon for special offers.

Fly london yama
4. Elizabeth, a customer, has this to say about Fly London Yama boots: 

I love this fly london wedge-I have problem feet-tendonitis and bunion bone problems, but i just wore this boot on a weekend trip to New York. I must have done 5 hours of walking, and my feet did not hurt at all. 

JJ, an customer raves:

   I have wide feet, narrow heels AND a small bunion on my right foot. Needless to say, finding shoes that fit is challenging, I debated on whether or not to try Fly London shoes as they are more than I would like to spend. However, I am so glad I did. These boots have a roomy toebox so my toes do not feel cramped, and my bunion is not irritated.

I’ll concur. I own a sandal version of this wedge; leather is soft, wedge is stable, footbed is cushioned. Now a huge Fly London fan.



earthies essex

 5. Honestly, there are more Zappos reviews praising this shoe from gals with bunions than those with regular feet. Again, I wouldn’t guess it from the looks, but for a heel I gather these are easy on the toes.

Rebecca sums it up well:

   The shape/structure of the footbed is genius. Instead of putting all of the pressure on your toes, most of the support comes from the heel. I really cannot believe how comfortable they are.

The Earthies Wellness footbed features a cupped heel for proper alignment, anatomic arch and cradle toe area to distribute weight away from the toes.

Other bunion-friendly brands: Arcopedico, Ara, Oh! Shoes, Aetrex, Alegria, Ziera and high-style John Fluevog.

Do you have a favorite? Leave a comment or join our Facebook page to discuss furthur. 

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18 Responses to Comfortable, Stylish Shoes for Bunions 2012

  1. Lorraine says:

    I have mild bunions, and moderate over pronation. I have spent years looking for comfy shoes.

    I had to tell you about these:

    Cole Haan shoes with a Nike trainer sole

    Bared shoes (in Australia)

  2. Elizabeth says:

    The Fly London Yaz is my favorite shoe for bunions. The fit is glove-like and the wedge offers a lot of stability and support. I wear a 41 in Danskos and most Naots, but need a 42 in Fly Londons…getting the right fit is challenging, but once you do, I think you’ll love them.

  3. cedar says:

    Oh those are cute! I am going to try to find them on sale and give Cole Haan a try.

  4. cedar says:

    I really like those Cobb Hill shoes in red, but I have never been able to wear New Balance athletic shoes because the arch seems “long.” Hurts like heck.
    I wonder if Cobb Hill would have the same fit?

    Also, went looking for that Fly London boot last night, with no luck in my size. (8) I did, however, discover zulily, thanks to you. I placed a nice order; no shoes, though, which is why I went there. Oops.

  5. Kirsten@BarkingDogShoes says:

    Zulily…my muse….

  6. Lorraine says:

    They’re not cheap, and current stock so probably not on sale… But I find them really good for me – no aching in my bunions or ball of foot. Very cute colours too.

  7. Karin says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for about 6 months, but this is my first comment. (Thank you for providing a venue for discussing shoes for bad feet, it’s been so helpful!)

    I’d like to give a shoutout for Gentle Souls, as they’re the best combination of looks and comfort that I’ve found for my feet (bunions since age 8, flat feet, and narrow heels). I’ve snagged about 5 pairs on sale and on eBay for much less than list price.

    In particular, the Gabby makes up for its light support with flexible, buttery soft leather. Wide toe box, and the elastic strap stops any heel slippage. For heels, I love the shoes with the “Osaka” base: I was happy in the O’ffering and the Osaka P for entire weddings this summer and they look great too!

    Lastly, not as cute as the others but I wear my Dansko Kenzie’s all the time because they’re so comfy. Wider toe box than traditional Dansko’s, and the softer footbed works better for me.

  8. cedar says:

    Karin, thanks to your post, I ordered my first pair of Gentle Souls. I bought the boot “Ready 4 Change,” in oxblood color. I usually insist on a full length zipper on a boot, but reviews were convincing, so I decided to give them a try.

  9. Kirsten@BarkingDogShoes says:

    Hi Karin,

    I came very close to featuring the Gentle Souls Gabby. Thanks for the input. I have a pair of Gentle Souls boots and love them–so soft! Not cheap but you’re right–if you know your size, eBay’s the way to go.

  10. Abd says:

    As I prepare to have bunion surgery, I have been living in OTBT, Taos and Alegria shoes. Thanks for this feature and I also appreciate all the comments. I love Gentle Souls too! It’s expensive to have feet problems! 😉

  11. Elizabeth says:

    I know I posted already, but wanted to add…the Haflinger Joy is my go-to indoor slipper. My podiatrist loves it and my feet are happy. I also just scored a pair of the Haflinger Snowflake clogs on eBay for $40, my buy of the year, for sure. For reference, I have a 10-10.5 foot, wear a 41 in Dansko and a 40 in most Haflingers. However, for the Snowflake, a 41 fit better due to the shearling lining. So cozy!

  12. Elizabeth says:

    Ahem! That would Haflinger Snowbird, not Snowflake!

  13. cedar says:

    I hope it’s okay to post regarding my just received Gentle Souls boots. Love them. I think they run maybe 1/4 size large, but will be fine with socks. They are really beautiful. I sort of thought they were so…..plain. So….simple. But, I was walking around the house trying them out, and my husband said they are “elegant.” Sold. After he said that, it occurred to me, they are really a classic, and can be dressed up or down. The lack of a zipper that had concerned me is really not a big deal, because the leather is soft and pliable. Also, the calves are just right, not at all tight, but not droopy. Thanks again, Karin.

  14. Ellen@techdealsmag says:

    It seems like every time I read one of your blog posts, one of your animal companions has done something to mess up your shoes. It’s either that they are jealous of the amount of time that you spend on your shoes, or they want a pair for themselves. 😉

    Sorry to hear of your latest mishap.

    Those shoes look really comfortable and the Fly London Yama in the photo look like they should be soft enough for tender feet.

  15. Terri says:

    Hello everyone! I am desperate to find some shoes suitable to wear to the office with a small heel, up to 2″. I have bunions on both feet and do not want an open toed shoe, a clog, or a mary jane. Some mules or a simple pump with forgiving stretch or width around the bunion area would be wonderful. Does such a shoe exist? I’ve searched everywhere!

  16. Xavi says:

    Good feature on some stylish shoes. I recently discovered Kuru shoes. These are incredibly comfortable and great for bunions or if you have foot pain. They’re only for sale online, but are great comfortable, casual shoes.

  17. Sean Valjean says:

    These look great. They would be perfect for the feet after bunion surgery crystal lake. I will have to pick up a pair.

  18. Linda says:

    Why doesn’t a fashion shoe maker (Tory Burch for example) make their shoe with some footbed cushion for metatarsal and a bit wider and roomier toe box? Just more ‘ease’ in the fit for a foot that isn’t model perfect slim — Is that so much to ask for in a $200 + shoe? I want fashion, not clogs and beautiful, soft feminine leather. Not something for the trail!I

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