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Published on May 8th, 2020 | by Kirsten Borrink


OluKai Moloa – Relaxed, Versatile Slip-On Shoes for Men

Olukai Moloa

Reviewed by Chris, Kirsten’s flat-footed husband.

OluKai Moloa is a great looking, supportive and versatile shoe. As a man, I don’t have a ton of shoes that I wear often – you know the variety:  dress shoes for the office, casual shoes for the weekend, workout shoes at the gym. If you are a guy and have more than this type of variety, then I can’t relate to you. Just kidding – I can, but you certainly are more diverse than me!Olukai Moloa

OluKai is a pretty cool brand. As they describe themselves, “OluKai believes that everybody, no matter where they are, can live aloha.” And by “aloha” they mean, the action of giving without any expectation about receiving. That’s not a bad way to live life in general, and works in many settings. For the past couple years I’ve run a consulting business and find that this can work to your benefit if done properly. Keep giving value…people will pay attention to you.

Quick disclosure – Footwear Etc. sent me these shoes to review. Nothing says Merry Christmas like a new pair of shoes! So thank you! The brand is one I could get into for a couple reasons. Stay tuned.

Olukai MoloaWhen do I wear them?

As a Sales/Marketing consultant and part owner of a tech start-up, I spend a lot of time working from home. And when you work from home it is incredibly important to get on your feet, stretch a lot, and get out for some walks throughout the day. So that’s where you’ll find me, heading out on the Illinois Prairie Path for a few walks a day with Harley, our Wheaten Terrier. These shoes feel great on sidewalks, grass or the uneven surface of a gravel path. The arch support and warmth of materials make this shoe easy to wear in the unpredictable climate of the Midwest.

No issues wearing these in a semi-casual environment either. Dress it up with a sportcoat, jeans and button down oxford and the look is very smart.

Olukai Moloa

Olukai Moloa

What size?

The OluKai website has a nice guide to help you with sizing. If you aren’t sure what you should choose, take a look. For me, I’m a 10.5 wide body, and know I have flat feet with a over-pronating problem. Kirsten has touched on the over-pronating issues before – like this review on some great walking shoes for problem feet.  As she has told me time and time again, I had to have something with significant arch support or fear of riding those babies to the ground.


Premium grade leather is how the brand describes the main materials, with an “antiqued nubuck leather.” Mine is in black/toffee but you’ll see from the selection, there are 10 different color combos – incredible.

  • Henna/Toffee
  • Storm Grey/Dark Wood
  • Tobacco/Tan
  • Ray/Toffee
  • Seal Brown/Seal Brown
  • Rum/Toffee
  • Black Olive/Seal Brown
  • Black/Toffee
  • Dark Wood/Dark Java
  • Clay/Mustang


Most guys who like cars often will look for the model that can suit various needs. For me it was always about the Saab 900 Turbo 3 door. Fast, turbo-kick-in-the-back-fun to drive, but put the back seat down and you can haul your grandma’s love seat across the country. saab_900_turbo

These shoes have some interesting versatility as well. Keep the back flap up and they keep pace with any $300 Italian loafer in the office. But put the back flap down, and you can slip them on in the mudroom on your way to wash the car or run an errand. If you are like our family, the mudroom seems like the staging environment for coming in and out of the house. Clogs like this model from OluKai will see me coming and going all winter.

How do they feel?

These slip-ons fit right away – no break-in period necessary for me. At first they were a little warm in socks and I had to get used to the way the shoes kept in the warmth, but I got used to it with no problem. The arch support was noticeable immediately. I always appreciate a pair of shoes that tell me they are supporting me from day one. My Brooks running shoes do the same thing and have held up well. And so far after wearing them for a few weeks, the OluKai Moloas are holding up just great.

Olukai Moloa reviewAs mentioned above,  the flexible flap that turns this shoe into a clog is an innovative feature, and generally I’m a fan. Though, when I put the shoes in the clog “mode,” you can always feel the flap beneath your heel. Not to worry, I haven’t felt any pain at all when keeping the flap down, but this feature might be a drawback if you wear them for any length of time.

What are others saying?

Here’s a classic review that I can relate to on

This is my first experience with Olukai and I am a quite satisfied with my purchase. The Moloa fits great for a slip on; not too tight, not too loose. There is some elastic goring on the instep that keeps your ankle stable and snug. The inside is lined with soft material and the removable insole is extremely padded. More than any standard foot bed to which you have grown accustomed. There is also a neat little feature that allows the heel to bend forward and then this slip on becomes the ultimate slip on…no back heel needed. The shoe upper is constructed with a soft, weather resistant leather. I purchased the Black Olive/Seal Brown and the sole is two toned. Really makes it look nice once worn.    The bottom of the sole also has raised rubber pads which alleviate pain from hard walking surfaces. I am in love with this Hawaiian brand and will be back for more. Aloha for now. 

Where to buy the Olukai Moloa?, Zappos, and Amazon.

Have any of you, or the men in your life worn the OluKai Moloa’s? While is primarily a website that reviews comfortable shoes for women, are you interested in reading more about men’s shoes? Let us know in the comments below.

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13 Responses to OluKai Moloa – Relaxed, Versatile Slip-On Shoes for Men

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  2. Susan Yoshihara says:

    Love this website! Info on men’s shoes would be most welcomed, too. My college bound son’s need good, comfortable shoes for trekking across campus everyday and prefer to save athletic shoes for actual workouts.

  3. Rachael Barbieri says:

    I did a double-take when I read the 2nd sentence starting with, “as a man…” I thought, Oh Kirsten, what have you done?! lol!
    But after I figured it out, I enjoyed the review. These are the kind of shoes I keep my eye out for my hubby. So keep ’em coming! I’d love be up on the world of guys shoes too.

  4. cedar says:

    Yes, I have hoped for some helpful shoe reviews for men! This review is so well written, helpful, and the shoes look so nice on the reviewer. (Mr. Kirsten?)

    I have a pair of Olukai sandal/thongs that I reach for most often. I travel a lot between Hawaii and the Mainland, and they are my one goto shoe. Great support, and quality craftsmanship.

    Thank you for this review. I wasn’t familiar with that “man shoe,” and am going to order a pair right now for my husband’s (Mr. Cedar) Christmas. (in addition to his Ecco boots)

  5. Kirsten says:


  6. Kirsten says:

    He had fun writing it!

  7. Paul says:

    Those shoes look incredibly comfortable!

  8. Noah says:

    It looks good to me. I have flat feet and some feel some pain at morning. Will this shoes be good for me ?

  9. Beccy Kruse says:

    I am a woman with systemic RA and my feet really bother me. I wear the tie version of this shoe. They are amazing!!! They were comfortable from the first moment I put them on. I would recommend them to everyone, male or female, foot problems or not. I have about worn out my first pair because I wear them all the time.

  10. Johanna Weems says:

    REALLY need wide box Toe area (?) shoes for men? Hubby tends to carry on in
    his “old school” uncomfortable shoes!

    Wonderful site….

  11. Amy says:

    My husband has a hard time finding ‘well cushioned wide toe shoes’ so some reviews on men’s shoes would be very nice 🙂

  12. Carol Kirwin says:

    Looking for safer shoes for my brother, who has diabetic neuropathy and hammer toes.
    Sincerely appreciate any help you may be able to give.
    Thank you,
    Carol Kirwin

  13. Matt says:

    I love these shoes. I happened to be wearing them when I went to the podiatrist. As he diagnosed me with arthritis in my big toes, very reduced range of motion, and issues with alignment of the major bones in my feet, he picked up the shoe, flexed it, and told me not to wear it because it’s too flexible. He directed me to other shoes (Samuel Hubbard, Hokka for athletic shoes) that would give much more firm/rigid support.

    Your mileage may vary, of course.

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