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Hotter Shoes Review: The Gorgeous Georgette T-Strap Heel

Hotter Shoes

Hotter Georgette Heels courtesy of Hotter

Review by Janelle W. 

Pinching, poking, pointy, restricting, biting, piercing, throbbing, blisters, pain – the agony of cute dress shoes.  We all have that pair–we love them but we hate them.  So cute yet sooo painful.  I have them, wore them with my favorite dress… then my feet rebelled.  I limped, my feet throbbed, I did not dance the night away.

Then Barking Dog came to the rescue with a beautiful pair of Hotter shoes!!!  

Have you tried Hotter?

Sandals only.

Hotter shoes

Hotter Georgette Heels

You must try the dress shoes!

I did, “Georgette” from the new fall line.  Cute black pumps with ‘T’ strap on top – they have a sort of 1940’s vibe and that’s what I love about them!  

I walked about, my wonky toes are happy, my arch – happy, bunion scars- happy, that spot on the outside of my foot that hates heels more than you can imagine -happy.

Being the curious sort, I investigated. What made the difference?  How could this heel feel so much better than the rest?   Lining up every pair of shoes I own, I noticed a wide variety of heel construction – kitten, spike (why?), wedge, you name it, it was there.  My new Hotter heels look stylish and sleek, yet cleverly provide a support base that covers the whole heel of the foot, seamlessly merging into the footbed for total support, with wonderful cushions at heel and ball!  That is just what my untrained eye could see, click here for the full line of hidden treasures for comfort provided by Hotter.

I said goodbye to my old shoes that day.  They shall not be missed.  I am ready for the next wedding where I shall dance!!!

Hotter Heels

Hotter Georgette

Thank you, Janelle! Hotter is based in the UK and has been around since 1959. They specialize in “stylish shoes with comfort built in.” Read more about the Hotter company and the comfort technologies incorporated into their footwear. 

Hotter is one of the only European brands (that I know of) that offers wide and extra wide widths in most of their styles. See Hotter’s informative page about how to order the right size.  

Keep in mind that if you’re in the United States, your shoes will be coming from across the pond and may take up to 14 days for delivery. Hotter offers free returns if the shoe is exchanged for a different size, but a $7 fee will be charged if the shoes are returned for a refund. Read more about Hotter’s shipping and return policies here

The Hotter Georgette is available in navy, black and pale bronze leather/suede in whole and half sizes 6-10, 11; standard (medium) and extra wide (wide) widths for $115 at Right now, Hotter is running a Columbus Day flash event: 30% off plus free shipping!

Have you tried Hotter shoes? What’s your experience with their footwear? Leave a comment and let us know!
Hotter Shoes

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9 Responses to Hotter Shoes Review: The Gorgeous Georgette T-Strap Heel

  1. Patti says:

    I just found Hotter shoes last year but have bought several pairs since then. I have worn a pair similar to those you reviewed and you are right! They make dress shoes with comfort built in. The oxford and boot styles are great for everyday wear. I love them!

  2. Charlotte says:

    How are these shoes for plantar fasciitis?

  3. Cindy Hanson says:

    I have MANY pairs of Hotter shoes. I have wide feet and a high instep and plantar fasciitis. They are comfortable and supportive and when they say WIDE, they mean it! Hotter has many styles but one niche that is fairly unique to them at their price point is what I would call “delicate comfort dress shoes. As in…could I wear these shoes with a fancy dress? Or at a wedding?? Hotter is a great option if you’re not on a Taryn Rose budget.

  4. Cherry says:

    I have tried them. I like the various flats with the rubber soles, unfortunately they are all too wide for my marginally narrow feet. Last year they they brought out a few slim fit styles, and I bought a pair of sporty ballet flats which were just perfect. I’m disappointed to see that this fall they only have that one style and one other in the narrower fit.

    • Kirsten Borrink says:

      I agree! I couldn’t really promote their slim fit in this post because they only have one shoe in that width.

  5. CK says:

    Seconding the question about plantar fasciitis. How are they in the arch support dept? I can’t get a sense based on the picture they have on their website. They look beautiful, though!

    • Kirsten Borrink says:

      Here’s my experience as I’ve had two pair in the past. Both offer great cushioning and shock-absorption. The toe box roomy and heel doesn’t slip. Arch support is not enhanced like a Vionic, Birkenstock or Dansko. It’s minimal to moderate. However, many styles have removable footbeds so you can use your own insole (just read descriptions).

  6. Peter Dan says:

    The best shoes which suits for the dress. Purchased 1 pair based on the suggestion.

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