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7 (Always Comfortable) Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

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SO, how does one go about finding plantar fasciitis shoes?  First of all, let’s talk about plantar fasciitis. You won’t wonder if you have it, you’ll know. The fascia is a thick band of tissue that connects your heel to your toes–like a big, fat rubber band. A normal fascia acts as a shock-absorber, supporting the arch of your foot. It can become inflamed through activities such as long-distance running, or just through having faulty feet (flat feet, very high arch, abnormal gait) and being overweight doesn’t help either. We took some time with a document that explains it more. The result? Sharp heel pain–especially in the morning upon rising. Sigh…

Yes, you can add orthotics and supportive insoles, but which plantar fasciitis shoes can help relieve the pain in and of themselves? After scouring customer reviews, I’ve found these shoes hold promise for those with PF. I’ve included flats, heels (if you must), sneakers and slip-ons. Let me know if you have a favorite or if you’ve found a shoe that helps relieve your PF. Not all recommendations are included above, so read through descriptions for more ideas.

1. Walking and Fitness shoes: The Dansko Sabrina pictured above (#1) gets high marks from PF sufferers. It provides excellent arch support to take pressure off the inflamed fascia with a roomy fit for midfoot and toes. It’s billed as a fitness shoe, but it looks nice enough for casual wear with its waterproof suede uppers in soft colors like spruce, taupe and black with violet laces. Available at Amazon. If you’re a runner, try the Brooks Adrenaline GTS–a stability shoe with excellent cushioning, great support for flat feet or over-pronators (some causes of PF). It will accommodate an orthotic. Available in extended sizes and widths. $89.95 at Zappos.

2. Any podiatrist will tell you, “NO MORE FLATS!” But if you absolutely must wear a ballet style flat, try the Cobb Hill RevChi. This stylish “flat” isn’t completely flat. There’s a 7/8″ rubber heel, plenty of memory foam cushioning, and moderate arch support. Available in three widths at Zappos.

3. FitFlop Shuv: Some PF sufferers swear by FitFlop to relieve heel pain. The Shuv clog comes in patent and leather and received the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) seal of acceptance for footwear found to promote good foot health. I have read that both the leather and patent versions have uppers that feel stiff on some customer’s feet. Try the Gogh Moc style for a softer upper.

4. If you must wear a heel, try either the Naot Luma  or Naot Pleasure (not pictured).   The Naot Luma features an anatomical cork and latex footbed that’s removable to accommodate a dress orthotic,  good arch support, manageable 2 1/2″ polyurethane heel and a metal shank for midfoot stability and support.  The Naot Pleasure gets hundreds of five-star reviews from wearers -even those with foot problems – who need to be on their feet all day and find this shoe the most comfortable heel they’ve tried.  Find them both at Zappos, and at Amazon.  (Shoe #6, the Taryn Rose Trulie, is no longer available.)

5. Plantar fasciitis shoes from Munro American come in a stylish ankle boot called the Riley that earns high marks for comfort and plantar fasciitis relief with its removable, contoured footbed with Poron® cushioning. A stable 1″ wedge lifts the heel taking pressure off the fascia and a steel shank supports the midfoot. Available in extended sizes and widths. $225 at Zappos.

7. Do you like a casual street sneaker but can’t find one with the support and cushioning you need? Take a look at the Ecco Chase Tie. Customers like them as a travel shoe as they don’t look like tacky white gym shoes, but provide good arch support and cushioning. Find them at Zappos.  This review from Amy at The Walking Company is helpful:

I bought these to work in as I’m on my feet for a 4 hr. stretch. I suffer from plantar fasciitis and these shoes have improved my overall pain. I also suffer from fallen arches and these have just the right support. They have the support my foot needs without an overly bulky arch support that can be uncomfortable with fallen arches. The quality is superb and the material is nothing less than top of the line leather. I recently learned that Ecco uses the same leather as Coach. They are a good looking very comfortable shoe. I’ve received several compliments on them. 

Plantar fasciitis shoes don’t have to be boring. Do you have a favorite shoe that helps relieve PF pain? Please, do share!

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11 Responses to 7 (Always Comfortable) Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

  1. Theresa says:

    I have PF and the winter time is a little easier for me due to wearing boots and closed shoes. I can wear my inserts in a lot of winter shoes. But two of my favorites that don’t require inserts for me are the Dansko Abigail (like them so much I bought them in taupe and black) and the Abeo Merilee moc. For spring/summer it gets tougher. So many sandals can’t accomodate an orthotic insert. So during the warmer months Earthies are my go to brand for cute, fashionable sandals that have arch support and don’t need an orthotic. I do wear my Earthies Bindi ballet flats in winter though. VERY cute, good arch support and I always get compliments on how cute they are.

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  5. Frederiek says:

    I have PF to and I find Wolky shoes the most comfortable for me. In summer you can wear the fantastic tulip sandals, you can remove the soles. Especially the shoes with thick soles helped me a lot. Ofcourse, they are a little chunky and less elegant but you can walk without pain!
    And they look stylish enough for me.

  6. Kirsten says:

    I love Wolky! I have the Jewel style from the Tulip line. Thanks for the reminder.

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  9. Suanne Ackerman says:

    I just discovered the Drew Violet slip on. I’d been wearing black New Balance walkers every day due to PF, and wanted to elevate my look a bit. These look dressy and are as comfy as my NB ones.

  10. Shopper says:

    Can you please do reviews of the following for those of us who siffer from the combination of high arches and plantar fasciitis? (Also wide feet and narrow heels to complicate things! just thought I would focus on two of my issues.)

    1. Slippers for around the house including slip-ons for those of us with plantar fasciitis and high arches. I would love something comfy in boiled wool that has APMA approval. Also please dont rely on Zappos reviews, etc. It would be helpful instead to have at least a certification that the shoes are orthopedic! I read your review of 7 comfortable slippers but only see one really for plantar fasciitis and high arches. (But that one had synthetic material and can make feet hot.)

    2. Flat (no heels and no boots with heels!!) shoes for those of us with PF and high arches.

    3. Walking workout shoes for those with the PF/high arch combo. I need to be able to walk to combat osteoporosis (walking is a great weight bearing exercise) but walking is painful! I need the right shoes to help. I have been wearing a pair of New Balances but they are very hot, cause blisters, and don’t seem to stay tied.

    Thank you; it is difficult shopping for shoes. I live in a hot climate so natural, breathable materials work best. I can wear boiled wool in summer (indoors) because it is breathable. I hope you can do some articles offering suggestions. Thank you.

  11. Tracey s says:

    I wear crocs the original. I put my orthotics them, they are light and airy for around the house.

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