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Snow Boots for Women – 5+ Comfortable and Cozy Picks

Comfortable Snow Boots

Wheaten Terrier Needs Snow Boots. Photo Credit: Jamie Hall

Maybe you’re not the only one needing snow boots!  I couldn’t pass up the chance to feature this photo of a Wheaten Terrier (not mine) after playing in the snow – look at her poor feet! This is what happens to Wheaties in the snow due to their velcro-like fuzzy hair.

Maybe you can relate–not to the fuzzy feet part, but are you tired of frozen feet after a walk in the snow? Do your toes go numb in your current boots? Or maybe you have a hard time finding boots that fit your fussy feet.  Let us help you choose a new pair of warm and comfortable snow boots for your barking dogs this winter (see our updated snow boots feature here).

Comfortable Women's Snow Boots

Sorel Cumberland II in Turtle Dove

Sorel Cumberland II – Good cushioning & support, suitable for wider feet, flexible, lightweight, flattering even on larger feet – and comes in a 10.5!

Comfortable Women's Snow Boots

Easy Spirit Nuria

Easy Spirit Nuria – Super cute snow boots in LOTS of sizes & widths!  Warm, good traction. Under $100.

Comfortable Women's Snow Boots

Alegria Nanook

Alegria Nanook – One of the few snow boots with a removable footbed to accommodate orthotics (though the Perfect Fit footbed conforms to the foot, so orthotics may not even be necessary).  Great if you have a wider foot/narrower heel combination, or larger calves.  Find a deal at Amazon.

Comfortable Women's Snow Boots

Columbia Ice Maiden II

Columbia Ice Maiden II – Stylish, lightweight, lots of great reviews, under $75. Even deeper discounts at Amazon.

Comfortable Women's Snow Boots

Baffin Snogoose

Baffin Snogoose – A serious boot for spending time outdoors in cold weather.  No laces or buckles to deal with – just pull on and tighten with the toggle & cord fastener. These have good traction and are lightweight compared to other snow boots at this temperature rating (comfort rated to -40F).  Be aware they tend to run small, so consider sizing up.  See bright colors at Amazon.

Comfortable snow boots

Baffin Chloe

Baffin Chloe – These boots also have a comfort rating of -40, and are pretty darn cute too! They’re much more lightweight than other popular boots with similar styling.  They feature a toggle & cord fastener for easy on/off, a plush lining to pamper your feet, and good traction to help prevent slips. Find a deal at Amazon.

Honorable mention:

Bogs Crandall – Easy to slip on and off, so they’re great for moms on the go who are also dealing with kids’ boots (or anyone who appreciates easy on & off!)  The non-slip outsole is perfect for wet or icy surfaces.  A soft insulated lining sets this style apart from some other Bogs boot.

Aetrex Berries Bungie – Best arch support of the bunch – good for those whose options are limited by plantar fasciitis.  Great fit for narrow feet.

Kamik Momentum – Reviewers rave about the great traction. Waterproof, easy on/off, minimal arch support.

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10 Responses to Snow Boots for Women – 5+ Comfortable and Cozy Picks

  1. Nancy Lowder says:

    Hubby bought me the Chaco “Barbary” for Christmas. LOVE them! The inserts are way beyond what most manufacturers provide. Thanks for sharing these Chacos on FB.

  2. cedar says:

    For snow tromping….the boot I keep by the door is the Keen Betty. It’s functional and warm. Stiffer than I prefer, but overall, my goto boot for tromping.
    I like the look of that Sorel. Is it possible, a Sorel that doesn’t look like it fell off Sasquatch?

    My husband keeps the high pull on handle Bogs near the door for super cold and/or snowy/icy days.

    • Kirsten Borrink says:

      Oh, the Betty. Tried and true. We love Bogs at our house. Both boys wear them and the youngest gets the hand-me-downs.

  3. Joanne Shimmin says:

    Do you recommend any snow boots that can be found in stores and not just online? I don’t shop online.

    • Kirsten Borrink says:

      Each brand website has a store locator. Try REI, Dick’s Sporting Goods, any outdoor gear store. All of these are sold in brick and mortar stores. Try Kohl’s for Columbia boots.

  4. Louise Godwin says:

    Friendly heads up… I have two pairs of the taller Alegria boots on the same foot bed, and the leather on the boots cracked around the sole and they aren’t waterproof any more. I was quite disappointed as I had to special order them (I live in Canada) and they were fairly pricey once shipping was involved. I love Alegrias and own about 16 pairs of assorted shoes, boots, sandals and clogs. I discovered them via this site actually! 🙂

  5. Lissette says:

    I have recently bought a pair of the Ugg Adirondack tall snow boots. Goodness they feel really amazing on. The first time I put them on was after working an 18hr shift and I just didn’t want to take them off. Warm and cozy too so my joints don’t hurt, happy feet 😊 Heavy duty vibram sole for good traction and rated to -20.

  6. Karina says:

    Any recommendations for a good winter boot with a wider toe box? I have orthotics and I find with most boots after my orthotic goes in I can’t get my foot in, and if I can the instep is so low it squeezes my foot to death. It’s always so frustrating for me to go boot shopping!
    I live in Canada so a lot of the brands mentioned in this article I have never seen at stores, and due to all my feet problems shopping online is not an option.

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