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Vionic Oh Relief Orthotics : Affordable Support for All Shoes

Vionic Orthotic

Vionic Oh Relief Full Length Orthotic

Do you have a pair of Vionic shoes or sandals that you love? Your devotion to the brand probably has something to do with Vionic’s impressive arch support and overall ability to keep your foot from rolling in or out while keeping the heel stable. Did you know that you can share the Vionic love with all the shoes in your closet? Yes, it’s true. The Vionic Oh Relief is a full length orthotic insole that will turn your do-nothing shoes into comfort beasts ready to tackle long walks, hikes, and 12 hour shifts with ease.

The Vionic Oh Relief isn’t a replacement for your doctor prescribed custom orthotics, but if you’re looking for a budget-friendly insole that will support the arches, cradle the heel and not break the bank (they’re under $35), this is the right pair. Accepted by the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association), the Vionic Oh Relief features biomechanical Tri-Planar Motion control to help stabilize, support and realign the feet back to their natural position while deterring over-pronation. There’s extra cushioning at the forefoot and heel for good shock-absorption.

The Vionic Oh Relief full length orthotic is available in sizes XS-XL (4-13) from Zappos, and Amazon.

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6 Responses to Vionic Oh Relief Orthotics : Affordable Support for All Shoes

  1. Amanda says:

    Hi Kirsten! I’ve enjoyed reading through your blog !!
    I was in a horrible car accident on April 8, 2017 that I Praise God the Father I only have a crushed left foot and broken tibia and a right heel broken in 5 places. All casts come off at the end of June (8weeks post surgery)
    I’m 34 year old wife, mother, and school teacher–who really has a closet full of trendy clothing. With the severity of my foot/leg injuries I’m really searching for shoes that are very stylish and provide the support I’m going to need. The struggle to maintain my high fashion style and implement shoes that will help me, not hurt real! Haha Do you have any suggestions??

    • Kirsten Borrink says:

      HI Amanda,

      Gosh!! I am so sorry to hear of your accident. Yes, thank God your life was spared…but your poor legs and feet 🙁 The first brand that comes to mind is L’Amour des pieds. They aren’t cheap, but one pair will go with many outfits and the fit, support and all-day comfort is amazing…and they’re very trendy. Let me think on this and get back to you with more ideas.

    • Charlotte says:

      Earthies are good.

    • Rosemary says:

      OTBT has some great comfy shoes that are also stylish

  2. Regina Eldred says:

    I am confused. The article is on the vionic insole but the photo and amazon link is to otho heel?

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