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Crocs Shoes : Trendy Again in 2020! See 7 New Foot-Friendly Styles

Crocs Shoes x Liberty London

Crocs x Liberty London

We’ve been fans of Crocs shoes for about as long as the brand has been around. While the fashion police sometimes poked fun at the “swiss cheese clogs,” we stood by our recommendations of Crocs shoes, clogs and sandals as outstandingly comfortable, affordable footwear for everyone – including those dealing with Morton’s Neuroma, bunions, plantar fasciitis, and many other foot and leg issues. Well, guess what? All of a sudden fashionistas have decided Crocs are cool. (Don’t you just love it when something you’ve long appreciated is all of a sudden deemed styleworthy? ) This is no doubt due in part to the fact that lately we’re all spending more time at home in comfy clothes. But it’s also because of some fun new patterned Crocs Classic clogs that lift spirits as much as they comfort feet.

We’re especially loving the brand’s recent collaboration with Liberty London which brings together classic Crocs comfort with iconic Liberty London archive prints. Available in a number of colors and patterns for $49.99. (If patterns aren’t your thing, Crocs Classic clogs also come in 18 beautiful solid colors for $44.99.) Also available from Zappos.

Crocs Shoes

Classic Crocs Slides

Crocs Shoes - Serena crossband slides

Crocs Serena Crossband Slides

If clogs are just a little too…cloggy for you, might we suggest a pair of Crocs slides? They offer the same unparalleled level of Crocs comfort in a colorful sandal perfect for people like me who often have the dilemma of “I’m still wearing socks from this morning’s workout but just want to slip on sandals to run outside for a minute.” Anything with a toe post won’t work! Slides are the perfect solution. The Classic Crocs slide is available in a number great colors and fun patterns, $24.99-$29.99. There are numerous other styles of Crocs slides also available, including platforms and slides with more delicate or decorative straps. Also available from Zappos. And don’t forget to accessorize your Crocs with all sorts of fun and colorful Jibbitz charms!


Crocs Shoes- kadee flip flops

Crocs Kadee II

Are you a die hard flip flop wearer? Crocs flip flops are just as cute, lightweight and flexible as other fashion flip flops, but they’re infinitely more kind to feet and legs thanks to their molded, supportive Croslite™ design with soft TPU toe posts. We’re loving the patterned Kadee II style, available for $24.99.

Crocs Shoes - swiftwater sandals

Crocs Swiftwater Expedition Sandal

We’re thrilled to see Crocs shoes has entered the sport sandal market with the new Swiftwater™ Expedition Sandal. The comfortable straps are fully adjustable with hook-and-loop enclosures, ensuring a secure fit for outdoor adventures (or just venturing around town). In a category that can be quite pricey, we love the affordability of this sport sandal and expect good things as reviews start coming in. Available in six colors, $39.99. Also available from Zappos.

Crocs shoes- literide pacer

Crocs LiteRide Pacer

If you, like many people, prefer to keep your heels and/or toes tucked well away from the outside world, Crocs shoes has some great options. Consider the versatile LiteRide Pacer, a superbly cushioned hybrid sneaker that gets hundreds of five-star reviews, with comments commonly running along the lines of “These shoes are the absolute most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever purchased!” And they come in under $60. Need we say more?

The LiteRide line also features a downright adorable slip-on mary jane. Since it’s new, reviews are still forthcoming, but given its soft, stretchy strap, flexible uppers, pull tab for easy on/off, and iconic Crocs comfort features, it has all the makings of being very foot-friendly. And for a comfort shoe, it’s also budget-friendly at $54.99. The LiteRide collection is also available from Zappos.

Crocs shoes - Tulum sandals

Crocs Tulum sandals

If you’ve never given Crocs shoes a try (and we still haven’t convinced you), let’s hear from reader L.M., who has Morton’s Neuroma and recently left us this comment:

“I had tried pricier brands…but not one of them eased the ever-present, crippling pain. Then I jumped on the ‘custom insoles’ train. Not a total failure (they work a treat in my knee-high leather boots but not in any other footwear I own. Go figure). I was pretty much about to throw in the towel when, 5 years ago, I walked into a Crocs store. I expected to see walls of nothing but clogs so was quite surprised to see ‘regular’ shoes, too. I chose a pair of tennis shoes. I laced them and stood up. No pain. I then VERY gingerly began to walk around a bit. No pain. I then walked at a normal stride and after 2 times around the store I asked the salesperson if I could walk to the end of the mall and back and she gave me the go-ahead. (I’m pretty sure she noticed that I was near tears…of hope, nay…JOY, at that point). Upon returning from my ‘test stroll’ I was euphoric! I HAD FOUND MY BRAND! As is often the case in Crocs stores ( both here in France as well as in the US) they were offering a ‘Buy 2 pair get a 3rd pair free’ deal. I spent almost 2 hours trying on footwear and walked out of there with 6 shoe boxes (2 pair of tennies; 1 pair of slippers; 2 pair of lined clogs and a pair of lined winter boots). I heart Crocs.”

Crocs Classic – Canadian Flag

Crocs has a wide array of styles beyond those we’ve featured, including shoes for men and children. Check out the entire Crocs line here. Also available from Zappos.

Are you a Crocs fan? Please leave us a comment, we’d love to hear about your favorite style.

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3 Responses to Crocs Shoes : Trendy Again in 2020! See 7 New Foot-Friendly Styles

  1. Chris says:

    Thanks for this review.
    I like Crocs, but they tend to run wide and flop around on my narrow feet – so I can’t walk in them. This time, I went ahead and ordered the Crocs Swiftwater Expedition Sandals, hoping the adjustable straps will allow them to fit snugly enough. Fingers and toes crossed!

  2. Kirsten Borrink says:

    Hi Chris,

    Let us know what you think of the Crocs Swiftwater Expedition!

  3. Cathy Lynch says:

    Years ago I had a pair of Croc Slide sandals that had crossed elastic on top, and not the usual footbed, it was their alternative footbed I’ve seen only rarely. They were so comfortable. I think they only made these one year.
    I can’t wear their typical Croc sandals or shoes because my feet sweat terribly in them !

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