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In 1997, Kirsten was a young, married middle school Spanish teacher enjoying life personally and professionally. A sudden diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis changed Kirsten’s life in countless ways. Right off the bat, finding footwear for her painful feet topped the list. As a teacher, she had to find some way to be on her feet throughout the day without being in a constant state of debilitating pain. But as someone with a keen style sense, Kirsten also hoped to avoid orthopedic-looking shoes. Desperate to find attractive shoes that would bring relief, Kirsten hobbled into a local Joyce Selby shoe store and told her story to a salesperson, who introduced her to the comfort brand Dansko. The style she selected was coincidentally called the “Kirsten.” Kirsten wore her namesake clogs every day in the classroom and was thankful she could once again focus on her students, not on her feet.

After adopting her second child, Kirsten decided to leave teaching and stay at home with her boys. But teachers never lose their love for sharing knowledge with others, so in 2007, Kirsten started Barking Dog Shoes with the purpose using what she had learned from her own experience to help other women find comfortable yet stylish footwear for their problem feet (“barking dogs.”)

Barking Dog Shoes reviews and recommends the best footwear for people with various foot issues (as well as for women with average feet for whom comfort is a high priority). People with bunions, plantar fasciitis, overpronation, flat feet, Morton’s neuroma, and a host of other foot problems have found comfortable and attractive shoes thanks to the thousands of recommendations Barking Dog Shoes has provided over the past 10 years. Barking Dog Shoes is always on the lookout for new styles and brands to keep readers looking and feeling their best.

Kirsten does her best to read and return emails sent to For further assistance, join the Barking Dog Shoes Facebook community where members help one another with foot and shoe-related questions.

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  1. admin says:


    What do you think of these? They get good grades for comfort and come in W and WW. You could add some metatarsal cushions.

  2. Susan L Whiting says:

    I found the Walking Store’s Abeo to be my favorite for a wearable wedding/dress up shoe

  3. Susan L Whiting says:

    The Abeo style is Georgia

  4. Melody says:

    I had bunions removed on both feet in December, and a claw toe repair as well as removal of a morton’s neuroma on my left foot. Mid May I was finally able to be rid of the post-op shoe on the left (right one feels pretty good). I bought skechers go walk, and a slip on pair from easy spirit, and they have been decent, but it’s summer now and I need a pair of sandals – probably two pairs, one for work/dress casual and one for playing with my kids and shopping. My feet and left ankle still swells quite often, so nothing too confining, but still supportive. Most sandals I’m finding in the stores, the few I’ve been to, are still too narrow – almost all that I’ve been to do not carry wide widths in the store. Please help!!

  5. Vicki Hollander says:

    I’m clergy and when officiating at funerals, one part is in a chapel and one part is at the cemetery.
    For the chapel I wear nice shoes with support.
    The cemetery if dry it’s extremely dusty and destroys nice shoes, and when wet, muddy.
    I’ve bunions, hammertoes, and planter fasc so Alegria seems to help with the painful underfoot problem which is huge.

    Are there any shoes that can withstand better dirt, dust, wet and still offer support and can be worn with a skirt. (I don’t care if I look dowdy,I just don’t want my feet to hurt and shoes to get wrecked!
    Thank you!!

  6. Valerie says:

    Hi Kirstin,
    I need to thank you for creating such a valuable resource. For the past few years, I have had so much pain with my feet and found your blog to be so helpful. After several years of pain and podiatrist visits, I was diagnosed with RA two months ago. With a four year-old and a job in youth development, I am not willing to throw a scrap of a towel. Rigid sole shoes have been a huge help. In the past few months, I’ve collected Naot’s, Fly London’s, Hoko One One’s. It’s still trial and error for my ever changing feet, but the shoes do make a noticeable difference.
    – Val

  7. Judith Elliott says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for this site. I was diagnosed with RA in April 2014 and am diabetic. Sometimes I just cry because I love shoes. You have made me feel a lot better by showing me that there are still beautiful, unique shoes that I can wear and still take care of my feet. What do you think of AGL ballet flats and Beautifeel? If you have already discussed these brands, I apologize for being redundant.

  8. Lita says:

    Looking for guidance. I am needing some shoes for an upcoming trip to Turkey (lots of walking), not necessarily looking for athletic shoes, as I know I will be wearing shorts, jeans, skirts, capris (and of course, still want to look cute) — and I am limited on how many pairs I can bring. It will be warm as we are travelling in September.

    My main issue is my achilles tendon and have tried all kinds of shoes, but still gives me pain. I also have issues with the ball of my foot (metatarsal pain), but it seems like that shoes that are good for one issue are not good for other. I have custom orthotics, but of course, the don’t work in the sandals.

    The danksos, romikas, arriat, BOC sandals (about a 1.5-2 inch heal)actually feel better on my tendon, but are bad for the ball of my foot — but just about everything hurts on the tendon. Suggestions are greatly appreciated.

  9. Deborah Dessaso says:

    Just located this website. This collection is OK, but I’m still looking for that provides a wide selection of shoes and boots in size 11.5-12 narrow with a removable orthotic.

  10. Sarah says:

    Hi Anne!

    I stumbled across your site while looking for cute shoes that can accomadate orthotics. I was recently diagnosed with avascular necrosis of my third metatarsal head, and am being fit for custom orthotics on Monday. As far as I know I should be able to wear these with any shoe that has a removeable foot bed, right? The only problem is, is that I basically live in very flat, probably very unsuportive, ballet flats and dont have any shoes (other than running shoes) that have a removeable footbed. Any help or guidance you can give me would be great! Love your site!

  11. Sue Hayden says:

    Thanks for this helpful website! My husband & I are going to Paris & London next month for our first time ever out of the country. I am 63 and have had RA for 5 years. I had foot surgery in late June to straighten a claw toe. That was successful but still tender and swelling. I need walking shoes (not athletic shoes) and tall boots. Any advice will be greatly appreciated 🙂

  12. Cara says:


    I ran across your blog while searching for shoes that would fit my orthotics, but wouldn’t look like those typical Velcro orthopedic shoes for senior citizens. I am 24 years old, but was diagnosed with numerous foot problems at a very early age – I was only 4 years old. Since then, I have had countless custom orthotics to help my pronation and lack of arches, I developed bunions at the age of 9 and had a double bunionectomy at the age of 18. Recently, I’ve been experiencing more and more knee, leg, and foot pain because I have not had the money for proper shoes nor could I find any decent-looking, supportive shoes. If I don’t do something soon, I will have to have another double bunionectomy in a few years, and that pain was far too much to bear. I know I won’t be able to do it again. I am so happy I found your blog because now I can start taking care of my feet and hopefully prevent another surgery.

    Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

  13. Meg says:

    Hello! So glad I came across your site! I have been dealing with intense foot pain for 2 years with no relief. I have pain on the ball, arch and tops of my feet and have been going in circles with doctors for 2 years looking for an answer. My latest podiatrist diagnosed me with plantar fasciitis even though I have no heel pain so now they are thinking of sending back to a rheumatologist which is where I started 2 years ago, argh. Anyway I am hoping I can get some shoe suggestions. I have my newly made custom orthotics and cannot find any comfortable shoe that fits them without my feet hurting worse. I’ve tried new balance (doc said heel too narrow), go walks (painful, no support) and easy spirits and no luck with any. My foot is naturally wide width even before my issues and I do have occasional swelling. I’m looking for some cute, casual gym shoes and maybe a dressier low boot type to wear to work. Nothing with a high heel, etc. I live in the Chicago suburbs so needs to be winter friendly. Any recommendations would be appreciated!!

  14. Kirsten says:

    Hi Meg,

    Use the search feature on my site and enter “orthotic-friendly” and “accommodates orthotics.” That might give you some ideas initially. I’m in west suburbs and often go to The Walking Company to try on new styles. I’d also recommend Miroballi shoes in Wheaton.

  15. Sheila Felix says:

    Hi Kirsten,

    I have wide thick feet and if that’s not bad enough I now at the age of 60 have Osteo in my big toes and in particular at the big joint which is usually swollen. Rolling off my foot is becoming a big problem shoes that tighten in this area make it too much to bear. Recently I began getting pain in my other toes so now the problem is compounding.
    Can you please help me to find the right shoes?
    I am a young 60 year old and don’t want to look like a troll as I am also short.


  16. Kirsten says:

    Sheila–have you heard of Alegria shoes? They have a wide toe box, excellent arch support and a rocker sole–which you definitely need if you have pain in your big toe (I’m presuming it’s hallux limitus or hallux rigidus). The rocker sole rocks your foot through the stride taking pressure off heel and forefoot. Alegria has some cute styles and they run wide. Here’s a link to their collection on Zappos:

  17. Kirsten says:

    Another good shoe is the Clark’s Wave slip-on–wide toe box, comes in wide widths, rocker sole and very cushioned:

  18. Candace says:

    This website is wonderful!

    I wear a uniform for my work/church that has very specific guidelines for footwear. I have wide and flat feet and wear orthotics and sneakers usually. For my uniform I need a black leather shoe with a 1 to 1 1/2 inch heel with no decorative buckles or stitching. Can anyone think of any shoe/brand suggestions for such specific requirements?

    Thank you!

  19. Daniel says:

    Hi Kristen,

    Sorry to hear about the pain in your feet. I actually have a shoe that may fit what you’re looking for. It’s by Gravity Defyer – maybe you have heard of them? Basically they have a hidden heel compartment with springs to help absorb shock and reduce impact. I provided a link below for you to take a look and I’d love to send you a pair for you to review.

    If you’re interested, please contact me via email.

    Shoes for heel pain

  20. Susan Dearborn says:

    I am getting a bunion and have switched to Altra running shoes and am currently wearing Vivobarefoot Gobi 2 in suede blue for EVERY day. I look a little silly in these shoes and a dress so have been super limited this winter for clothes. Do you have any recomendations for shoes that might work. I love the big toe box and flexibility of the Vivos but I am a 44 or size 12 womans shoe and cannot find a girly kind big enough!

    Help please,


  21. Kirsten says:

    I’d highly recommend Arcopedico shoes. The uppers are made of super soft leathers, so won’t irritate bunion and I believe they are available in 43 but the size equivalent at Zappos says 12-12.5. They’re flexible but have moderate arch support. How about this style by Clark’s? It’s sorta funky, but gets good reviews for comfort from customers with bunions:

  22. Daniel says:

    Hi Sue,

    Some shoes that might be good are the Drew Shoes Tulip as they are link to external site. In fact they’re recommended by Drew Shoes to accommodate people bunions.

  23. Madi says:

    Hi Kristen,
    Here is a new one for you…. I broke both of my feet, within 2 years of each other from wearing Fitflops. In each instance, my foot rolled to the side when I stepped laterally. I have never fallen or broken anything in my life until I started wearing Fitflops. I have 8 pairs of them and loved how they felt on my feet. Those were the shoes I packed when I traveled because I could walk far distances without any fatigue. I am now one week out of the boot/cast and will need 8 weeks of PT. I do not want to wear only sneakers. I am looking for suggestions for really comfortable, secure, stylish,and well padded sandals and loafer type shoes. That is a tall order, I know. I am thinking that I need something that will hold my ankle and heel secure. I have had bouts with plantar fascitis, but it is well under control by wearing a shoe with a slightly raised heel. Have you heard of any problems with Fitflops?I am planning to write to the company to alert them to this potential problem. Any suggestions would be welcomed.

  24. Michelle says:


    Would love to hear FitFlops response to your experience. The idea behind FitFlop is to engage the ankle by providing a somewhat unstable surface. I personally am not a fan of shoe styles like this (i.e. rocker bottoms). I think they were made for younger people because as age becomes relevant, our bones, joints and muscles get weaker. I think the proper way to strengthen is through strength training

  25. Julie Lomtez says:

    Hello Kirsten!

    I have enjoyed your blog! I have been looking for shoes for bunions for my mother and your site has a lot of info. Keep it up.

  26. Patricia says:

    Just found your site! Wondering if you have a section for narrow feet, hammertoes, high arches? I don’t have the heel pain typical with PF, but I have struggled with arch pain my entire life. Used to take a quad A dress shoe, and while my feet have changed a bit with babies, I still have a very narrow heel. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer

  27. Kim says:

    Great site. Very impressed with all the info. Im going to NYC May 5 with my hubby on our first kid free trip. So excited! Need comfy shoes to walk in morning til night, yet that I can still wear skirts and dresses in. Flats and wedges are my thing these days – I’ve donated all heals. Wide front, narrow heel. I’ve been shopping for 2 months and still have found nothing. Only 3 weeks before I leave. Any advice would be incredibly appreciated.

  28. Suze says:

    Hi, I’m looking for something that possibly doesn’t exist. By the end of last summer, my foot was killing me, and I finally took it to the doctor. It was diagnosed with Hallux Rigidus. I’ve swapped out my dress shoes over the winter for those with strong arch support, roomy toe boxes. When the weather gets warm, I like to get pedicures and usually switch to peep toe shoes that are flat or with a slight heel for work. (I’m 5’11”, so I don’t like much heel.) I can’t wear any of these shoes anymore because they have no arch support, and some rub across the top of my big toe joint. I’ve looked around a bit, but can’t seem to find what I’m looking for. Dressy-ish, low-heeled to flat, open- or peep- toe shoes/sandals. Do you have any ideas? Thank you!

  29. Kirsten says:

    Suze–that’s a tall order, but I’ll get back to you after a search!

  30. Melody says:

    Hi there I don’t think I saw a response to my post – it’s a year later and I’m still having trouble finding comfortable shoes. Even after having surgery to move bunions on both of my feet my feet are still very wide. I didn’t have to wear white before my surgery but I do now.

  31. Suze says:

    “Tall” order! i see what you did there. 🙂

    Sandals are Ok, but I’m usually trying to cover up a side bunion on the other foot. Platform sandals might be OK if the heel height isn’t much higher than the toes which isn’t more than 1/2″.


  32. Deloris Glenn says:

    I thought I was all alone with not being able to find shoes because of foot issues…bunions and quad heels nod ball of foot. I spend all my time buying shoes (all the clerks know me in the shoe dept.) bringing them home and wearing them on my carpet. Then I find something is rubbing/burning somewhere else, then I return them and start the procedure all over again. It is very tiring. I have $155.00 credit at one shoe store as they do not give your money back. So I guess they are $155. to the good as they can’t fit me.

    It was so good to find your blog! I have picked up some names from it. One of which was Born. I have had a pair, but they changed their look and they almost look like Brogs, Really I don’t care anymore, l just need some shoes that fit, don’t hurt and will carry me in and out of places.

    Is this an age thing with the feet? My bunions don’t hurt it’s mainly the ball of the feet. One last thing, I can’t buy clothes because of no shoes. HELP! Deloris

  33. lynn sherman says:

    Hi Kirsten,

    I hope you can give me some ideas for a brand of shoes for my hard to fit feet. I have a very narrow heel, a medium forefoot and am flat footed. I’m looking for sandals since I live in Florida and it seems that only Birkinstocks have worked for me. I’d Iike to have different styles in a different company. Can you advise?

  34. Carol Bryant says:

    Hi, Kirsten. Plenty of us aged 50+ have knee arthritis. I haven’t seen the topic of shoes that relieve this problem covered in your blog, and I have a couple of suggestions. Two brands of shoes that have very flexible soles and mimic barefoot walking, taking pressure off the knees, are Abeo Lite by The Walking Company and Flex-OA by Dr. Comfort.

    My knee pain when taking walks and after walking has really decreased when wearing these shoes, compared to New Balance shoes which have stiffer soles. I used to have to ice my knees after walks, but not since I switched to these brands.

    Abeo Lite comes in some attractive sporty lace-up styles, and right now some are on sale. They also have more businesslike styles with a Velcro tab closure, also on sale. The Walking Company also sells an orthotic which I wear instead of the insoles that the shoes come with. I wear these shoes with walking socks, either dress length or barely-there length for warm weather.

    Dr. Comfort lace-up shoes were developed by a rheumatologist at Rush University. They come in four styles, two sporty and two dressier. Not as attractive as Abeo Lite, but good basic shoes.

  35. Kirsten says:

    Great suggestions, Carol. I thank you for taking the time to add your thought to my blog! I’ll keep your recommendations and do some more research for a post about shoes that relieve knee pain.

  36. Jennifer says:

    I am going back to work after two years of recovery from being hit by a car. Unfortunately, the injuries are permanent. I have a non union in my left leg and osteoarthritis in my ankle. I do not want to have an ankle fusion, which is the option they gave me, or wear my ankle brace, which looks like a Doc Martin but has to go inside of another shoe.

    So, I am not sure what to wear to work. I bought tons of Naots but they don’t totally correct the problem. I finally gave in and wore tennis shoes on a camping trip, and I could . . . walk. Which was pretty great. But, I don’t think that is going to cut it at a new job.

    Any ideas?

  37. Claudia Torres says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!! I was just diagnosed with RA this year and I have gone through so much emotional pain due to the loss of all that I knew when it came to shoes. They were my one and only addiction and now I have a closet full of useless shoes and using flip flops until i can get this disease under control! Thank you so much for your website, it has given me HOPE that I can use comfortable, safe and CUTE SHOES AGAIN!

  38. Kirsten says:

    You are welcome! Thank you for the kind words and I’m so sorry about your RA diagnosis.

  39. Melanie says:

    Hi Kirsten,
    I’ve been looking for pump for a while and it seems that I have some trouble ahah. Very high arch, wide feet at the front, narrow heel, I just don’t know where to look and since I’m in Canada in a not-so-good-place-to-shop part I don’t want to return 50 pair of shoes. Anything you can suggest for my super feet? 🙂

  40. paper says:

    Thank you for your blog. I’ve been having a lot of joint pain recently (probably RA, based on family history and testing, but haven’t confirmed) and I just bought Alegria Nanook boots after seeing the brand on your blog. They’re incredibly comfortable! I’m not a stranger to comfortable shoes (I’ve got a pair of Naots that are on their last legs) but I’ve long had trouble with boots, and my toe pain is worst in winter. I’ve not heard of Alegria outside of your blog, so I’m glad you wrote about them! I look forward to future posts.

  41. Drkstr says:

    I have narrow feet that are getting wider because of age, and a bunion on one foot. I am on my feet for many hours in food prep/bakery. i need comfort and support as i have very high arches, i have been looking at the Danskos but am afraid that they dont have enough Koosh although they do have a nice acrch support. Can you suggest some shoes that would have both great support, ergo higher arches, and the needed wider toe box for the bunion and also the koosh that seems to be lacking in the Danskos? My feet are killing me! my employer does not provide any type of heavy use mats or anything for their painfully concreeted tiled floors. Help!

  42. Vicki Hollander says:

    Me too Drkstr,
    I’m looking forward to a reply to your questions…

    I found the Danskos weren’t soft enough…
    I’ve tried Alegra but only their sandals work for me the closed toe shoes are not wide enough for my bunions…
    And soft-bed Birkenstocks so far are the only ones I’ve found so far…
    UGG don’t have enough support…

  43. Vicki Hollander says:

    Me too Drkstr,
    I’m looking forward to a reply to your questions…

    I found the Danskos weren’t soft enough…
    I’ve tried Alegra but only their sandals work for me the closed toe shoes are not wide enough for my bunions…
    And soft-bed Birkenstocks so far are the only ones I’ve found so far…
    UGG don’t have enough support…
    New Balance running shoes are the best but not stylish.. but comfortable

  44. Drkstr says:

    I like the Koosh of the New Balance but find the toe box to narrow, and don’t give me enough arch support. i have such a horribly high arch. It has to be my fathers fault. LOL

  45. Joanna Thomas says:

    Thankyou so much for sharing all your shoe research. It is such a help to me. I am 48 with Morton’s Neuroma, arthritis in my big toe joints and I’m hyper-mobile. As I teach all day, I have to look smart so finding shoes is always a nightmare for me. This blog is so, so helpful!

  46. Mandy says:

    Hi, I love your site & find it helpful. I have Morton’s Neuroma & a tailor bunion. I also have hyper mobility in my joints. I’m a runner & have to be careful about what shoes I wear. I just got some custom orthotics for running but my chiropractor says inshore wear them as much as possible. I wear Kalso Earth Solar Mary Janes but the insole is not removable. Have you ever heard of someone wearing orthotics in them (I guess I would pry their insole out first)? ThanksM

  47. Mandy says:

    Hi, I love your site & find it helpful. I have Morton’s Neuroma & a tailor bunion. I also have hyper mobility in my joints. I’m a runner & have to be careful about what shoes I wear. I just got some custom orthotics for running but my chiropractor says I should wear them as much as possible. I wear Kalso Earth Solar Mary Janes but the insole is not removable. Have you ever heard of someone wearing orthotics in them (I guess I would pry their insole out first)? Thanks.

  48. Andrea Pflaumer says:

    Kirsten – one more try. I’m organizing a Skype video summit for older women and would absolutely love to have you as one of my guests. (There will be 21.) Please email me so that I may send you the details.

  49. Emily says:

    Hi! I’m looking for a pair of winter boots that are comfortable, flat (i.e. no heels), and will keep my feet nice and warm… but that look appropriate in the office. Boots that can go from standing outside waiting for the bus right into a meeting. Nothing fancy per se, but something that looks appropriate with slacks as opposed to jeans. Any suggestions? My feet get and stay cold in the winter so warmth is the key. I have a wide forefoot, but otherwise no issues. Thanks!

  50. Kirsten says:

    I’d recommend the Merrell Captive Buckle boot. It’s waterproof, seam-sealed, comfortable and most reviewers say its warm too. Looks nice too :

  51. Emily says:

    Thanks! I’ll check those out 🙂

  52. Christie says:

    Hi-just found this site-great info. I’m a 20 yr veteran OR nurse. Being on my feet 10-12 hours a day, often on wet floors carrying heavy equipment, the “go-to” shoe among my peers is Dansko Pro Clog, which I’ve always worn.
    I’m now dealing with hallux limitus & hip pain & I have almost completely flat feet with a pronated gait. I’ll probably have a cheilectomy this year, but I need a new pair of shoes now! (My current Danskos are held together with duct tape!)

    In your opinion, is Dansko even the right choice for me? Also considering Keen, Jambu & others.

    (My specialty is orthopedics & podiatry coincidentally, & my docs all have mixed opinions!!!) thanks for any advice!

  53. Kirsten says:

    I like Dansko for hallux limitus–the PRO XP styles have cushioned footbeds that are removable. I also like the Naot Shell (like the Sea style) collection –all have rocker soles. How about Alegria footwear? Have you tried those? Great for flat pronating feet.

  54. Katherine says:

    This a late comment, but as I’m on the long road to recovery from bilateral Achilles tendinitis (medication side effect), I have found Naot Treasure sandal to be the best walking platform for me. I know a sandal isn’t always appropriate, but I wear this shoe very often, even in the house. Hope this helps.

  55. Susan says:

    I love that when I search for shoes with good arch support your blog comes up. Is that google knowing our zip codes are the same or close (I’ve seen you post in a local mom’s group) or are you that big!? Hope the latter. My deal is that I have an auto-immune disease which at this point is guessed to be palindromic rhuematoid (so I have no damage yet by flares, but will likely develop full blown rhueumatoid some day, as my mom has). Currently, I need a high arch and did well with Abeo sandals from the walking company with a metatarsal support. Can’t find a winter shoe from them that works so I just wear keens. My question is which snow boot you’d wear to go sledding with your kiddos?! Or which you’d suggest I look at. I don’t need a fashion boot as I’m a stay-at-home-mom. There’s that big park with the sledding hill in our town and I want to get out there with my kids! I just stumbled on your post about snow boots, but I’m wondering what would be best for outdoor play and walking to and from the bus stop.
    Thanks so much! Susan

  56. Kirsten says:

    Hi Susan! My husband who runs my SEO will be happy that you stumbled upon my blog through a google search. He works hard to get my blog up on those first few pages of search results. I think I know exactly what park you’re talking about! I’m so sorry to hear about your palindromic ra–I’ve never heard of that, but any kind just plain sucks. I’ve been doing so well for so long now (after a horrible time in my 20s), but recently my hips have been hurting…ugh. Anyway, a snow boot that would provide good support like ABEO, let me think…ok. I think the Columbia Minx Mid would work well for you. You can take out the insole and put a more supportive one in–although reviews state the insole provides good arch support. The price is a bit better than Sorel and the boot can handle the cold, ice and even rain. or find deals at amazo n

  57. Harry Reynolds says:

    Thanks for this helpful website! My husband & I are going to Paris & London next month for our first time ever out of the country. I am 63 and have had RA for 5 years. I had foot surgery in late June to straighten a claw toe. That was successful but still tender and swelling

  58. Sara says:

    Loving this website! Thank you so much! I have issues with very wide feet, especially in the toe box. I am developing a bunion and have mortons neuroma and chronic ingrown toenails from improper fitting shoes.I am very eager to get shoes that fit properly, but am very very very strapped financially. What are the most inexpensive shoes you would recommend? There’s no way I could come up with $100+ at this point….thanks so much for your help.

  59. Melisa says:

    What type or barnd of shoe should I buy for an Osteoarthritic knee, thats almost bone on bone? I had knee surgery last Sept. I had a torn Ligament, my Patella had slipped over my knee cap, & they found I had OA & I’m almost bone on bone. I am 58 yrs old, they will not give me a new knee for at least 10 yrs..said Im too young, & I can barely make it thru one store..I bought New Balance, makes it hurt worse..I bought cheap 5.00 canvas flats, hurt in my house it hurts wayyyy less..Please help suggest a shoe…What about Dr. Comfort for OA???

  60. Melisa says:

    What type or brand of shoe should I buy for an Osteoarthritic knee, thats almost bone on bone? I had knee surgery last Sept. I had a torn Ligament, my Patella had slipped over my knee cap, & they found I had OA & I’m almost bone on bone. I am 58 yrs old, they will not give me a new knee for at least 10 yrs..said Im too young, & I can barely make it thru one store..I bought New Balance, makes it hurt worse..I bought cheap 5.00 canvas flats, hurt in my house it hurts wayyyy less..Please help suggest a shoe…What about Dr. Comfort for OA???

  61. JJ says:

    Surprised you don’t mention Fly Flot, available at Amazon.

  62. Lisa says:

    What would you recommend for a sturdy soled walking shoe (preferably breathable, if not open-toed)? Hubby & I have a trip to Greece at the end of 8 weeks of healing after a broken toe. I also have knee pain, but don’t know if there’s a shoe for both the support of the toes and the flexibility for the knees?!?

  63. Linda says:

    Hi Kristen,

    I need dress sandals/shoes for my sons wedding in October. Plus I would also like to have a good walking sneaker now.
    The problem I have is that I have arthritis in the joints of my big toes and bending the toe joint is very painful when I step forward.
    Do you have any advice that you can give for the wedding shoe that would be stylish, yet comfortable. I was looking for silver sandals/shoes for the wedding.

    Plus a good pair of walking sneakers that do not look like they are orthotic shoes!


  64. JWG says:

    I was born with club feet and had surgery to correct as a baby…the result is I’m fully able as far as walking/running/sports etc, but have super high arches and *very* wide feet across the front (my running shoes are men’s size 7 4E, and for regular shoes I can usually get away with women’s 7.5 EE, though many times they really aren’t wide enough). I hate that most shoe brands discount anyone with truly wide feet as too old or too overweight to possibly wear something on trend (and I am neither of these).

    This is a nice resource but would love to see a section specifically for those of us with *extremely* wide feet who are otherwise able to wear heels, platforms, wedges whatever, if only it we could fit our feet into them! The multiple widths section seems overrun by posts about only moderately wide or even narrow feet. I have no concept of what “too wide” even means, and whenever I look for shoes notice everything is available in A and AA, but the widest things *might* get is a C, which is barely wide at all. (and let’s be honest, if something is a tiny bit “too wide”, your foot still fits in the shoe. Not so if it’s too narrow).

    Perhaps just venting, but more resources – and shoes! – for extra wide feet please!

  65. Amy says:

    I have a narrow to medium width foot, with a flat arch on one foot due to a tendon injury. One of the only shoes I can wear comfortably is the Munro Pisces sandal. The foot bed is padded, but the arch is still firm, due to the cork underneath. Do you have any suggestions of other shoes I might try?

  66. Sue says:

    I have scleroderma and have various issues with my feet. The fat pads on the balls of my feet are gone so I have no natural padding. Also, my toes are fused bent so I need ample room in the toe area. I’m looking for any suggestions for all types of shoes (walking, dress up, casual etc) with ample cushion. Any help would be great.

  67. Jolie A Roy says:

    Hi Kirsten,

    I just had surgery for bunions and hammertoes – once I’m able to wear shoes again, the doctor has recommended my Altra walking sneakers. While the Altras are great, I would rather wear a shoe (or slipper) that’s very soft and comfortable and would go with jeans, pants, skirts and dresses.

    Have you ever addressed this with your fans? I’m going to do some investigation on my own, but since I’ve gotten a plethora of info from your site that’s helped when I needed it, it may help you, too.


  68. Anuj Agarwal says:

    Hi Kirsten,

    My name is Anuj Agarwal. I’m Founder of Feedspot.

    I would like to personally congratulate you as your blog Barking Dog Shoes has been selected by our panelist as one of the Top 75 Shoe Blogs on the web.

    I personally give you a high-five and want to thank you for your contribution to this world. This is the most comprehensive list of Top 75 Shoe Blogs on the internet and I’m honored to have you as part of this!

    Also, you have the honor of displaying the badge on your blog.


  69. Lisa Schmitz says:

    Hi Melody! I see this post is a couple of years old, but I wanted to suggest you trying Walking Cradles shoes:
    We have many customers with wide feet and bunions who are thrilled to find shoes that fit and feel great. I hope you give us a try!

  70. Jenny F. says:

    Hi Kirsten,
    I recently had an injury to my foot as a dancer (gave myself Turf Toe). As I’ve been recovering my doctor recommended really stiff soles as I transition from the boot, and shoes with a slight rocker to them (essentially similar to your recommendations for Hallux Limitus and Hallux Rigidus). I have found your blog very helpful in looking for shoes for this point in my recovery as well as shoes to protect my feet more in the future.
    I wanted to share with you a few shoes I recently found that your readers might also find helpful. I HATE the mary jane look that many healthy feet shoes have and am happy to have found some alternatives that don’t break the bank.
    First is the B.O.C. Anne sandal, second is the Kork Ease Janine and the Kork Ease Myrna, and 3rd is the Rantt oxford from Steve Madden. All are available at DSW and all but the Myrna are under $100! I’ll see if I can edit to add links later.
    Thanks again for all your hard work on this blog!

  71. Kirsten Borrink says:

    Hi Jenny, I’m sorry to hear about your painful toe, but am so thankful for your recommendations. I’ll see if I can link to the shoes within your comment to help other readers.

  72. jackie says:

    are any of these minimalist? I find with more arch support, I actually hurt worse. I have a neuroma left foot. Some posterior tibial tendonitis and a corrected bunion on the right. I’m looking for zero heel drop and shoes wide enough to handle the correct toes toe separator. Seems I do best that way, the naturalist way.

  73. Kirsten Borrink says:

    Hi Jenny, I just realized I never thanked you for posting this great information about shoes that have helped you with hallux limitus! Very stylish suggestions!

  74. Ann says:

    I just found your site today. How do I order shoes that you show?

  75. Kirsten Borrink says:

    We link to sites online that sell the shoes we review and feature. However, if you see a shoe you love on our site, try googling the brand to see if they have a website and store locator so you can find shoes locally. Our favorites online retailers are Zappos, Amazon and Nordstrom because of their free shipping, free returns policies.

  76. Anna says:

    Love your blog and need help: I’m moving from Florida to Spain and will be living in a city. I need a shoe that I can wear with socks during the colder months. I’m not big on boots because the heels are usually too high. I also have thin ankles and bunions. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  77. Beth says:

    Any ideas for 2017 boots – particularly the ankle boots – that do not have a heel and would allow the individual help with hallus limitus and severe pronation and a metatarsal that is painful a lot? The Vionic sandles have been superb for summer – no pain. But I’m having difficulty finding the right ankle boots that don’t have a heel more than 1″.


  78. Kirsten Borrink says:

    Hi Beth,

    What about the Vionic Logan bootie? So far, reviews are coming in 5 star for comfort and support? And it’s pretty cute too. The heel is one-inch.

  79. Remme says:

    Hi, can you recommend a low hiking style shoe that would have great arch support? I have extremely high arches. And I need a shoe that has a little heavier upper than just mesh so I can use it as a winter walking shoe when it’s cold and wet out. I can’t see to find one that has that arch support….or that will fit an insert. Would appreciate any recommendations you may have. Thanks.

  80. Kirsten Borrink says:

    I’d recommend Oboz hiking boots. Definitely sturdy and waterproof, and it has good arch support (and room for insert).

  81. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Kristen!
    Off the top of your head, any suggestions for shoes that look good with scrubs? narrow, low volume foot prone to wetness! Also, how can I find cute shoes that are quiet on hard surfaces? Walking halls of hospitals requires quiet soles- not sure how to google. Thanks!!

  82. Mary Jean Janssen says:

    I am so happy to have found your site. I have an unusual problem with my feet. I over supintate! The ortho MD had me get custom full length orthotics to get me back to neutral but there is also a great deal of arthritis in the ankle joint so they had to actually drop my big toe down a bit, thus my orthotic has about an extra 3/8″heel. I typically wear a 6.5 but now I am needing to order a 6.5W to get the orthotic to slide in. My biggest problem is finding enough depth to accommodate the orthotic so i don’t “piston” out of the shoe when I walk. So far I have found New Balance 626 to work for a tennis shoe and SAS Walk Easy for a work shoe. I would really like to find a more stylish work shoe that doesn’t appear like my “grandma’s. Any suggestions? Typically I need a tie shoe because it opens up wider than a slip on, but I would take either. I have ordered so many different brands and styles from Zappos, only to return them all, that I am afraid they may drop me as a customer because all I do is order and rarely keep.

  83. Judy Gillette says:

    I have bunions and hammer toe! What kind of sandals and ballet shoes do you recommend?

  84. Eva says:

    I Kirsten. I noticed you don’t have bunionettes, aka “tailor’s bunion,” under the conditions portion of your site. This is a common enough issue that it should be included. These are usually painless, genetic deformities that do grow larger over time with pressure, but even kids have them. It’s so difficult to find stylish yet trendy/ not matronly shoes for women of all ages who have this problem in particular.

  85. Shena says:

    Hi Kirsten!

    I wanted to share some information about orthotics which might be helpful. I have two kinds: The first is a regular, full-length orthodic that I wear with running shoes. The second, though, is only two-thirds in length and is worn *over* a shoe’s own innersole. You may have to go up a size, but this really opens up the shoes you can wear as you don’t need shoes with removable innersoles. Just wanted to share this tip as I don’t know if it’s been mentioned in your blog.

    Thanks for your blog! It’s wonderful!

  86. Michelle says:

    Hi Kirsten
    I’m having difficulty finding a shoe brand that offers an APMA accepted/approved US women’s 10 wide. I have plantar fasciitis and I need a sandal for work that is more than just a decorated flip flop. I also need a sandal with a toe post/ring, as I can’t wear a slide. The widest part of my foot is at the base of my toes and my feet just plow on thru without something to stop them. I tried the Vionic Amber, it was very comfortable but the Velcro ankle strap was difficult for me to manage with my mobility issues. Any suggestions??? I’ll be buying shoes later this fall so a list of vendors that offer APMA women’s 10 wide would be most beneficial. Does such a list exist?

  87. Donna Tobin says:

    Hi Kirsten,
    I’ve been a fan of your website for years and have recommended it to many people. Thank you for this website it’s been a great help!
    Thank you for this website it’s been a great help!
    I would like to send you some fan mail and a story how we have healed my husbands arthritis, in hopes that it would benefit your arthritis. Do you have a mailing address where I could send it?

  88. Debra says:

    I have rheumatoid arthritis so bad that the only comfort I get in my feet is not wearing shoes at all. I would live to see you design a slide similar to your Alegria shoes with a soft rubber sole and a light cotton upper. The light weight of the shoe and coolness allowed by the breathable cotton material would be a heavenly shoe for me. Please consider.

  89. Ellen says:

    Hi Kirsten-

    Thanks for your great/fun site. I’m having major issues with extensor tendinitis which require a walking boot, etc.. I am wondering, however, if there are any shoes which will not exacerbate the problem as many seem to. If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them. Thanks again for the site.


  90. Nancy Stewart says:

    I bought a pair of Altra shoes in the Spring. I don’t remember the style, but I love them. None of the stores in my area that carry the Altra’s Had the style I was interested in. So, I had to resort to mail order.

    The first style I tried had a weird fabric on the top of the toe box that didn’t “give” and were too narrow for my feet. I returned them. The next style I chose I knew had a mesh fabric over the toe box. I also switched to a men’s shoe for the width. I usually wear a 10 in men’s shoes, but these were too short. Back they went and I ordered a size larger. Again too small and returned. I then called the Altra Customer Service for help in sizing. The woman I spoke with said that every increase in half a size is 1 cm. She suggested I order size 13 in men’s. They came and were perfect.

    Unfortunately I haven’t worn them a lot yet because summer and hot, hot weather arrived. I, too, am a walker because of multiple joint problems and weird feet. My other go to shoe are Keens.

  91. Beth Richards says:

    Not sure if you have this in archives but I have found your site helpful so I am asking for suggestions for footwear for trip to Europe. Walking cobblestone streets, historic areas and climbing lots of steps. I have or have had morton’s neuroma, plantar fascitis, and mallet toes, and bunyuns in my life. So good shoes are essential for my trip. I have time to break them in. Thanks for any guidance

  92. Aly Farmer says:

    Hi, do you have a uk office, or do you ship to Spain please?
    Thank you.

    Aly Farmer

  93. Laurie says:

    Thank you so much for your service to the feet of the world! After reviewing all of your reviews in the “heels” and “dress shoes” sections, I found some new brands to try — such as Wolky and Aetrex. But I was a little surprised that I didn’t find the brands of my favorite comfort shoes, such as SAS, Trask, and La Canadienne. I wonder what other reviewers/bloggers feel about these manufacturers.

  94. Kirsten Borrink says:

    I’ve long wanted to try Trask and La Canadienne–such beautiful craftmanship. But I had a fear the sticker shock ($450 boots) would scare readers away (I’m somewhat budget conscious). Perhaps I’ll reach out to the brands to see if they’d send shoes for review on Barking Dog!

  95. Emily says:

    Any suggestions for sock booties, flat heel, for bunion sufferers?
    Thank you.

  96. Cher says:

    I’ve had luck with Calla shoes for ballet flats for my horrific bunions, I know they do boots too now but I’ve not tried them yet- may be worth a try though if you are struggling X

  97. Tina says:

    Hi Kirsten!

    Love your blog!

    Any chance you’ll be reviewing Rothy’s any time soon? I’ve heard a lot of good things, but their price tag and not being able to try them on first has me hesitant!


  98. Kirsten Borrink says:

    Thanks, Tina. I think the good reviews are coming from women without significant foot problems. From what I hear/read, they Rothys do not have arch support. The uppers may be soft, but not sure about all-day support. I’ve requested a sample pair for review, but they’re not playing! LOL. I can ask my readers if anyone has a pair on the Barking Dog Facebook page.

  99. diana says:

    Hello! I am in desperate need of a shoe for my mom! She had a bunion removed and her toe now tilts up. She needs lots of toe depth. She also has very sensitive feet, as a result of surgery. She can’t stand any seams. One foot is 1.5” inches shorter, again,due to surgery. Last thing, she pronates. She wants a tennis shoe. If you have any suggestions, it would greatly be appreciated.

  100. Lisa` says:

    What do you know about OESH shoes?

  101. Jeanne says:

    Do you know where can get comfortable with arch support in Safety shoes for women. Composite and steel toe.

    Thank you

  102. Catherine Luce says:

    What shoe do you recommend for knocked knees and arthritis in feet especially top of foot. I am lookin for a shoe that a firm sole and was advised be careful with clogs

  103. Kently says:


    I very recently discovered your site when looking for orthotic-friendly boots. I’ve had foot issues for 5 years now, and a new one (although this should be temporary provided I do physical therapy and such) recently developed. I was feeling extremely frustrated and frankly a little depressed about it all. No longer wearing anything that even remotely resembled a cute shoe, being in constant pain, not being able to enjoy my time outside, just the whole situation. But I found your site, and I am feeling so much more positive and hopeful. Thank you for all the work you’ve put into the site and making it user friendly as well! I’m sure I’m not the only person who appreciates the effort.

  104. Kirsten Borrink says:

    So kind of you to leave an encouraging comment. Which reminds me, I should do another post on orthotic-friendly footwear! Hope you find something that works for you, comfort-wise and stylewise!

  105. Donna Lovelace-Flora says:

    Finally a shoe site for my challenged feet (and ankles)! WOW! This is a great blog site. Do we order shoes through your site ? I am a little confused on that, or do we go elsewhere to order the shoes. I love that I see so many good suggestions – shoes I never heard of! I have a large bunion,bi-lateral ankle issues, and weakness in one leg. History of lots of injuries. I need stability and still tape my ankles regularly for outdoors activities. Keen Venice sandals were a life-saver after ankle surgery and the only shoe I have been able to wear since ankle surgery 9 years ago. I no live in Florida now instead of CO, but I need a cold-weather shoe and it would be nice to have something a little dressier. I see lots of possibilities! Thank you! Donna

  106. Judy says:

    I am a 67yrold woman my feet hurt so much I’m in the bed Going to grocery store is getting impossible The balls if my feet hurt so much I had a job where I staye on my feet for 14 hrs a day Back in the early 70’s they didn’t make wide shoes I managed health spas & never sat down I had to stop working in 1986 could standing my feet went to dr after dr know one knew what it was In 1991 couldn’t walk at all finally it was bunions had them removed said he moved some bones around I was better but still couldn’t work drs finally said I had neuropathy so went on meds for that got me in a pain clinic now I can’t put my left big toe swells on bottom & red now it’s arthritis no meds but for pain now I’m back not walking in 2014 had a wreck they ask if I was hurting anywhere my neck & top of my left foot hurts all the time can’t tie my shoelaces can’t wear the round ones they put to much pressure on the top of foot so now living with son till I move in my place been here for a yr stay upstairs go up & down all day 18 stairs straight up pounding on stairs think if I don’t get a good shoe I want ever be able to walk in I’m on SS & don’t have the money to keep buying shoes & inserts just bought some from NB store $63 & they are killing my feet I’m feel like I can’t do this anymore you just want to give it up I been eating cereal is all I have in house been trying to get to grocery storry but in to much pain so for the balls of my feet the top of left one & feel like my arc h is falling it’s hurting & I have wide feet I’m single & want to date but don’t get out so on dating site set up the date but don’t go I don’t have any shoes you would think it we can go to moon build cars & soon you would think someone could make a shoe for all of us in pain guess I will be alone the rest of my life I wish they would use my foot for a model I’m sure we think of that what’s the big deal that know one can make us shoes even wide shoes that look like shoes normal people wear it’s crazy well I guess I got that out I’ve been reading everyone’s stories for hrs & I feel your pain drs are not helping me at all

  107. Mudra says:

    I found you via Tania’s blog referral today to another blogger! I have been needing you! I will be back!

  108. Kirsten Borrink says:

    So great to hear! Welcome!

  109. Edna says:

    For a year I’ve had a huge painful callus on my left sole which had to be sanded down constantly. I bought some Earth Spirit ankle boots this past winter and within 3-4 weeks, the callus was totally gone. I bought two pair of sandals for summer wear. The med Brown dressier sandals are wonderful. The dark brown three strap slides, not so much. The inner lining of those irritate my feet.
    I’ll continue to buy Earth Spirit shoes because I LOVE being rid of that callus! Wonderful shoes and one of the very few affordable shoes with an arch support. Thank you.

  110. Suanne Ackerman says:

    I am wondering if you have heard much about counterfeit shoes. I bought a pair of Vionics at a flea market and they wore out immediately. The company would not assist bc I hadn’t purchased from an authorized reseller. Now my brand is Finn Comfort, really pricey, so I’d love to be able to get some on eBay. Have you heard of counterfeit Finn Comforts?I know all about fake handbags but I was shocked that someone is counterfeiting sensible shoes! Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

  111. Sarah Brower says:

    How can I place an order?

  112. Kirsten Borrink says:

    We link to online retailers in our reviews. We don’t have our own catalog as we’re not a shoe store, rather a site to review and recommend comfortable footwear. If you see a shoe you like, typically there’s a link to Zappos, Nordstrom, Amazon, all with free shipping and returns. You can also google the brand and see if their site has a store locator.

  113. Ina says:

    Hello Kristen
    Thank you for doing the research on sandals that I can remove the bed and put in my orthotics. I only saw one brand and you mentioned five could you tell me the other ones please.

  114. Linda Robbins says:

    I want to order a pair of those red, white, and blue 4th of July tennis shoes. I can’t seem to find a way to purchase them. How can I?

  115. Susan says:

    Hi I have midfoot arthritis. I recently had a flare up and need some advice on a good walking shoe to wear. My pain is on top of the foot when walking and not walking.

  116. Liz Miller says:

    Narrow foot, narrow heel, high arch, slight plantar fasciatis. I have read all your various posts and still trying to find shoes. Asics, called company, no longer make narrows and were rude about it, vionic sandals do ok in medium with excessive strapping, every walking/running shoe recommended size 9 narrow is gone or not being made. New balance is wide in the box. And I don’t even want to think about dress shoes. Help

  117. Ruth Caroline Zemek says:

    Found a shoe on this site, the Pilar, but cannot find where to purchase…

  118. Kirsten Borrink says:

    Ah, that’s a shoe from many years ago–long discontinued.

  119. Sam Hon says:

    I have been diagnosed with hallux rigidis, but have narrow feet. The running shoes the Dr recommended do not come in narrow. I can’t find anything that does. Do you have any recommendations?

  120. Laura says:

    A question: I normally wear an orthotic insole, but I recently found a pair of Dr. Scholls that are super comfortable, but don’t have quite enough arch support (putting my regular orthotic in changes the fit of the shoe and is far less comfy). Any recommendations for arch support all on its own, i.e. not a full insole?

  121. Nancy Treuber says:

    So glad I found your site!

    Am looking for Women’s wide toe-box rubber rainboot, preferrably a chelsea boot style, but am flexible.

    I have a wide foot across the toes, plus a bunion on each foot, high arches and narrow heel. I have an average sized calf.

    I am looking for a simple rainboot in the $30-$50, or so range.

    Thank you in advance for any suggestions

  122. Pat Postle says:

    What shoe can you suggest for a hammertoe? Thanks for any help

  123. Anita Forfang says:

    What shoe can you recommend for a narrow heel but a medium width toe box? Thanks

  124. devan solomon says:

    I bought a pair of sneakers from a vendor on your site- they sent they them to me with no receipt – they are to small -and they didnt even ship them – to find the vendor I have to call the shipper… I think it would be best if you didn’t direct readers to vendors who were not above board…

  125. susan perkins says:

    on the front page of your site there is a pair of blue jodi ., josefseibel
    However there is no way to purchase the shoes.I tried your recommendations

    This is my 2nd email request

    If you do not sell the shoe , why is it featured
    please assist

  126. Kirsten Borrink says:


    We are a blog that reviews and recommends shoes, not a shoe store. The shoe you mention was featured on a blog post from 2009, so it has been discontinued. I’m sorry.

  127. Kim Benson says:

    Hi, Thank you so much for providing this information. I am having a hard time finding shoes to replace my Lems Primal 2 shoes. The zero drop and wide toe box is what I have loved about these shoes but the new model is 1 inch higher in the heel than my old ones. I’ve tried a couple brands and had to send them back-mostly because the toe beside my pinky toe would run into the side of the shoe. I have browsed your wide toe box section and will maybe pick one out from there. If you have any additional help I would appreciate it so much.

    All the best, Kim

  128. Pat says:

    Hi Kirsten,
    Have you ever heard of Sole Bliss shoes? I heard about them in this article, seems that British royals have bunions, too! I thought they sounded promising. I, too, have RA w/bunions, rheumatoid nodules, etc. Your site has been a godsend. Thanks for all your hard work tracking down comfortable shoes!

  129. Martine says:

    Hello and thank you for this site. I have Morton’s Neuroma in both feet and require lots of cushion in the ball of foot area. I’m looking for a gladiator sandal and one that is hopefully cute ( not orthopedic looking). Can you recommend?

  130. small size says:

    I’m am trying to find orthotics sandals, shoes/sneakers. I am a woman size 4.5 and most brands start at size 5. Any suggestions of brands offering size 4.5?
    conditions: metatarsalgia/plantar plate dysfunction with capsule pain, bunionette

  131. Robyn Adrian says:

    Hi Karen
    Just a quick note to say I work for company that specialises in people with problem feet and I sell and all the brands that you have spoken about plus other brands
    Nice to see someone else helping people with comfortable shoes
    As we need our feet

  132. Joan Sims says:

    Hi Kristen – I keep looking for nice looking sneaker (like Allbirds) but they just don’t carry half sizes,. I hate the “clunky” look of most sneakers, but I would certainly buy Allbirds if I could. Any suggestions for someone who has “ball of foot Pain”?
    Thanks – Joan

  133. victoria says:

    Hi There. I read your review about the rocker bottoms being beneficial. I was surprised you didn’t mention the inventor of rocker bottoms, with 48 patents surrounding them – FAMOLARE.

  134. Bryn says:

    Have you ever tried/ reviewed shoes from Pixie or pixiecloset? I keep seeing adds for these cute shoes that are supposed to be “orthopedic”. Thanks!

  135. Rebecca says:

    Hi, I have several foot problems: Hallux ridgidus, Arthritis, Small Fiber Neuropathy, Heel pain (recovered from a torn Plantar) &
    I am Vegan so my footwear choices are more limited. I have been able to find athletic shoes, sandals & slippers that work for me but need some fall & winter casual shoes, clogs/mules, boots/ankle boots etc. Can you suggest some?
    appreciate your advise!

  136. Myrna Solganick says:

    Hey, Kirsten: I have small wide feet. I mean, I wear a 4.5-5 wide. In the shoe industry, one can have a wide foot or a small foot but there appears to be almost no such thing as a small, wide foot. Dansko used to make size 35’s in just about everything; now they make sizd 35’s in almost nothing and what they do offer is in boring blac, white, or brown. Blah. ( I have written them multpile times – I think their new CEO is a man and he just does not care about those of us with small feet. I have gotten no satisfaction from my emails). Anyhow, could you PLEASE do an issue for us gals with small wide feet? I want style, not athletic shoes or clogs – and everything from boots to sandals. Than you in advance!

  137. Li says:

    Are “Soul Insole” a good product. I live in slippers now and would love to return to shoes w/ the help of a good insole. I have wide feet and my feet roll outwards.. Even with customized orthotics I had trouble being on my feet at work.

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