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Vionic Sneakers Review: Slip-Ons with Support & Style

Vionic Splendid Midi

Vionic Splendid Midi Perf

This review of the Vionic Splendid Midi Perf is sponsored by Sole Provisions. The opinions are completely my own based on experience. Reviewed by Beth Bengtson.  

Do I want to be stylish? Or comfortable?  It’s the constant see-saw of decision making while shoe shopping.   Thankfully, more and more shoe manufacturers are understanding that many of us want both.  These new Vionic sneakers are a case in point.  You’ve seen this type of sneaker everywhere the past couple of years, thanks in part to the athleisure trend in fashion (which seems to just keep growing.)  But many versions of slip-on sneakers have very little support and/or have a wide, floppy look that can be less than flattering.

Vionic Splendid Midi

Vionic Splendid Midi Perf

Vionic Splendid Midi

Vionic Splendid Midi Perf

The Vionic Splendid Midi Perf is slimmer with a slightly tapered toe, which gives it a more graceful, feminine look than many other slip-on sneakers, and the perforated leather is right on point fashion-wise.  But most importantly, Vionic sneakers have the arch support many similar shoes lack.  If you’ve wanted to try this style but have shied away due to their lack of support, this shoe could be a good pick for you with its firm-but-flexible footbed (which is removable should you need to insert your own orthotic).

I have medium-width feet and was happy to have no noticeable heel slippage – a common problem for me with slip-ons.  Even some narrow-footed online reviewers, who have never been able to wear sneakers without laces, say this one works for them.

The uppers are a soft leather which looks lovely, accommodates my moderate bunions nicely, and feels broken in almost immediately.  Initially I was concerned the back of the shoe might cause issues since it comes up a little higher than other sneakers and rubs the back of my ankle, but the smooth leather is forgiving and and the heel fits so well that I noticed no irritation throughout an entire Saturday of errand-running.

Vionic Midi

Vionic Midi Perf. Photo: Vionic Canada

I’d recommend the Vionic Splendid Midi Perf is for someone with a narrow to medium width foot.  Because of the slim profile and high, close-fitting vamp, it would probably be a better fit for those without an especially high instep or a high volume (“thicker”) foot. Available at Sole Provisions with free shipping and returns. Check out their whole collection of supportive Vionic footwear. If supply is low, the Vionic Splendid Midi Perf can be found at Zappos, Amazon, Nordstrom, and  A non-perforated version is also available.

Sole Provisions started as a brick and mortar comfort shoe store out of Huntington, NY in 1997, but has grown to a well-respected online retailer with excellent customer service. They carry a wide selection of fashionable comfort shoe brands such as Alegria, Taos, Wolky and Dansko. I’ve never seen a better selection of Israeli brand Beautifeel and if you’re into fitness walking or running, you’ll like their Hoka One One collection. offers free priority shipping and free returns as well as “Sole Savers” program where you are awarded points for purchases that can be redeemed on future orders.

Many online reviewers who are big fans of Vionic sandals are happy to see Vionic sneakers.  How about you – have you tried Vionic brand shoes for their arch support?  Or have you tried other slip-on sneakers you’d recommend for their support or other comfort features?  Leave us a comment – we always love hearing from readers!

Vionic Splendid Midi Perf

Vionic Splendid Midi Perf

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8 Responses to Vionic Sneakers Review: Slip-Ons with Support & Style

  1. Jaime says:

    Just got these and I love them. Haven’t worn them yet. Wondering how to keep that white sole nice and clean??
    I have a high arch and need aggressive arch support. Most Vionics work great for me, including these. I didn’t realize I could take out the insole for my own orthotic, so I may try that too. Really enjoy the blog!

    • Beth Bengtson says:

      Hi Jaime, I’ve had great luck using a dampened Mr. Clean Magic Eraser cleaning pad for the white soles on these and other white-soled shoes. Since I have the light gray ones, I also sprayed the uppers with leather protector before wearing to help keep them looking new longer. Hope you enjoy them as much as your other Vionics. We’d love to hear your thoughts once you’ve had a chance to wear them!

      • Kirsten Borrink says:

        I’m glad Beth answered this because my first thought was Soft Scrub that I used to use on my white Reeboks back in the 80s. Whitening options have come a long way, baby.

  2. Me says:

    Finally!! Just placed my order nice to have cute, on trend, supportive shoes!


  3. Chloe says:

    These are super cute, but I’ve never been impressed with the quality of Vionic shoes, so I’d be wary of buying these.

  4. Bette says:

    Vionic shoes feel like they have a tennis ball under my arch. I don’t understand the need for arch support, anyway, and these are way beyond my tolerance level. Extremely uncomfortable!

  5. Renee says:

    Hi can you please tell me if these shows come in wide width

  6. ginny says:

    As a reply to people to say Vionic is nothing special or don’t know why there is a need for arch support. I am shocked. I have to defend Vionic. if it wasn’t for them, I would not have any shoes to wear!! the arch supports my Podiatrist gives don’t fit in any shoe, frustrating, expensive and end up left in an old pair of shoes for me. I have so many issues and could cry every time I am able to wear a shoe!! And it is almost ALWAYS Vionics on my feet. I’m here to see how the fit is of this sneaker & my only reason for being indecisive is it is almost Fall & next years sneaker styles may change. I love Vionic. It has helped my life!

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