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Dress Shoes for Big Toe Bumps (Hallux Rigidus)

I received a reader request for dress shoes that won’t irritate a bone spur at the base of the big toe…

The bump at the base of your big toe isn’t a bunion–those go on the side. It’s most likely a symptom of hallux rigidus (an arthritis condition of the big toe joint). Podiatrists and orthopedists recommend a stiff-sole or rocker bottom shoe like Dansko clogs or MBT footwear, and even custom orthotics to reduce the movement of the big toe joint. But you’ll be hard-pressed to find something with those characteristics that classifies as a dress shoe. I’d recommend a low-heeled shoe with a stretch upper that won’t push annoyingly on painful spot at the base of your big toe. I’d also recommend the following shoes for those with bunions or neuropathy–when seams and hard leather irritate your feet.

Taryn Rose Fiona1. Taryn Rose Fiona: A low-heeled dress shoe (1 1/2″) with a Poron memory foam footbed and a soft, stretch fabric upper. There’s a really good review with photos at where the shoe sells for $214. Also available for $218 with special offers from, free shipping and returns. Find a store near you.

Ecco Abelone Stretch

2. Ecco Abelone Stretch: A classic business casual shoe with comfort features like a stretchy textile upper, shock-absorbing polyurethane wedge heel (1 1/2″), specialized foam footbed for cushioning and moisture wicking, and a midfoot stability shank. I like the thicker sole on these–should help keep foot from bending too much at toe joint. Available in black and navy blue. $120 at Zappos, $88-119 at Amazon, $119.95 at, $119.95 at The Walking Company. Find a store near you.

softspots marnie

3. Softspots Marnie: Available in medium and wide widths, the Marnie features a 1 3/4″ heel, Pillowtop® comfort footbed, and a stretch fabric upper to accommodate bunions, bunionettes and other painful toe bumps. $79.95 at Zappos. Find a store near you. 

Other options include the Munro Traveler (available in extended sizes and multiple widths), the Walking Cradles Cannes (also available in multiple widths). Although Bernie Mev footwear doesn’t exactly fit into the dress category, their woven uppers won’t irritate sensitive toes.



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7 Responses to Dress Shoes for Big Toe Bumps (Hallux Rigidus)

  1. Donna Jervey says:

    I broke my ankle I need dressy formal shoes or boots ASAP please help me!

  2. Nanci Bazzell says:


    Would HOKA Stinston 3 be appropriate for my Halifax… big toe, bunionette and knee

  3. Nanci Bazzell says:

    Hallux… I misspelled it. I need a pair of walking sneakers…

  4. Jeanne says:

    My daughter needs dressy shoes for prom. Stylish…young…and will fit her bunions.

  5. Jitkat says:

    Why are they all so ugly?

  6. Lynn Plotlka says:

    Hi Please do you mail to the UK.

    Kind regards

  7. Barbara McDonough says:

    Need shoes to wear corrective brace for bunion. Need big enough toe space for correction.

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