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Miz Mooz Sandals: The Super Strappy Shay Wedge

Miz Mooz Sandals _ SHAY in BLACK

Miz Mooz Shay

This review of Miz Mooz sandals, Shay wedge, is sponsored by Miz Mooz. The opinions are completely our own based on experience.

A Nordstrom customer says it best about these fun Miz Mooz sandals:

“I work on a concrete floor on my feet all day. I refuse to bow to “ old lady shoes”, and believe it is possible to create a sexy, stylish shoe that addresses the above said circumstances on a pair of ‘over 50’ feet. It became a personal mission, which began to seem like I was searching for King Tut’s tomb…until I tried these shoes on. They are stylish, sexy and right out of the box comfortable all day long! Wow! You GO Miz Mooz!! Oh, and thank you for all the terrific color options, definitely coming back for a couple more colors!”

Miz Mooz Sandals : Shay wedge

Kirsten wears the Miz Mooz Shay wedge

Miz Mooz Shay

Miz Mooz Shay in Navy. Photo: Miz Mooz

I feel exactly the same way about the Miz Mooz Shay wedge sandal. I have never worn Miz Mooz sandals before, but began reading five-star reviews for the Shay. The company kindly sent me a pair for review and I’m happy to announce that the Shay wedge has moved into second place in my comfortable sandals rotation– right behind my Birkenstocks. I love the youthful vibe that the multiple straps bring to the sandal, and the comfort is top-notch for a 2.5″ wedge.

I’m a sucker for a cork footbed and the Shay’s is perfect–not too cushy, not too rigid. In fact, the footbed is contoured with a heel cup to stabilize the heel, therefore keeping it from slipping forward. Arch support is moderate and there’s even a slight metatarsal ridge for extra support at the ball-of-foot. The footbed is leather-lined for a great feel against the foot, even on warmer days.

Miz Mooz Sandals

Miz Mooz Shay goes to school

Miz Mooz Shay

Miz Mooz Shay in red. Photo: Miz Mooz

The Miz Mooz Shay’s 2.5″ wedge is about as high as I will go in a heel (I can tolerate slightly higher for more formal occasions). The 3/4″ platform lowers the overall slope from toe to heel making this Miz Mooz sandal all the more walkable! I wore the Shay for an all-day subbing stint at my son’s school. I was on my feet for the better part of the day. I remember actually sashaying down the hall during a plan period–simply because my feet felt great.

So what’s the deal with all the straps? Let me see if I can explain the fit and feel of the ankle, instep and forefoot straps. The ankle straps fit a little loose on my thin ankles, but not overly so. If you have truly skinny ankles, they may flop about too much, possibly a deal-breaker. But if you have wider ankles, I think you’ll like the fit as there’s an elastic insert to provide more stretch.

The instep straps cross over the top of the foot. One is adjustable with a buckle, the other has elastic goring for extra stretch (if you have a high instep or slightly wider foot). Once I found a good fit with the buckle instep strap, I could now just use the side zipper for easy entry and removal.

The straps are all made of the softest leather, and I specifically notice this with the forefoot strap. Having bunions and hammertoes (ugh–I blame genetics, age and RA), I need soft straps. The only time I noticed the forefoot strap pressing a little on the bunions was on a warmer day after my foot swelled a little. I can always go to the shoe shop and have the strap stretched a little, but that my happen on its own with a few more wearings. It wasn’t a deal-breaker for me. I also didn’t notice any uncomfortable rubbing at the base of my hammertoe.

What about you? Have you worn Miz Mooz sandals or shoes before? Leave us a comment and tell us about your favorite style!

Miz Mooz Shay

Miz Mooz Shay in Sage Metallic. Photo: Miz Mooz

I am wearing a euro 41 in the Miz Mooz Shay. It fits my smaller size 10 fit perfectly. If you’re between a 10 and 10.5, order up to the 42 for sure (and that goes for anyone that is between sizes). You can find the Miz Mooz Shay in a host of gorgeous colors, euro sizes 36-42 (5-11) for $149.95 from, Zappos, Nordstrom, and Amazon.

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3 Responses to Miz Mooz Sandals: The Super Strappy Shay Wedge

  1. Linda says:

    Hi Kirsten!
    It looks like the back of the sandal comes high up on the back leg. Is this irritating at all?

    • Kirsten Borrink says:

      Hi Linda–not on me particularly, probably because the opening is a little loose. Wider ankles could run into problems I suspect…

  2. Lois Evans says:

    Love love these shoes. Comfortable right out of the box and very stylish.

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