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Published on September 4th, 2009 | by Kirsten Borrink


Comfortable Women’s Shoes | Kuru Chicane Review

Kuru Chicane
I'm thinking of a four letter shoe brand that starts with "K." They make ultra-comfortable active footwear. Up until a month ago, I would have answered "Keen" hands down. That was until I met Kuru footwear…

I was getting cocky about my feet this summer. Despite the rheumatoid arthritis, my feet decided to comply and not cause me too many aches and pains. Then one morning I got out of bed, placed my feet on the floor, stood up and OWWW! What was this heel pain I was experiencing? It couldn't be. Not the dreaded PF. I had heard of plantar fasciitis before so I knew what it was, unfortunately. Within a week, my new Kuru Chicane shoes appeared on my front stoop. A godsend indeed.

I've been wearing my Kuru Chicane active shoes for the past week when I go on walks to pick my son up from school and would you know,  the heel pain is gone! I'd like to thank Kuru and their "world's most anatomical midsole" for playing a big part in helping my heels. Aside from the orthotic-like support of the insole, I love the generous toe box area which is a must if you have bunions or hammertoes.

Take a look at the Kuru website where you can find out more about their patent-pending KuruSole TM developed by a team of podiatrists, pedorthists and other specialists.

Yes, the Kuru Chicane is a smart shoe with all its comfort technology inner workings,but it's also a fun shoe!  Although my size 10 feet look like pumpkins when I wear orange shoes, I've received at least 4 compliments in a week. I love the assymetrical lacing with yellow laces!

If you have plantar fasciitis or just need a great walking shoe with support, I highly recommend Kuru footwear. Browse the whole line of women's shoes at When you decide on a pair, use the promo code barkingdog10 to receive 10% off your order.

Kuru Chicane 2

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3 Responses to Comfortable Women’s Shoes | Kuru Chicane Review

  1. Julie says:

    I’ve recently been in so much pain. Planters fasciitis. Always had a high arch and recently was tested only to find out it’s more normal now meaning it dropped causing some of the pain. I was wearing good tennis shoes for first few years Followed by flat slippers and converse. Years of flat slippers, with some cushioning. I usually bought some decent ones at nordstrom. On outings, wedges and high heels or booties. I do splurge on nice leather shoes.

    I run a restaurant and have done so for over 12 years. Am on my feet for periods of 6-8 hrs. Am a young, small person about 5’1 weighing about 102. Have a narrow foot (lil wider now at toe bed due to wearing flip flops and flat shoes for 6 days a week for years), thin ankles, wearing a 5.5. Started to get a lil bunion like area on my pinky and big toe maybe called a tailors bunion. I think caused by the slip on flats.
    I’m looking for closed toe and heel, nonslip, arch support work shoes as well as a few cuter shoes to wear out. Currently I own abeo t strap Nash’s slippers. The arch is excellent; my concern, after wearing them for few hrs, I do slip around in them due to my thin foot. I own clarks, danska(too wide), born, Marrell as well. Please help me.

  2. Laura says:

    Hi Kristen,
    I am trying to buy a pair of the Chicane shoes, I have tried the company several times… Did you order a 10 based on your workout shoes size? Or is 10 your actual shoes size? I am confused as all my gym shoes are a size 9 while my other shoes, wedges, heels etc are 8. Do you have any advice for me?
    Thank you!

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