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6 Best Shoes for Morton’s Neuroma : Wiggle Room Not Optional

Sometimes people ask me if cold weather affects my rheumatoid arthritis. I do believe there’s some truth to atmospheric pressure changes causing joint inflammation. Science aside, cold temperatures mean closed-toe shoes and that in itself causes more discomfort for my forefoot issues (bunions, hammertoes) than any weather system. I miss my summertime comfort sandals. I imagine you feel the same if you have Morton’s neuroma (pinched nerve often between third and fourth toe–read more here). Closed-toe shoes and boots often leave little wiggle room for toes. Add a pair of warm socks, and now you have a cramped toe box–the archenemy of Morton’s neuroma.

Don’t throw in the towel yet, dear readers with Morton’s neuroma. We’ve rounded up six shoes that have high marks for overall comfort, along with specific reviews from online customers suffering from the same pesky condition as you. At the end of the article, be sure to see two more excellent resources for finding the best shoes for Morton’s neuroma.

Best Shoes for Morton's Neuroma: Alegria Joleen

Alegria Joleen : Photo credit: The Walk Shoppe

We recall the early days of Alegria footwear: the available styles were limited and mostly comprised of shoes with thick rocker soles and day-glo patent uppers. Comfortable and supportive? Yes! Fun and cheery? By all means. But office-appropriate? Not exactly. The Alegria Joleen features the same roomy toe box and orthopedic-grade cork and latex footbed that put Alegria on the comfort shoe map years ago, but its lower profile and subtle tooled upper leverages its professionalism (plus we love the adjustability at the instep). Zappos customer Amy says,

The Alegria Joleen was exactly was I was hoping, a comfortable and dressy-enough shoe to work with trousers for work. I have not only a Morton’s neuroma, but need arch support for PTTD. This shoe provides adequate support and a roomy toe-box. The tooled leather gives it a slightly dressier (and less orthopedic) appearance than some shoes that meet these requirements.

You can find the Alegria Joleen in euro sizes 35-42 for $129.95 from Zappos, $79-129 from Amazon.

Best Shoes for Morton's Neuroma: Vionic Sierra

Vionic Sierra

The engineered knit upper of the Vionic Sierra is stretchy which equals more wiggle room for toes. A firm yet flexible removable orthotic insert provides enhanced arch support. An anonymous Zappos customer with wide feet recommends the Vionic Sierra:

I am a fan of Vionic shoes, which offer the right combination of support for my over-pronation and Morton’s neuroma. However as a size 8.5 WW I often can’t wear the closed styles. This shoe has a completely stretch fabric upper which has enough give to accommodate my foot without any pressure to irritate the neuroma, while also stabilizing with the heel cup and arch support. I wore them for the first time on a cross-country plane trip with plenty of walking through the airport, and they remained comfortable even on my swollen feet. I was also able to use them for 4-mile brisk walks with no issues. They will be my new go-to travel shoe. 

The Vionic Sierra sneaker is available in sizes 5-11, medium and wide widths for $129.95 from Zappos, $52-129.99 from Amazon, and $79.99 from

Best Shoes for Morton's Neuroma: Birkenstock Bennington

Birkenstock Bennington

There’s so much to love about Birkenstock when you have problem feet. The metatarsal support provided in the removable, latex and cork footbed can relieve discomfort from Morton’s neuroma. Throw in a wide toe box, deep heel cup, arch support and soft leather upper, and you may have hit the jackpot with the Birkenstock Bennington ankle boot. An anonymous Zappos customer awarded the Birkenstock Bennington with 5 stars and this review:

I can insert my professional orthotics over the footbed and wear a pair of lighter weight socks and the shoes are comfortable all day long. I have conditions like Morton’s neuroma, slight hammertoes, and bunions and don’t know I have them when I’m wearing Birkenstocks.

The Birkenstock Bennington is available in euro sizes 36-42 for $179 from Zappos, $178.95 from Nordstrom, and $179 from

Best Shoes for Morton's Neuroma: Ecco Soft VII

Ecco Soft VII Sneaker

Have you worn Ecco footwear before? There’s something about the European brand that just feels and fits great. The Ecco Soft VII sneaker features a generous toe box, a removable comfort insole with arch support and a narrow heel for a snug fit with no slippage. Don’t like floral? No worries, the Ecco Soft VII comes in brights, neutrals and metallics too.

Let’s hear from Zappos customer, Julie:

I have a neuroma in my left foot and the toe box doesn’t pinch; the insoles provide excellent arch support and this shoe is stylish.  The toe box is generous for those of you with forefoot issues, like myself – bunions, Morton’s Neuromas, arthritis – this shoe provides plenty of room for problem feet, plus the extra cushioning they need.

The Ecco Soft VII sneaker is available in euro sizes 35-43 for $119.95 from Zappos, $149.95 from The Walking Company and $149.95 from Nordstrom.

Best Shoes for Morton's Neuroma: Altra Escalante

Altra Footwear: Escalante model

If you’re an exercise enthusiast, but your current fitness shoe is cramping your style…and neuroma, you must give Altra footwear a try! Your problem toes (bunions, hammertoes, and Morton’s neuroma) will rejoice in Altra’s FootShape™ toe box as they finally experience freedom during your workout. The engineered knit upper of the Escalante model is an added bonus for compromised toes as it feels like a soft sock. Read more about the Altra Escalante here. Find Altra footwear in sizes 5 1/2-12 from, Zappos, Amazon and

Best shoes for Morton's neuroma: Hotter Whisper

Hotter Whisper boot

Hotter understands problem feet. If you feel you’ve exhausted your search for a shoe or boot that works with your neuroma, consider Hotter. They say it best,  “There are lots of secret ingredients we conceal in every pair of Hotter shoes to make them the most comfortable you have ever tried. Features such as removable insoles, extra roomy toe boxes, soft padding at heels and tongues, lightweight, shock absorbing soles and smooth internal seams all combining to take you to comfort heaven.”

Hotter Donna pump

We love their Whisper boot with its two width fittings (their standard is like a generous medium and the wide fit is an EE), removable insole to accommodate an orthotic, roomy toe box and faux-fur lining for warmth. Read more about their width fittings here. The Hotter Whisper is available in sizes 5-11, two widths and is on sale for $57 from We recommend checking out their dress shoe options also–most have manageable heel heights, wider toe boxes than most dress shoes and comfort footbeds. If you have questions about fit, contact their helpful customer service line for assistance.

More helpful resources for finding footwear for Morton’s neuroma:

  • Read through the comments on this feature on best shoes for Morton’s neuroma. They’re more helpful than the post itself!
  • See our recent Facebook discussion on best shoes for Morton’s neuroma (also includes discussions on treatment). Add your two cents too.

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8 Responses to 6 Best Shoes for Morton’s Neuroma : Wiggle Room Not Optional

  1. Mary Dean says:

    I have become a Hotter fan over the past three years. I love the Whisper boots. I have three pairs. I have MN and Hammer toes and I can wear these all day!!! Very slow shipping so be prepared for steve least two weeks from England but price and comfort is worth the wait!

    • Kirsten Borrink says:

      Yes, I’ve heard the wait can be long, but since sizing is pretty true, it reduces the return rate. So glad the Whisper boots work for you. I love all the colors they come in.

  2. Jillian says:

    Yep, I have the dreaded MN…but luckily I can keep it under control with the proper shoes! It’s the width and roomy toe box that is key. Altra Olympus is my very favorite, I work in a location with trendy concrete floors which can be killer on feet…these have ample cushion and roomy toe box! Brook’s Ghost in wide for running around, walking and actual running. Ahnu Sugarpine – traveled all over Ireland logging 6+ miles a day in the bad girls with zero discomfort (fyi, they run small). Ahnu Karma Latitude are cute “ballet” style flats (in wide. And if I stay mostly in these shoes I can wear the occasional wedge heel and feel like a woman again 😉 I have custom orthotics, but it makes no difference with my MN – in fact in can lessen my wiggle room so I don’t like to wear them…but I know for my gait issue I should. Thank you Barking Dog Shoes for all the valuable information you provide!

    • Kirsten Borrink says:

      Altra shoes are pretty darn amazing. I’m so bummed that Ahnu is no longer making the Karma flat. In fact, they are owned by Teva now and only make hiking boots and water sandals…boo…Thanks for the kind words.

  3. Bette says:

    I learned of Hotter shoes through this site, so thank you, Kirsten! The Whisper boot is everything everyone says — soft, wide, flat, flexible, warm, comfortable. I agree with the previous reviewer that shipping can take awhile — in my case, three weeks. But this was not Hotter’s fault — the box was caught in a customs delay in NJ. Re sizing, I measured my feet using Hotter’s system online, and rec’d a message that they didn’t make my size. Hahaha. I ordered a US 10, my normal size, and it was perfect.

    • Bette says:

      I’m slightly adjusting my recommendation for Hotter — while I love the Whisper boots, I tried another style and found they ran large. Returns take FOREVER, at currently more than 3 weeks. With 3 weeks to ship to the US, and 3 weeks to return or exchange, that’s a long time to tie up your money.

  4. Melissa says:

    Has anyone found any snow/winter boots that are comfortable for those of us with Morton’s neuroma? I have yet to find a comfortable boot.

    • Bette says:

      I think the Merrell Duo Haven boot is the best snow/rain boot for people with forefoot issues — bunions, hallux limitus, Morton’s neuroma, hammertoes, etc. The boot is wide, flat, flexible, and weathrpoof, with a side zipper for easy on and off. While no longer made, you can find the Merrell Duo Haven in various online sites, including eBay and amazon.

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