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Published on March 11th, 2013 | by Kirsten Borrink


Shoes and Sandals for Bunions: The Best & Most Stylish Picks

The original post from 2008 was deleted and replaced with a 2017 update with currently available shoes and sandals for bunions. 

From my own experience with bunions caused by rheumatoid arthritis, I highly recommend these brands and styles. Each features a roomy toe box, soft leathers and a vamp that doesn’t cut across the bunion area.  

sandals for bunions : Naot matai

1. Naot Matai: Naot makes at least three mary jane styles similar to the Matai, but this style gets the best reviews from bunion sufferers. Find the Naot Matai at Zappos, free shipping and returns. 

sandals for bunions : alegria verona

2. Alegria Verona: Want an open-toe option for summer? Sandals for bunions can be hard to find, but we love The Verona, Alegria’s most popular sandal with its adjustable forefoot and instep strap, wide toe box, supportive footbed and rocker sole. Alegria Verona is available  at Zappos, free shipping and returns. 

sandals for bunions : dansko sam

3. Dansko Sam: A cute alternative to the plain jane Dansko Professional. The Dansko Sam features a soft, supportive footbed, lightweight rocker sole and it covers the bunions while giving the toes room to spread out. Find them at Zappos, free shipping and returns. 

shoes for bunions: Arcopedico Rose

4. Arcopedico Rose: Arcopedico footwear feels like your favorite slipper, but with support. The soft leather uppers will conform to “toe bumps” like bunions and hammertoes. If you don’t like the clunky look of clogs but need a wider toe box and narrower heel, Arcopedico Rose is for you. Available at Zappos, free shipping and returns.

shoes for bunions : Ara shoes

5. Ara Tacy: If you must wear a pump, the Ara Tacy is a good bet. Try the Tacy in microfiber for a more flexible fit over the bunions. A stable heel, cushioned footbed and slight platform add to the shoe’s overall comfort. UPDATE: Since publication, the Ara Tacy has been discontinued.  Instead we recommend the similar Rockport Total Motion Plain Pump, which gets great reviews for overall comfort and for having ample toe room, and comes in multiple widths.  If you’re looking for a bunion-friendly ballet flat, try the Ara Bella.

shoes for bunions : Wolky flats

6. Wolky Ballet: A fashionable yet bunion-friendly ballet flat! You’ll see that the vamp makes an inverse V enclosing the bunions without cutting into them. Dutch Wolky makes a quality shoe with removable footbeds should you want to use a custom insert or orthotic. Update: The Wolky Ballet has been discontinued, but try the Wolky Passion, which has similar styling and comfort features.

sandals for bunions : Fly london yakin

7. Fly London Yakin: European design and comfort. Envelope the bunions in soft leathers and suedes while the rest of the foot enjoys a stable, shock-absorbing wedge heel and cushioned footbed.  Update: The Yakin has been discontinued, but Fly London has a wide selection of similar wedge sandals for bunions available from Zappos.

sandals for bunions : clark's wedge sandals

8. Clark’s Alto Disco: A more affordable sandal option for bunions without compromising comfort. The Alto Disco features two adjustable straps for a customized fit and a nicely cushioned, supportive footbed.   Update: Since publication the Alto Disco has been discontinued.  We’re loving the Aetrex Arielle which has similar velcro straps, and (we think) cuter styling, or take a look at the complete line of Clark’s wedge sandals.

We get LOTS of requests for the best shoes for bunions.  Check out our full archive of reviews and recommendations here.
















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26 Responses to Shoes and Sandals for Bunions: The Best & Most Stylish Picks

  1. LIsa says:

    Great Post, Kirs! My favorite bunion-friendly shoes are actually my UGG slippers, but if I’m wanting to go outside, I love my Privo Sofrito’s. I also have an old pair of Born mules that are great.
    I love that Posh has bunions! With your hair and your bunions, you could be her twin!

  2. Kirsten says:

    Thanks for the suggestions Lis! I was thinking of your poor little feet when I was posting. Yes, I’m often mistaken for Victoria Beckham.

  3. Sue says:

    If anyone has info on cute…. fashionable…colored shoes in Slender width?

    All I can find affordable are beige or black and not very cute! Any help????

  4. Kirsten says:

    Hi Sue (is this my friend Sue G.??),

    I personally love the Naturalizer Hoffman for a dress shoe. It comes in neutral shades, but my favorite is red! It also comes in a narrow width and is fairly affordable:
    I also recommend the Sofft Calypso in narrow. Right now the mauve color is on sale at Shoemall:

  5. Chrissie says:

    Saved good amount of money on the purchase of stylish shoes from Timberland…

  6. Laura says:

    This is a real problem. I’ve read that 45-60% of American women deal with bunions. And all they can do is push more pointed toe heels. “They make the leg look longer”. Hogwash. They make the foot look deformed and HURT! The reason the old school marm has bad feet now is because she used to trade comfort and sensibility for fashion, as we all did. And she believed the shoe salesman who said, “Oh, they’ll stretch”. I get by with boots in the winter, low ones, and Arcopedico Queens in the spring. Sandals that are wide open work for summer. Fashionable? No, but comfortable. I’m looking for “bunion friendly” shoes myself. I’m probably Zappos worst nightmare. I hope some wise shoe designer will recognize this market of millions of American women with this common need, and do something about it!

  7. Susane says:

    What angers me the most is that there are NO flats for bunioned people! Mine are hereditary. I have the toe width of a size 9 1/2 and the foot length of an 8 1/2. So ALL pumps and flats slip off because by the time I can get my toes to fit in them, they are way to long and don’t grip my heels! I’m so mad.

  8. Will Grimm says:

    I think that women’s feet with shapely toes and bunions look very sexy. Not ugly.

  9. mona memud says:

    hi, I have had bunions since I was a kid,and am now in my 30’s and they have gotten progressivy worse….I have resorted to wearing the most comfortable shoes in the market for bunions…ready?….[drum roll please]…MBT’s! They are incredible!!! Incredible for bunion sufferers. They run high in cost, but they can be found on ebay or on several websites for alot cheaper than the retal store cost…that said…I would even say that paying full price for them is well WORTH it! They are heavenly,they are shaped like a banana on the sole, and for good reason, to emulate walking on sand….they are wonderful…I dont wear anything else anymore…they have more stylish models as well, like mary janes or boots…I have the sandals and the running shoes which i use every day…thats my recommendation! 😀

  10. Sarah says:

    Hello, i am 13 years old and i have horrible bunions. I can’t keep a single pair of shoes for over 3 months, because they get holes in them. If anyone has any nice brands that don’t wear easily and don’t look like orthopedic shoes, please let me know. I also love Ed Hardy shoes because they are extremely comfortable, but they wear way too easily for the 70$ price range.

  11. Peg says:

    I don’t understand why Dansko clogs keep getting recommended for people with bunions. I have ordered 2 different pairs from Zappos and had to return both because they hurt my bunions so bad. I’m very disappointed in Dansko’s.

  12. says:

    I have narrow heels and wide ‘toes’ and only one bunionette (on the left foot). I love high heels and am terrified of having to wear cloggy, clunky, clown shoes! I haven’t liked the look of crocs or danskos in the past; I only wear a size 6 and having those heavy-looking clunkers on my feet reminds me of bozo when I try them on. I’ll certainly be taking a look at some of the suggestions here.

  13. Nicole says:

    Thank you Kristen for all you do to help our dawgs feel and look better! Keep up the good work!

  14. Diana says:

    Yes, Kirsten, thank you SO much for all you do! I just love your blog and tell anyone who compliments my cute but comfy shoes (often from your recs) about it!

    I am loving my Haflinger Valarie ballet flats– they come up (down?) pretty high so they cover the trouble spots and are cute, cute with straight (or skinny, if that’s how you roll, I don’t) jeans. I have the red and it looks like they just came out with a taupe, maybe gold (dare I hope metallic). I also have great luck with Earth Kalso Solar mary janes– they also are cut generously and cover the cursed spot. I also am doing well with my Naot Trendy “heels,” but I did have to use a stretcher on them– once I did that they were fine and do not cut across. Finally, my Wolky Argentinas are also working out great. I struggle with a fair amount of discomfort (was just diagnosed with fibromyalgia– my feet were always killing me) and substitute teach occasionally, so I really value your suggestions!

  15. ClaraT says:

    Thanks for this list.

    Here are my bunion picks (all shoes I have that work for my bunions). Note that I wear a 7.5 (length) but often buy size 8 so my foot fits in. I hope this is helpful for others and I love to hear suggestions.

    FitFlops: OK, not shoes, but the thick foot bed is heaven on my feet. I wear these in any situation that is remotely not sandal-inappropriate. Helps my back, too. Not for those that don’t like between-the-toes sandals.

    Biala Keely Cap Toe Oxford (Kristen has mentioned these)–they have almost an accordion-fold in the bunion area that stretches to accommodate my bunions. Kind of a distressed look but I like them and wear them with thin socks.

    Clarks Sugardust in 7.5 wide. These look frumpy on the website but cute on my feet. I wear them with tights or bare feet. Not too bad.

    ECCO Sculptured Lace: Also wider/more bendy in the bunion area. I can wear these with tights or alone. I replaced the laces with ribbons that look better.

    Of these, the FitFlops and some tennis shoes (from my sister who bought them in a bazaar and they have no label) are actually comfortable (as in: I can really walk all day in them). The others are not too bad (which I think is the best I can hope for with my feet). I agree with Laura (above) in that I think there is a fortune to be made in comfortable shoes that aren’t frumpy.

  16. Heather says:

    I’m suprised to see sandals like the Alto Disco listed for bunions- That’s exactly the most UNCOMFORTABLE style for my bunions! For sandals a thong (with arch support) is by far the best choice- nothing to irritate the joint. My absolute favorite, though not cute, is the Merrell Belluna- the squishy neoprene protects the bunion and it has great arch support.

  17. Teri says:

    I really like the shoes, I have RA and bunions, but I can’t afford the price. :*(

  18. Aly says:

    Hi! Does anyone know where I can get Julie Lopez heels less expensive!!:)
    Way out of my price range but my dogs are barkin’ for some pretty heels that look and feel good!

  19. Tracy says:

    That’s so unfortunate for you. Haha. 😉

  20. shirley says:

    I have knee and hip problems. Also, I deal with bunions, flat feet and swollen ankles. I need suggestions for dress shoes, sandals and boots. Any help is appreciated.

  21. Diann says:

    The mist comfortable and stylish sandals I have found are Softshoe by Medicus, Gabrielle style. Unfortunately, mine are wearing out and the company doesn’t make them any more. They are by far the cutest and most comfortable ever with no straps over the bunion but cute straps that hold the shoe securely in other areas. We should find a skilled shoe maker and form our own company.
    For walking, the Nike Pegasus has a wide model and it is super comfy. I can wear it all day.

  22. aisha white says:

    Thank you thank you thank you Kirsten for the great variety of wonderful shoes for us unfortunates living with painful bunions. I’ve wasted so much money buying shoes that cut right across the extrusions on both my feet with the hope that they would stretch and become wearable at some point. they never do. Now I’m going to save my money and buy some of the quality stylish ones you recommend.


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  24. Jenni bailey says:

    Being from the UK I’ve personally worn clarks (their brogues are particularly good for bunions) and fly London for my quite bad case of bunions. However I’ve really struggled with buying heels for nights out with my friends or going to a special occasion like a wedding. I’m talking properly stylish shoes, that are comparable to high street brands like Nine West or LK Bennet ( favourite brand of Kate Middleton) So I’ve decided to do something about it and would appreciate it if you could take a look at my blog and tell me what you think because don’t we bunion inflicted ladies deserve beautiful shoes too???!!!

  25. Echo says:

    Such wonderful advice here, thank you this helps.

  26. Nala says:

    Bunions are often caused by poor posture when walking. Found that info when looking on how to help my husband fix his duck walk, which can create bunions.

    Look up Mobility WOD – for ways to address posture issues.

    This is a great article to read on picking shoes for children as poor foot health and posture issues begun there:

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