Best Shoes for Bunions

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Stylish Shoes for Bunions

The original post from 2008 was deleted and replaced with a 2013 update with current footwear.

From my own experience with bunions caused by rheumatoid arthritis, I highly recommend these brands and styles. Each features a roomy toe box, soft leathers and a vamp that doesn’t cut across the bunion area.

Naot matai

1. Naot Matai: Naot makes at least three mary jane styles similar to the Matai, but this style gets the best reviews from bunion sufferers. $170 at Zappos, free shipping and returns.

Screen Shot 2013-03-08 at 9.27.53 AM

2. Alegria Verona: Want an open-toe option for summer? The Verona is Alegria’s most popular sandal with its adjustable forefoot and instep strap, wide toe box, supportive footbed and rocker sole. $89.95 at Zappos, free shipping and returns. 

Dansko sam (1)

3. Dansko Sam: A cute alternative to the plain jane Dansko Professional. The Sam features a soft, supportive footbed, lightweight rocker sole and it covers the bunions while giving the toes room to spread out. $120 at The Walking Company, Amazon, and Shoebuy.

Arcopedico Rose

4. Arcopedico Rose: Arcopedico footwear feels like your favorite slipper, but with support. The soft leather uppers will conform to “toe bumps” like bunions and hammertoes. If you don’t like the clunky look of clogs but need a wider toe box and narrower heel, Arcopedico is for you. $139 at Zappos, free shipping and returns.

Ara tacy

5. Ara Tacy: If you must wear a pump, the Ara Tacy is a good bet. Try the Tacy in microfiber for a more flexible fit over the bunions. A stable heel, cushioned footbed and slight platform add to the shoe’s overall comfort. Update: The Tacy has been discontinued, but see the Ara Kelly as it’s a similar style. 

Wolky ballet

6. Wolky Ballet: A fashionable yet bunion-friendly ballet flat! You’ll see that the vamp makes an inverse V enclosing the bunions without cutting into them. Dutch Wolky makes a quality shoe with removable footbeds should you want to use a custom insert or orthotic. $149-169 at, free shipping and returns, 17 colors available. 

Fly london yakin

7. Fly London Yakin: European design and comfort. Envelope the bunions in soft leathers and suedes while the rest of the foot enjoys a stable, shock-absorbing wedge heel and cushioned footbed. Available at Amazon


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16 Responses to Stylish Shoes for Bunions

  1. bobbi schimmel says:

    Thank God! At last someone addresses wide feet/bunions,etc.!

  2. Jen says:

    Great pic of the Sam at the top of the page! I’m obsessed with that clog/slingback and waiting for a chance to go back to the city and get a pair with a store credit sitting in my wallet. It’s amazing. Thank goodness Dansko hasn’t retired it as they so often do their great shoes.

  3. leila clark says:

    my friend is getting married and needs a white or silver, pretty shoe that is good for bunions. any shoes out there?

  4. Janet says:

    I just bought Clarks Alto Disco hoping they would accommodate/somewhat hide my large bunions. They only emphasize them. I should know better than to order shoes online, but I live in a small town with not a lot of options when it comes to buying shoes. Most stores carry medium width only. The Alto Disco shoes are cute and I wish they looked better on my feet.
    I am looking for shoes that disguise my awfully disfigured feet. Comfort is important too.

  5. chiara says:

    i am wondering if anyone has heard anything about the lotta from stockholm low wood mary jane clogs. i love the look of them, but w/ my sizeable bunion on my left foot, i’m scared to pull the trigger on a shoe i can’t physically try on before i purchase.

    here’s the link to the shoe i like:

    they look a lot like the dansko sam, but cheaper and not made in china.


  6. Anne Sumers says:

    Any suggestions for tennis shoes for very large (11) feet with bunions, bunionettes, plantar fasciitis?
    I really want to keep playing but my feet are killing me and I can’t take off months of work for surgery!
    Thank you for your advice! REALLY appreciate your website!

    • Shannon says:

      I have almost the same foot… 10.5, bilateral bunions, bunionettes, and plantar fasciitis on both feet. I just was fitted for some Brooks glycerine tennis shoes… Best $150 ever. Now if I can just find some equally comfortable dress shoes because I’m a teacher and my principal won’t let me wear tennies every day!

      • Shannon says:

        I guess I should note that they are running shoes, not tennis shoes… Sorry, here in Alabama we call almost all “sneakers” tennis shoes!

      • Angie says:

        After suffering from plantar fascitis all summer, I came upon this wonderful website! I tried FLY LONDONS and they are so comfy for bunions and cranky feet.

  7. Jennifer A. Yanuklis says:

    I have bad bunions from skeletal deformities in my feet. I used to wear Born clogs with good success, but in the past few months I can’t even wear them anymore. Does anyone have any recommendations?

  8. N.A says:

    I like all kind of shoes in this website.
    I started to have a bunion on my left leg and my feet is flat plus that i have the pain on my lower part of my back. What kind of shoes i must use? by the way i used to wear a high heel shoes…I like Boots on the winter

  9. Karen Shea says:

    I am so embarrassed to show my huge bunion. I need sandals, not anything else, for summer that are flat, NO incline at all, and that have soft fabric tops that HIDE the bunion and put no pressure on it. I can picture exactly what I need, but cannot find even one pair anywhere on line. I wish I knew how to design shoes for myself.

  10. Maria says:

    Do you have any recommendations for Tailor’s bunions?

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