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Samuel Hubbard Footwear | See the Sensational 24 Seven Boot

Samuel Hubbard Boots

Samuel Hubbard 24 Seven Boot from

Samuel Hubbard

Samuel Hubbard 24 Seven

Have you heard of Samuel Hubbard footwear? Up until last fall, you’d have to shop the men’s department to find them. Fortunately, Hubbards are for women now too. Footwear Etc. sent me a pair of Samuel Hubbard 24 Seven chelsea boots for review. Within days of receiving my Hubbards, I placed them front and center in my closet, which is the seat of honor for my shoes. These are truly beautiful boots.

Upon opening the box and taking out my new Samuel Hubbards for inspection, my first reaction was, “Too cool for school.” My second observation noted the lack of zipper, ties, or buckles. I knew this going in; that’s what a Chelsea boot is–elastic goring only. But I wondered if I could get my high instep into these lovelies without a shoe horn or body contortion routine. It wasn’t easy folks, and I almost gave up. But I so wanted to wear these hip Hubbards, that I finally twisted my feet into them. And I’m glad I didn’t give up. They go on without a fight now and the comfort level is stunning.

Samuel Hubbard

Samuel Hubbard 24 Seven

Designed in Mill Valley, California and handcrafted in Portugal, the Samuel Hubbard 24 Seven is a boutique-y boot but with comfort brand technologies:

  • Foot-shaped fit. The rounded toe box provides a roomy fit for the toes and the heel fits snugly.
  • No seams on upper to rub against sensitive spots.
  • Removable triple-density Poron® footbed can accommodate an orthotic.
  • Lightweight Kevlar shank provides moderate arch support.
  • Custom Vibram soles absorb shock and make for an enjoyable walking experience. The traction is good too!
Samuel Hubbard 24 Seven Boots for Women

Samuel Hubbard 24 Seven

I imagine these would make the perfect urban commuting boot. Spray the suede uppers with Scotchguard and you’re set. Those Vibram outsoles are super grippy yet lightweight and springy, protecting soles from the hard sidewalks.

Samuel Hubbard

Samuel Hubbard 24 Seven

I waited a few weeks before reviewing the 24 Seven boot because I wanted to wear it around on different surfaces to really put it to the test. From city sidewalks to concrete floors and even a walk in the woods, my feet felt happy. No pressure points, cramping or heel pain–not even a peep from my bunions and hammertoes. Yes, they’re still a little difficult to get on, but once I do, I don’t want to take them off.  If you have high insteps too, Samuel Hubbard does carry a lace-up boot and an oxford that may be easier to get on. As of now, Samuel Hubbard for women only come in medium widths, but hopefully soon we’ll see them in wides too. I ordered the 24 Sevens in a 10 for my and they fit like a glove (I’m a small 10).

I’ll be first to say that $225 is a wad of cash to spend on a pair of ankle boots. I think you’d have to wear them “24 Seven” as the style name suggests to get your money’s worth. But friends, you will want to wear them daily and into the evening.

Have you heard of Samuel Hubbard footwear? Do you own a pair? I’d love to know what you think of the fit, feel, and overall comfort.

Samuel Hubbard

Kirsten wears her Hubbards on a walk with Harley.

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9 Responses to Samuel Hubbard Footwear | See the Sensational 24 Seven Boot

  1. Dorothy says:

    Oh my gosh…I was so excited about this boot! I love the look, but there is no way I could ever justify the cost…I need a new car first. 😳

  2. cedar says:

    I will buy these in one second when one of the stores I frequent has them available. Nordstrom and Zappos, come on!

    They look cool! And well made.

    Kirsten, time passes, yet you only get cuter and cuter!

  3. Helen V Travis says:

    I will call Nordstroms to see if they carry them. They look so good, wonder if they are light weight. I will want to try on before I buy a pair.
    Where are they available?

  4. Carolyn says:

    These are really good looking and they do look great for almost any terrain. And the space difference between the heel and flat part of the sole is high enough to get a metatarsal bar on there for those with Morton neuromas. Cute scarf!

  5. Heidi says:

    It seems Samuel Hubbard shoes are based in Rochester, NH according to their website. Your post says they are designed in Mill Valley, CA?

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