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Earth Shoes: The Zoey Fashion Sneaker Wins my Heart and Sole

Earth Shoes: The Zoey Fashion Sneaker

Earth Zoey

This review of the Earth Shoes “Zoey” is sponsored by The opinions are completely my own based on experience.

Can a large-footed gal wear a slip-on sneaker with a knotted bow detail? Would it look as adorable on my size 10 feet as it did on the model’s petite feet? With the fashion sneaker trend here to stay for the immediate future, I decided to take a gamble on the Earth Zoey in navy suede. When I opened the box, I thought, “Well, these are as cute as a size 10 shoe is going to get.” The knotted swath of navy suede is simply lovely, turning a plain slip-on into a fashion statement. Earth shoes have long been a favorite of mine: both the Kalso Earth with negative heel and their more contemporary Earth Footwear line of casual and dress shoes, like the Zoey.

Earth Shoes: Zoey Fashion Sneaker

Earth Zoey

Earth Shoes: Zoey Sneaker

Earth Zoey

I field-tested the Earth Zoey at my son’s high school curriculum night last week. I figured I’d become acquainted with my new shoes while rushing up and down stairs, across hard tile floors and sidewalks. If teachers went long on their course descriptions, I could always make mental notes about my shoes: do they have substantial arch support, how’s the toe box, is it a good fit?

Mental note 1: I’m glad I didn’t wear socks because I wouldn’t have noticed the super soft lining against my feet. Lately my hammertoes have taken a literal turn for the worse; I find they bump up against the tops of closed-toe shoes. But the lining in the Earth Zoey cushions the top of my second toe from irritation. In the future, I’ll wear a pair of Vero Monte no-show socks to protect the insole and keep my feet dry all day.

Mental note 2: Toe box–definitely wide enough to accommodate moderate bunions without looking clunky.

Mental note 3 while walking the hallways: I feel some arch support (not as enhanced as Vionic, but not flat like Converse or Vans) but think I’ll switch out the removable footbed for my Tread Labs orthotics the next time I wear the Earth Zoey out for the day. My arches need more support. For someone with low arches, I think the support would be sufficient.

Earth Shoes

Mental note 4: The cushioning is fabulous. I often have ball-of-foot discomfort from a callous (the flip-side issue to my hammertoe), but the multi-layer foam cushioning in Earth shoes is dreamy, heel to toe.

Earth Shoes: Zoey Sneaker

Earth Zoey

Mental note 5: I appreciate attention to detail such as elastic goring for easy on and off, extra cushioning at the back of the heel to prevent blisters, contrast stitching and a fun leaf pattern on the outsole (part of the rubber traction).

I find the fit is true to size. I am generally a size 10 medium, so that’s what I ordered and the lengthwise fit is spot on. I do experience a little gaping at the sides when walking (around the area of the goring), but no slippage at the heel. Perhaps this is the nature of a slip-on sneaker. I’d recommend the Earth Zoey for medium to slightly wide feet. The Earth Zoey is available in sizes 5-12, medium width from, NordstromThe Walking Company,, Amazon and Shoemall.

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