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Fitflops reviewed –

Fitflops have come a long way. I saw a friend at church wearing these in the cosmic purple shade with a pencil skirt and flowy blouse. If I didn’t possess a savant knack for identifying comfort shoes from 200 yards away, I would have never known they were FitFlops.


Fitflops have come a long way from the sporty albeit utilitarian Walkstar style of 2007. The Frou provides the same cushioned support as the originals, but is topped off with a conspicuously cute gathering of suede ruffles.

While researching online reviews, I took some bulleted notes on the fit and feel of the Frou. These observations will hopefully help you decide whether this specific style will work for your feet.

  • Narrower footbed than the Walkstar and other styles, yet not necessarily a narrow-width shoe. FitFlops generally run wide.
  • Best for high volume foot, meaning a “tall” foot (think vertical rise or “thickness” of foot from top to bottom). The strap runs high and slightly wide. 
  • Good for high-instep feet.
  • Good for flat feet since cushioned support forms to foot instead of pushing up into the arch uncomfortably.
  • Runs shorter than other FitFlop styles, so order up if between sizes.


FitFlops technology

Initially Fitflops were marketed as toning shoes (remember all the fuss about MBT, Skechers Shape-Ups and other footwear with seemingly magical properties to tone and tighten the legs and glutes?) Sounds gimmicky, but their Microwobbleboard™ insoles are the reason behind the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) Seal of Acceptance. Technology FitFlop™ USThe benefits of walking on Microwobbleboard™ midsoles? Shock-absorption, relief of joint stress, increased lower leg muscle activation, and reduced pressure on toes. In fact, many customer reviews mention relief from plantar fasciitis pain. 

If you’re not into frilly-flouncy like the Frou, consider a style like the FitFlop Sling or Rokkit featured below.




Do you own a pair of FitFlops? Do they help relieve your foot problems? Have you found a style that works for you? Do share!

The Frou and other FitFlop styles (many on sale) are available at:

  • Zappos: free shipping both ways.
  • Amazon: free shipping, special offers.
  • FootSmart: the Frou is on sale


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9 Responses to Fitflops reviewed –

  1. Mary says:

    I have 3 pairs of fitflops. oops, 4! One is the sneaker, great for holding you in nicely so you can walk faster.

    Another is the fitflop, great for summer days, but not great on the days if you have RA and it’s in the tendons of your feet.

    Then I have the Billow boot. And the one that’s like a slipper (not the Gough as that’s too tight for me with the RA, but the the one with the fluffiness around the top of the shoe.

    I have RA, and with the exception of the flip flop, I can wear these all day. They are great on my joints and for my bad bad.

    I also restless leg syndrome and these are great for that.

  2. ClaraT says:

    I could not walk without FitFlops due to severe bunions. They provide incredible relief to my poor feet. Until I undergo surgery some day (which seems inevitable), these will remain my mainstay shoes.
    I do not like the look of the closed-foot FitFlops, however. Thank goodness I live in a mild climate.

  3. Mitzy Carter-Penley says:

    I have a bad back and my doctor told me to avoid these at all costs.

  4. Theresa says:

    I’ve been afraid to try these because I have read many reviews that say they are not for people with PF. Although I have read a couple reviews that say they are ok for PF, I’ve read more that say not.

  5. Susan says:

    My sister turned me on to FitFlops and they are a godsend. I have multiple foot problems and they give the support, stability and comfort I need.

    They are clunky, and I’m tempted to buy a pair of Chaco flipflops, but I’m loyal to the brand.

  6. Aimee says:

    Please review the new fitflop sneakers and loafers.

  7. DJP says:

    I have several pairs of Keys sandals, a few Lolla sandals, a couple pairs of the shearling lined clog/slippers and Lupus! No that isn’t another style of Fitflops, that’s a medical malfunction and the Fitflops are a godsend! Also, I’m old and poor so all of my shoes have come from eBay used but in great condition at very good prices.

  8. tracy says:

    are fit flops good for people with wide feet

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