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Festive, Gorgeous Sacha London Shoes (Heels and Wedges)

Sacha London Shoes

Sacha London

I attended my beautiful cousin’s wedding in Brooklyn last weekend. I left my mundane world of laundry and cereal for a weekend of chowing on lobster rolls and Grimaldi’s pizza, using Uber like a boss and celebrating the nuptials at the fabulous Dumbo Loft. But I wore boring shoes to the wedding: tame, sensible block heels. I reasoned they would allow me to dance without turning an ankle and I was right. But in a sea of cage heels, 4″ pumps and strappy wonders, my feet felt plain. Comfort was my main concern when packing, plus I don’t have a wide array of dress-up shoes because that’s just not my lifestyle. But if I could add one pair of shoes to fill in the “dressy-festive” gap, I’d go for a pair of Sacha London shoes.

Sacha London Shoes

Photo Credit: Romp Shoes

The Vera style (top left) earned 21 5-star reviews, 4 four-star reviews and only 1 one-star review at Women love this style for a festive event–it’s fancy, unique and comfortable for a heel with its 2 3/4″ heel and 1″ platform, padded footbed and secure ankle strap. The Sacha London Vera comes in 10 colors of suede and leather, whole and half sizes 5.5-10, 11.

The Sacha London Karma (discontinued since first published) is similar to the Vera with a 2 3/4″ wedge heel and 1″ platform. I like the inclined forefoot as it acts as a rocker sole taking the pressure off the forefoot. Available in leopard, black and gray suede/pony hair (which isn’t made from ponies, but rather the hair side of the cow hide). The Karma is probably a better choice than the Vera for women that have bunions as the vamp crosses below that area of the foot. Also, this style might be good for those that suffer from painful forefoot or hallux limitus as the sole is rigid.

Sacha London Shoes – the Vista

The Vista style is for those that don’t like a chunky platform and prefer a lower heel with a more flexible forefoot.  Featuring the same ankle strap and lightly cushioned footbed as the Vera and Karma, the Vista wedge measures in at two inches high.

Sacha London Shoes

Photo Credit: Romp Shoes

As far as fit, I’ve read that Sacha London shoes are true to size, best for a medium to slightly wide foot.

If you love one of these styles but are concerned about arch support, try a pair of Superfeet Delux High Heel 3/4 length insoles. Customers comment that they fit well into all dress shoes without taking up much room and they provide needed support for arches while taking pressure off the forefoot.

How about you? Do you have a favorite festive shoe that mixes style and comfort well? What about Sacha London shoes? Like them? Do let us know!

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14 Responses to Festive, Gorgeous Sacha London Shoes (Heels and Wedges)

  1. Tracy says:

    Kirsten, OMG! I think these are the most gorgeous shoes. I am seriously coveting a pair. However, I wonder do they work best for slim to medium feet or do they lean towards medium to wide? Do you know the answer? The Vera shoes are my favorite, love, love them!

  2. Kirsten says:

    I wish I had a pair and tell you how they fit my feet, but from reading reviews, I gather they work best for medium to slightly wide feet. A few gals with narrow feet complained that the shoe was too wide. I also read that the velcro ankle strap works for most ankle sizes, but probably not extra wide–the velcro would come undone.

  3. Sacha London says:

    Hi Kirsten,

    Thank you for the lovely review of our shoes!!!

    We can’t believe you did that without even having a pair of your own so we are going to fix that!

    Pls send us your mailing info and shoe size and we will send you pair of your favorite style.

    Warm regards,
    The Sacha London team

  4. Sarah says:

    I wish they came in wide!! I read your review and I am trying two styles which are slightly too narrow in the forefoot (but not the heel) — debating sizing up but super sad they aren’t working for me!!!!

  5. Lorraine says:

    I bought a pair of the Vera black suede shoes based on your review. I get intense arch pain for whatever reason now, probably due to years of wearing high heels when I was younger. I’m in my 50’s now and not ready to give up beautiful shoes! Unbelievable how comfortable and stylish these are! I LOVE them. Thank you so much!

  6. Kirsten says:

    I know!! I can’t wait to wear mine to a wedding in two weeks!

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  8. Kaye says:

    I have these shoes in 7 different colors. I have bad feet so I can’t wear sexy heels. These shoes are a blessing. So comfortable.

  9. Vicki Williams says:

    Would love to see in Navy Blue Vesta and Vera styles…love them!

  10. Lillian B. Herron says:

    I am “Lil” in Charlotte, NC I discovered Sacha London this year. I am so elated that I check online at least 3 x week for the “Wiley” style in more colors. I have 2 pairs in black, suede and leather, I have red, royal and lime in suede. I really want the color Peony if I can get them in size 8.5. Each time I wear these shoes I get so many compliments and I always share where I got them. Shoes are so light I hardly know that I am wearing them. I have substituted these shoes for “diabetic’ footwear. I thank God everyday that my feet great every time I step out the door. I am 77yrs. old and I have recommended Sacha London brand to all of my friend ho are diabetic. They are wearing them now and they are as excited as I am. Keep up the fantastic work.

  11. Anna says:

    I love these shoes. I have a pair of the Vera style. Lately, they have become very difficult to find.I’m not sure if the company is producing these shoes.It’s very sad. I haven’t found any shoes that can take their place in terms of style and comfort.

  12. Jo says:

    I was lucky enough to get my black suede “Vera”s before the Canadian online retailer “shoeme”(.com or .ca) went bust. Due to a protest near the venue of our company Christmas party, everyone had to walk a number of blocks in their party shoes. Little strappy heels did not perform well, but I was walking on air! These shoes let you move with confidence and comfort, while being beautiful and sophisticated for special occasions. Even shy girls can step out and have fun!

  13. Kirsten Borrink says:

    What a wonderful testament to the comfort of Sacha London! went bust too and they used to carry Sacha London–wonder if they were connected?

  14. Tara says:

    I love these shoes!! I found Sacha London on a website called However, it’s glitchy and I’ve not been successful with making an actual purchase. Failure to process my credit card or something like that. Is anyone familiar with the website and it’s legitimacy or lack thereof?

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