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OTBT Victoria Flat Earns High Marks for Comfort and Support


OTBT Victoria from the Forever Collection

This review of the OTBT Victoria from the Forever collection is sponsored by OTBT Shoes. The opinions are completely our own based on experience.

When we say OTBT, chances are the first picture that comes to mind is not a casual slip-on, but rather a funky wedge platform sandal or open-toe shootie. In fact, OTBT’s unique, free-spirited design is what caught our attention, but their dedication to comfort is what turned us into fans. We’ve long featured OTBT footwear on Barking Dog Shoes, and are thrilled to present their newest venture in comfort footwear, the OTBT Forever collection.

OTBT Forever

OTBT Victoria in navy

OTBT Forever

OTBT Victoria in matte black nubuck

I (Kirsten) chose the OTBT Victoria slip-on to review. My naturally skeptical personality kept expectations in check as I slipped on the Victoria. Lately, a dormant bunion has become painful to the touch–no thanks to an RA flare. As I took a few cautious steps, apprehension turned to admiration with each stride. These shoes will go places.

I wore the OTBT Victoria to a subbing gig the other day at my son’s high school. Knowing I’d be on my feet most of the day, I’d get a good feel for whether the shoe has that “all-day” comfort factor. Since I have a high instep (the arched middle part of the foot between the toes and the ankle), it took a little maneuvering to get my foot into the shoe–this is often the case with slip-ons. Thankfully the elastic goring stretches to accommodate a higher instep. The second feature I noticed is the foot-friendly shape of the OTBT Victoria: wider fit at the forefoot, snug at the midfoot and heel. In fact, I was worried about the heel area causing a blister since it’s rather stiff. But that never happened! I attribute it to the good fit of the shoe–no slipping at the heel means no blistering.

OTBT Forever

OTBT Victoria

The toe box is round and roomy enough to accommodate my bunions without irritation (and high enough for hammertoes), but i have a true medium-width foot. I imagine the OTBT Victoria could feel too tight on a wider foot (hopefully the brand will offer wide widths in the future).

OTBT Forever

OTBT Scamper from the Forever collection

What’s remarkable is the insole–I have orthotics that are thinner than the ones in the OTBT Victoria! The removable, contoured dual-density insole with 4mm memory foam provides ample cushioning and arch support. Do you know how most standard issue insoles bend easily at the midfoot? Not so with these–they’re sturdy (yet removable should you need to wear custom orthotics).

While I walked around the classroom and down to the office while subbing, I noted the exceptional shock-absorbing outsole. The best way I know how to describe the feel: like the bumpers on bumper cars. Without them, you’d bang up against all hard and unforgiving surfaces causing major damage. The lightweight, yet substantial rubber outsoles of the OTBT Victoria protected my heels and painful forefeet from the hard floor and actually returned a bit of bounce to my stride that I haven’t experienced in a while. While I’m not currently struggling with plantar fasciitis, I imagine the Victoria would bring relief to achy heels.

Attention to detail is what sets the Victoria apart from other basic loafers. Laser cutouts along the sides and uppers plus a unique scroll design add a feminine yet fun touch.


OTBT Pilgrim from the Forever collection

Currently the OTBT Forever collection consists of the Victoria slip-on, the Scamper ankle-strap flat pictured above, and Pilgrim low-calf boot. All are available in whole and half sizes 6-10, 11 (the Scamper comes in a 5.5), medium widths from, free shipping and returns.

Have you tried OTBT shoes? Which style do you have? Leave a comment and let us know!

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