Cure for Nail Fungus

Yellow toenails may not only be unsightly, but they’re probably an indicator of a fungal infection. While these infections can sit in your nail for years causing little trouble, they can also grow, infecting surrounding nails and tissues, causing pain and itching.

When researching this issue online, I came across some really helpful information from a podiatrist in Detroit. Check out his information and research here.

Make sure you treat fungal infections early using any over-the-counter treatment or an oral anti-fungal drug that your doctor should prescribe. Read more at 




2 Responses to Cure for Nail Fungus

  1. theresa bonkoski says:

    I have found a solution of cider vinegar and warm water soak for 10 minutes cleared up my nail fungus.

  2. Abby Parker says:

    Definitely Kirsten, fungal infections should be treated before it leads to chronic infection. There are some antifungal medications that you can buy over-the-counter, but I discovered the tea tree oil as a natural remedy. It’s a common ingredient on our skincare products, and surprisingly it does a great job in disinfecting our feet. Applying the oil topically can help to treat fungal infections once and for all.

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