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Timberland 6-inch Basic Waterproof Boot Review


Pros  Cons 
The boots have a sturdy frame so your foot will not slide around  Boots feel stiff and are uncomfortable to walk in for long periods of time 
Waterproof material works well for mild rain and snow  Weight of the boots are noticeable
Fairly insulated and work well with thicker socks (think wool socks) The boots are not true to size
Waterproof material on these boot are no substitute for a proper winter boot for harsh weather conditions 


Mens Timberland 6″ Waterproof Boot

A boot synonymous with the city, the Timberland 6 inch waterproof boot is one of the most recognized shoe silhouettes. The famous tree logo and boot print may not incite the same excitement among shoe fanatics that it once did, but it is fairly safe to say that it has become a classic shoe within the shoe community. Even though this boot has been around for a long time, it was not until recently that I was able to get my hands on a pair. Now, I should make it clear that I got the men’s 6-inch basic waterproof boot (in the rust colorway) version of this boot and not its premium counterpart.

Mens Timberland 6″ Waterproof Boot

It is important to mention first and foremost that this boot is not true to size. For me, I had to exchange this boot for a half a size down (usually a size 8 but had to exchange for a 7.5). This isn’t a problem unique to Timberland but it’s something to be aware of when buying these boots. 

The first thing I noticed when I picked this boot out of the box is the weight. It is by far the heaviest casual walking boot I have worn. I felt most of the weight of the boot in the heel. This is something I expected from a heavy winter boot, not necessarily from a casual walking boot. Although the weight of the boot didn’t cause me any walking problems, it is something that I had to get used to. 

mens timberland 6" boot

Mens Timberland 6″ waterproof boot

Like I mentioned in the pro/cons section, this boot is stiff. The materials that construct this boot do not have a lot of give. The heel and sole of this boot are hard. Normally when I wear shoes/boots of this nature, it usually means that I feel the ground I’m walking on with each step. This is not the case with this boot. The boot feels very padded. There is a thick layer between you and the ground. The sole and heel are chunky so you won’t feel the ground per say, but you will feel the sturdiness of the boot with each step.

The nubuck material of the boot feels rigid and padded so there is very minimal stretching. Because of this, if this boot does not fit you properly you will notice right away. Make sure you invest the time in finding a pair that fits you correctly. When looking for your correct size, I would suggest trying them on with thicker socks as you will most likely be wearing these boots in cooler weather.  

mens timberland 6" boot

Mens Timberland 6″ waterproof boot

Before I got my hands on the Timberland basic waterproof boots, I was convinced that these boots were purely for esthetic purposes and there wasn’t much function that went along with the coveted boot. After trying the boots on, I realize that this is not entirely the case. 

For the most part, the boots were made to be worn casually. I wouldn’t go wearing these boots in harsh weather conditions such as deep snow or heavy rain. Although it does have waterproofing materials (both on the outside and the inside) and a thick sole for added protection but remember this is not a winter boot. There are other boots that provide much better protection against the elements. That being said, you will get some protection against rain and snow like I mentioned in the pro/cons section. When I got these boots back in November, it was already cold out and winter was well on its way. I’ve had a chance to test these boots out in light rain and snow and so far they have held up just fine. My feet have been warm and dry.

mens timberland 6" boots

Mens Timberland 6″ waterproof boots

With that in mind, I believe these boots are more geared toward fall. They’re great boots to wear when it starts to get cool outside, especially as the sun starts to go down earlier in the day. They’re pretty flexible as far as what you wish to wear them with. I tend to wear them with jeans, fall jackets or maybe a thicker coat but you can wear them with whatever. These boots are not meant for more formal events but that does not mean you cannot look nice in them. Maybe throw on some jeans and a long sleeve tee, or swap with a hoodie/sweater or denim jacket, bomber or work coat. The choice is yours.

The big things that stick out to me about the basic Timberland boot are that they are very sturdy. When you find a size that suits you, your feet won’t slide around. Your ankle won’t buckle back and forth and your toe won’t be sliding around in the toe box. 

Mens Timberland 6″ waterproof boot

Another positive about this boot is that it gives you some protection against the weather. Like I stated earlier, these aren’t a substitute for proper winter boots, but if you are out and it happens to rain or snow you can breathe easier knowing that your feet will be dry and warm. It is also an added bonus that these shoes have decent traction so that in the winter and it is a little icy, you won’t slip and slide a ton when you walk. 

Mens Timberland 6″ waterproof boots

I mentioned the sturdy frame of these boots before. Although it can add an added layer of support, it also makes it uncomfortable to walk in for long periods of time (more than a few hours). There is little give in the sole of these boots. Even though you may not feel the ground you walk on, the sole doesn’t provide the best walking experience. I think this is relative to what you look for in your boots.

The weight of these boots is noticeable. From the moment I picked it up, to the moment I took them off I was aware of what I was wearing. Some boots do a good job of hiding this but I’ve always noticed that there is some weight associated with wearing a casual fall boot. I didn’t have a big problem with the weight of these boots but it was something that I noticed while I was wearing them. 

Mens Timberland 6″ waterproof boot

My overall experience for wearing these boots has been positive. Even though the level of comfort is not particularly up to par for my taste, my joy in wearing these boots comes from expanding my wardrobe. It adds an extra element to what I wear and I think it compliments the way I tend to dress. I think whether you buy this boot is going to depend completely on what you value in your walking experience. You are not going to get the best comfort from these boots (I would try the premium version of these boots which do a much better job of adding some cushion to each step). What you will get from these boots is an average walking experience that looks nice and a staple in your closet. 

The men’s Timberland 6″ basic waterproof boot is available in sizes 6.5-15, medium and wide widths for $130-168 from, and Amazon.

For an interesting view of the difference between the Timberland Basic 6″ boot and the Timberland Premium 6″ boot, check out Rose Anvil’s deconstruction video. The Timberland Premium 6″ boot is available for $198 from, Zappos and Amazon.


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