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Published on October 24th, 2023 | by Kirsten Borrink


Icebug Boots for Safety on Slippery Surfaces

The Icebug Ivalo-L with BUGrip is a fascinating little boot. Yes, it’s lightweight, warm, roomy in the toe, and offers good support but more than all that–the BUGrip traction system is unparalleled. I’ve traded my Sorels in for these Icebugs as my chief dog-walking boots. I can’t risk a fall with a shoulder replacement and iffy RA joints. This harsh Chicago winter has plunged us into sub-zero temps weekly and the streets, sidewalks and hiking trails have an icy sheen to them from repeated meltings and re-freezings. Yet, my Icebugs are ready to BITE!

The 16 carbide tip studs on the sole of the Icebug Ivalo boot dig into the iciest of terrains keeping me in a secure standing position instead of on my bum. The studs work independently of one another and are not fixed–I call them “cleats” in my video, but they’re cooler than that. I can actually move them around.  See a video showing these “dynamic studs” in action, along with a lot of Swedish.

Icebug boots

Icebug Ivalo

The upper of the Ivalo-L boot is made of ripstop nylon and suede with a soft fleece lining. It’s water-resistant and comfort rated to -5 degrees Fahrenheit. I prefer to wear them in temperatures over 20 with a pair of thick socks. The forefoot is plenty roomy to accommodate bunions and hammertoes–and extra thick socks. The ESS shank (which I believe is a lightweight yet durable material) provides torsional stability which keeps the sole from twisting at the midfoot. The cushioned footbed is removable to accommodate a personal insole or orthotic. 

The only drawback to my new Icebugs is the crunchy sound they make while walking on dry sidewalks or tile. I’m pretty sure they’d mark up a wood floor in no time, but I always kick mine off when I come inside. The Ivalo-L is a good choice for casual walkers who want to exercise in the winter or for the commuter who navigates icy pavement on the way to work. 

The Icebug Ivalo-L with BUGrip runs true to size and would best fit a medium to wide width foot. Available for $219.95 from

Icebug boots

Icebug Metro 2 with 16 carbide tips for safe passage on slippery surfaces.

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11 Responses to Icebug Boots for Safety on Slippery Surfaces

  1. Kristen says:

    I have the Icebug Avilas, and they don’t have the same studs on the soles. That said, they are very sturdy and steady; I haven’t worried once about slipping on the ice. Love them, and I get tons of compliments on them.

  2. Tagatha says:

    I bought Icebugs in November and they’re worth every penny!

  3. jessicabuurman says:

    This blog is very well written and I appreciate your efforts.. Keep up the good work.

  4. Gloria says:

    I live in a hi-rise and the lobby has marble floors. How will these work coming inside

  5. Kirsten says:

    They will definitely make a sound–like crunching potato chips or what you’d expect from cleats on marble. I’ve worn mine to the grocery store and been a bit embarrassed of the sound. Icebug makes an overshoe that folds up to go in purse, backpack..

  6. Diana says:

    Very late to the party on this but I wanted to say thank you.

    I have been looking for snow boots for over a year now, and I don’t care if I sound weird when I’m walking through the grocery store – I need something that fits, keeps me warm and dry, has great traction and doesn’t pinch my duck feet. I got Icebug Women’s Now1 BUGweb Winter Boot with Removable Traction. For my usually 8.5W feet, the 9 was too snug but the 9.5 fit great. They’re lightweight and the soles feel sticky – I’m looking forward to trying them outside. I had never heard of this company before I saw the link here. Also, these were a bargain, under $80 on Amazon.

  7. Kirsten Borrink says:

    Oh wow, removable traction? I gotta look those Icebugs up! Thanks for the informative comment and I hope they keep you warm and safe this winter. 🙂

  8. Laura says:

    Similar question: I normally use YakTrax with my winter boots, but I find that when I move to a smoother, indoor surface (e.g., entering a store, or transit station) the Trax become slippery on the floors (and yes, I normally would remove them, but that’s a little dirty and messy). Do the Icebugs have the same problem? I can live with the noise if they’ll keep me stable indoors.

  9. Kirsten Borrink says:

    I have worn mine into stores and have not slipped once, it’s just the noise that bothers me (and other shoppers maybe?). They’ll scratch the heck outta hard wood though…

  10. Sarah King says:

    I wish I’d traded in my trusty Sorels for walking my dog. I slipped on some hidden ice in February and suffered a life-changing triple ankle fracture! I have already decided that these are next boots. (I may just carry a lightweight pair of flats for transitioning onto noisy floors!) Thanks for this review!

  11. Andrea says:

    Hi Could you please take a look at hiking boots. I’ve got mid-foot pain which my GP says is osteoarthritis. I have noticed that stiff soled boots seem to aggravate the pain and cause me to wake up in the night with pain. However i need durable soles and my boots are soon have to go on some tough (rocky) terrain. Apart from all the things you mention, comfort, support, a wide foot box, i want durability in the things i buy. Money doesn’t grow on trees and i haven’t got much and for environmental reasons, i also want my shoes to last more than a few months. I cant find any info anywhere.

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