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Giesswein Slippers review

Giesswein floral
Knock the socks off of cold and achy-footed family members this Christmas with a pair of Austrian-born Giesswein slippers. Since receiving mine courtesy of Giesswein (pronounced geese-vine), nary a day goes by that I’m without my boiled wool wonders.

Last winter, I grew weary of warm but completely unsupportive muk-luks and slipper socks. Often I’d wear my Birkenstock sandals with socks completely oblivious to what I was missing (fashion sense, for starters).  Then my Giesswein Ammerns arrived just in time for Chicago’s hibernation season. A boiled wool slipper with arch support, removable anatomical footbed to accommodate an orthotic and a slip-proof latex sole? How come I didn’t know about these before? This is no regular slipper, friends, this is a house SHOE. I love mine so much that I freak out when I can’t find them, “HEY! Who took my GEESE-VINES?” And then I find them under my Snuggie.

The boiled wool keeps my feet comfortably warm without overheating, plus it’s breathable, water resistant, eco-friendly and washable! The only problem I’ve found is that the latex sole is wearing at the heel a little. This is probably due to the fact that I wear my Giessweins to fetch the paper and drive my son to school. I would recommend wearing these in the house only.

A few of my favorite Giesswein styles:

Giesswein slippers
Giesswein Vent Lodge
Giesswein slippers
Giesswein Spital

Giesswein slippers

Giesswein Garolding

Giesswein slippers are available through Zappos, Endless, and Amazon. Visit the Giesswein store locator to find a brick and mortar near you.

Giesswein: Giesswein Footwear

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4 Responses to Giesswein Slippers review

  1. Marie says:

    Giesswein makes a nice slipper, but they are nothing compared to Haflinger, a German company that makes boiled wool slippers (as well as other shoes) with an arch support that is almost as good as wearing Birkenstocks. Having sold both at comfort shoe stores, I can also say that Haflingers last years longer and show less wear. And no, I’m not a sales rep for Haflinger, just a fan!

  2. valleycat1 says:

    I’m also a fan of Haflingers; although I must admit I haven’t owned any Giessweins. I like the Haflinger felted wool sole (now with unobtrusive non-slip dots) because we have noisy hardwood floors – in addition to the support. I find they fit snugly, so to wear them with socks, I order a half size up.

  3. Louise says:

    Wow! I haven’t had a pair of slippers in 20 years because nothing can accommodate my orthotics. I’m going the check out these and the Haflingers (thanks, Marie!) and get me some for Christmas.

  4. Matt Tracy says:

    Hi Marie – thanks for starting some of the commenting. We like hearing that you’ve sold both Haflinger and Giesswein at a comfort shoe store. Full disclosure, I’m the distributor for Giesswein footwear in the US and have been exclusively the last few years. Not sure when you tried your last pair of Giessweins however I did want to make you aware that we have completely redesigned our US product with a much improved/stronger arch support (main arch AND metatarsal arch) that are fully removable and washable. Recent reviews on Zappos and other online retailers now compare us to Birkenstock support also, so hopefully we made the right improvement! In addition, our boiled wool outsoles are fully dipped in natural latex (unlike Haflinger’s dots) so there is very little to no separation and ‘wear and tear’ on the sole. We know Haflinger and they make a great product (we love their clogs especially). Hope you’ll just consider this a friendly product update and perhaps give the “new” Giessweins a try sometimes 🙂 Happy holidays!

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