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Allbirds Review 2020: Are These Wool Shoes All That?

Allbirds review

Allbirds wool runner after two washes! Still lookin’ good!

Allbirds Tree Dasher

See my review of the brand new Allbirds Tree Dasher performance shoe

I love birds. In fact, I had to pull myself away from watching my favorite backyard visitors to work on this Allbirds review.  You can understand why I was slightly giddy when Allbirds made their debut last year as “The World’s Most Comfortable Shoes.” But guess what? The only nod to birds is the bird-shaped “s” in the minimalist logo–that’s it. The company is all about sheep, castor beans, recycled cardboard and a relentless passion for developing the most comfortable footwear from the planet’s natural resources. I can get behind that.

Allbirds Summer 2020 Favorites

Previously I discussed the history of the company (which you can now read here), but I’d like to get right down to the actual Allbirds review with a few updates after owning my wool runners for a full year now–design, confidence in comfort, made from nature (if you’re a guy reading this, check out  Mike’s review of Allbirds mens wool runners).

Allbirds wool runners

My second pair of wool runners in Savannah Night (navy on navy).

Simplicity in design:

While there’s a time and place for day-glo, logo-emblazoned sneakers (gym), sometimes you crave an uncomplicated shoe. Allbirds are uniform in color from heel to toe, side to side and come in the loveliest muted pastels and neutrals. As a high school teacher, I can pair my Allbirds wool runners with just about any outfit for a casual yet put-together look.

Confidence in comfort:

This is where the rubber meets the road for me (and most Barking Dog readers). Comfort is king, but that can mean different things for different feet, so I was careful not to read too many reviews before trying them on my picky feet (we recently reviewed the new Allbirds flats for women if you’re interested in a more feminine silhouette than the wool runners).

Allbirds Mizzles Water-Repellent Wool Runners

Allbirds Mizzles: Water-repellent, slip-proof wool runners for men and women.

I ordered the wool runner in natural white. My first thought when I received my order: Allbirds cares about first impressions! The recycled cardboard box is as sleek and minimalist as the shoes (it’ll go under my bed where I keep the cool shoeboxes in case my son is assigned a diorama).

Next I ran my hand across the merino wool uppers of my new sneakers: bliss. I slip my foot in, lace them up (I love a good, thick lace) and waited for the right words to describe the feeling and fit. Here goes: form-fitting plushness (not unlike those cozy animal slippers we wore as children, but all natural plushness, not synthetic). This is the softest merino wool fabric to ever touch my feet. They’ve been a treat to wear this cool spring in Chicago as the wool fabric is temperature-regulating and naturally moisture-wicking. And if they get dirty (and they will), just remove the insoles and laces, pop into the washing machine on the wool cycle and air dry! Mine are currently drying outside as I type.

My finicky toes couldn’t be happier when wearing my Allbirds. Due to the plushness of the fabric, there’s no irritation to bunions or hammertoes.  I immediately thought of my readers with peripheral neuropathy who can’t tolerate itchiness, rough seams or pinchy toe boxes–these shoes are a godsend to you.

Allbirds review

Allbirds minimalist logo

The insole is lined with the same soft, moisture-wicking merino fabric as the upper and is surprisingly made with plant oil-based foam from sustainably-grown castor beans! Who would have thought? Makes me appreciate all the R&D put forth by the company. For longer walks, I’d need to replace it with either my Treadlabs or other more supportive insole. For bumming around town, it’s just fine. If you have severe plantar fasciitis or pronation issues, the standard issue insole most likely won’t offer the support you need (but it is removable, keep in mind).

Allbirds at the beach

Allbirds wool runners – perfect for a cool day at the beach–wear and wash!

The outsole is substantially thick and shock-absorbing, yet lightweight and flexible. I’m hoping it wears well, as there isn’t much of a tread (update six months later: if you want to wear your Allbirds every day, don’t expect the tread to wear well–hoping the company is working on ways to improve durability of outsole).

The fit is spot-on: wider at the toes, tapering to a snug fit at mid-foot and heel–like a gentle hug for my feet. The size 10 fits me perfectly (I’m on the smaller size of 10). Since Allbirds are only available in whole sizes, refer to their sizing page for the best fit.

I recently asked our Facebook fans for their take on Allbirds; feel free to jump in the conversation, ask questions and leave a comment…

Click Below for Current Allbirds Colors and Pricing:

Made from nature:

Let’s see…you’ve got sheep, castor beans, recycled cardboard and bottles (one plastic bottle=one pair of laces) all contributing to make Allbirds leaders in the eco-friendly footwear category.

You can find Allbirds wool runners and Allbirds loungers in womens whole sizes 5-11, and mens sizes 8-14 for $95 from and Allbirds Canada. For women with larger feet than size 11, try ordering a men’s size–it’s basically the same shoe! And for our Canadian neighbors to the north, you’ve got your own Allbirds online store which offers free shipping on all orders over $70 as well as free returns and exchanges within the 30-day return policy.

Check out other Allbirds collections: light and breezy tree runners, loungers, skippers! I especially love the new Allbirds flats called Tree Breezers. Their uppers are made from a proprietary mesh knit incorporating eucalyptus tree fiber–what will they think of next? Stay tuned…

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Allbirds Review : Allbirds Mens Review

Mike wears Allbirds Mens Wool Runners in natural grey

Our friend Mike owns a pair of mens Allbirds in natural grey. He likes the lightweight feel of the soft wool upper and resilient sole. The fit and feel “is a cross between a slipper and running shoe, making them comfortable to wear all day.” Mike travels frequently and brings his Allbirds with him since their versatile style goes with most outfits.

Mike wears a size 13 in Allbirds and feels they run true to size. If your foot is on the wide side, they may fit a little snug at first, but the soft wool upper stretches a bit and molds to the foot. Visit the mens Allbirds page to see all current styles and colors.

Do you have an Allbirds review you’d like to share? We’re anxious to hear your opinion! Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts.

Allbirds Review : Mens Allbirds Wool Runners

See Mike’s Review of Mens Allbirds

To find out more about the Allbirds company, watch this captivating video entitled “From Wool to Shoe.” It’ll resonate with your senses to give you a big picture understanding of what goes into Allbirds shoes (hint: wool..and more recently, trees).

Allbirds Review

You can’t go wrong with white Allbirds because they’re washable!

Tim Brown, co-founder of Allbirds, understands the importance of comfortable footwear. A former soccer star from New Zealand, he joined his love of country and its natural resources (29 million sheep) to his passion for developing a simple, unbranded shoe (unlike the neon synthetic sponsored gear he wore as a professional athlete). Receiving a grant from the New Zealand wool industry, Brown jumped headlong into finding the softest, most durable material that could be worn without socks. After a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2014, Brown met renewable materials expert, Joey Zwillinger (thanks to their wives who were college roommates). The two discovered an Italian mill outside of Milan which refined the initial material into the super fine, durable, and certified-sustainable Merino wool fabric used in Allbirds shoes today.

Even though Allbirds’ best-selling shoe is called the “wool runner,” this is not a shoe for diehard marathoners, rather the every-day mobile working person who finds themselves on their feet running from work to lunch meetings to after-hour events. The stripped-down, logo-less wool sneaker is what sets it apart and makes it unique–there’s beauty in simplicity. For more information on the development and mission of the Allbirds brand, listen to this Launch Pad podcast by Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship.

Do you have an Allbirds review you’d like to share? We’re anxious to hear your opinion! Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts.

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91 Responses to Allbirds Review 2020: Are These Wool Shoes All That?

  1. Rebecca | Seven2Seven8 says:

    I’m a huge fan of merino wool, and had these shoes on my wish-list for a long time. I received a pair for Christmas and love them! They are shockingly light and supportive and breathable. I recommended them to my mom, who struggles with some joint-health issues that particularly affect her feet. She sings their praises now, too.

  2. Claire Powers says:

    I want to love these shoes. I almost do. I love how light and flexible they are. I like the wool. But the shape has been problematic for me. I usually wear and 8.5 and so ordered a 9. The toe box slants down toward the toe and so the toe area felt too cramped. I returned them and got the 10. The rest of the shoe was big but workable. Toe was better. I’ve worn them a lot from January through April. Now the lining in the toe area has worn out and I think the wool upper is next. I wish the toe box was roomier. Allbirds is very customer friendly.

  3. Ellen says:

    I have the skimmers from the tree line and I adore them! I’ve covered 7-8 miles a day visiting Paris this past week and no complaints. Pure heaven right out of the box. I wear an 11 and I ordered the men’s 10 and they are perfect, even on my narrow heels!!

  4. Kirsten Borrink says:

    Great news! It’s nice to now that even though the women’s line ends at 10, the men’s line extends to 14.

  5. S. Eichler says:

    I wear a size 11, too, and was disappointed that the women’s sizes stop at 10. I think size 11 is not so uncommon these days, either, so I’m feeling a bit slighted by this company. I know I could probably try a men’s size but my feet are on the narrow side of medium and I would be afraid a mens shoe would be too wide for my long, but skinny feet. So disappointed in the lack of sizes.

  6. Bliss Siman says:

    I ordered them as soon as I read about them. I found, like so many other brands, the toe box was too low for my sensitive right foot. Toes were irritated even in the first ten minutes of trying. The arch was too flat. Back they went.

  7. Marlyn Beebe says:

    I’m not allergic to wool, but I do have a sensitivity.
    Are there any reports about itchiness?

    Also, how is the arch support?

    Thank you!

  8. Marlyn Beebe says:

    Sorry, just reread and found the answer to my 2nd question.

  9. Marlyn Beebe says:

    Sorry, just reread and found the answer to my 2nd question.

  10. Claire Powers says:

    When I was trying to figure out what size to buy, given the short toe box I talked with Allbirds on the phone a couple of times. They indicated that the size range for women would be increasing. They have a VERY LIBERAL return policy, so if you wanted to give the men’s size a try you wouldn’t be stuck with them if they didn’t work. In fact, they will take shoes back even if you’ve worn them outside. They are very customer friendly.

  11. Fay says:

    Love my All Birds. I can wear my orthotics with them – which takes care of the bottom of my feet. And the wool is sooooo comfortable on the tops of my feet. I wish they had more styles. And, of course, I wish they were less expensive so I could get multiple colors.

  12. Cindy says:

    I just got my Allbirds three days ago. I wore them on an all-day trip, including a flight. I typically wear a 10 wide and have a high instep. Nevertheless, I ordered a 10 based on the Allbirds website. I’ve been thrilled with the fit so far, and no painful break-in period. These are very accommodating shoes.

  13. anne porritt says:

    my feet get really hot. will the wool cause them to really heat up??

  14. Kirsten Borrink says:

    Probably if your temps are over 65. Look into the tree runners–a mesh material made from eucalyptus trees!

  15. lauren sanders says:

    I had this problem and ordered a men’s pair that fit perfectly Claire.

  16. lauren sanders says:

    I too love my Allbirds. I usually wear a 10 in women’s but ended up with a mens. I have narrow feet but didn’t have any problems with the mens size. They are comfortable and I’ve worn them all day without an issue.

  17. Kirsten Borrink says:

    Interesting—so you don’t feel the mens Allbirds run wider?

  18. Sara says:

    I lusted after a pair of Allbirds for over a year before taking the plunge, only to find that the size they recommended (a 9, which is my usual size in most shoes) was a smidge too narrow for my C-width, flat feet. The upper was comfortable, but the outer part of my mid-foot rested on what felt like a raised ridge where the sole and upper were connected. My feet also felt hot in them almost instantly, and I could have used some more wiggle room at the toes–but probably not enough to justify ordering a size up. Based on what I’ve read here, I guess I could have tried a men’s 8 to see if that would have gotten me more width, but since I would also need to replace the insoles with more supportive ones–and the insoles are half the point of these shoes–my decision to return and not replace them was probably for the best. I’m bummed, though, because I love both merino wool and the minimalist look of these shoes!

  19. Kirsten Borrink says:

    Sara, thanks for your review. I’m hoping as the company grows, they will be able to offer half sizes and wide widths. We’ll see!

  20. ClaraT says:

    Late to the thread, but here’s my take.
    I bought the red runners about 5 months ago. I’m a 7.5 or 8 and got the 8 (in-store in SF) because of my bunions. They definitely stretch out after a little wear, meaning they accomodate wider feet (but won’t suit you if you like a structured upper). I wore them at a music festival (temps in the 80s), and my feet were not hot (? don’t know why, but just like smart wool socks don’t make my feet sweat, these don’t either). I washed them after the festival (so filthy) after removing the insoles and laces and voila! good as new.
    Overall, big thumbs up from me. The material doesn’t feel super durable, but most shoes hurt my feet 🙁 so I’ll trade durability for comfort. PS they are adorable in red (it’s a muted red)

  21. Kirsten Borrink says:

    Hi Clara,

    I’d love to try the Tree runners to see if they keep my feet cooler. I can wear the wool ones up to about 70 degrees than my feet say get me outta here. I’m so glad you like them. They haven’t quite caught on here in the suburbs of Chicago, but maybe a bit older than the target demographic, but everyone needs to know about Allbirds!

  22. Kirsten Borrink says:

    Great to hear that you can wear them with your orthotics. Did you have to size up?

  23. Sarah says:

    I have two friends who have these and they just don’t hold up to wear. The soles are glued on and over time, it separates from the shoe. I am considering Baabuk, Le Mouton, or Giesswein as an alternative.

  24. Organikahli says:

    I got a pair of wool runners in December ‘17. Wore them all the time on my trip to Europe for three weeks where I did a lot of sight seeing and a lot of walking. So comfortable. I’ve worn them plenty over the last 7 months and they are still in excellent condition. Just ordered my second pair, this time with laces. Outstanding!

  25. Kathy says:

    I loved these. Like heaven on my feet. I wore them everyday during vacation. However..that’s it. The inside wool starting peeling off near the top of my toes. Not by the nails,but closer to my actual foot. Small pieces of wool felt came off. Then I had a hole inside each shoe. My feet are not prone to sweating,so that was not the cause.
    Then those soft lovely things actually caused irration . It took days for my toe skin to stop feeling irrated. I guess it’s just the way the “hole”inside both of them rubbed on me. Nothing was visible on the outside of the shoe.
    I suggest socks with them. I think I’ll order the lace up ones next time. Perhaps that won’t happen then.

  26. Kirsten Borrink says:

    Thanks for the honest feedback! I do think wool may be a sustainable source for Allbirds, but possibly not long-term durable! I like the idea of finding a fiber to weave into the fabric to toughen it up.

  27. Anastasia says:

    No! Wool is fabulous because it helps regulate temperature. It keeps your feet warm or cool. The trees line is for truly tropical weather. I’ve worn the wool runners in 100 degrees and light snow. Perfect shoes.

  28. Jackie Woodcock says:

    Just read an article in the Globe and Mail newspaper about sustainable fashion and Allbirds shoes were mentioned. My question is this – Do you yourselves actually monitor the shearing of the Merino sheep wool? For mass produced products, sheep are treated cruelly because of the need to shear so many for shearers to make any money. For example, Patagonia advertise their ‘sustainable, cruelty free’ garments but it was discovered that no, the sheep were being treated horribly. (You can watch the undercover videos yourself).
    As a Vegan, I have great interest in animal protection and rights and wouldn’t be your market; however, I am a senior who looks for cruelty free, sustainable, great fashion!

  29. Bonnie Schnurbusch says:

    I bought my first pair of Allbirds about a year ago. They are so comfortable I found myself wearing them any chance I could. I typically wore a 5 1/2 so I ordered a 6 and it worked great for me. I would recommend to anyone.

  30. una says:

    I would like buy those shoes after read your blog, thanks for your sharing!

  31. Tom says:

    Love the shoes, and have a question. Walking the beach here on Sanibel Island, I pick up sand, particularly in the toe area, so I was wondering if the shoes might be washable? Gentle cycle or something like that?

  32. Kirsten Borrink says:

    Yes! I’ve washed mine twice on the wool cycle with light detergent (after taking insoles out), and put them outside in sun to dry. The main picture at the top of post shows my shoes after two washings–they look great.

  33. Dawn says:

    I am a size 5 1/2 wide and ordered a 6. I have arthritic feet and have broken all of my toes thru the years so very few shoes are comfortable. I love in SoCal and it gets very hot here. I LOVE THESE SHOES. No pain. Word them for a year before buying another pair plus the tree ones. They are shaped a little differently now but are still the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned.

  34. Jay Score says:

    I see a lot of women here and I assume you are wearing shoes without socks, so I need to ask – what about socks? Did that affect the fit or shoe experience (heat, wear and tear, etc). I have hallux rigidus on both big toe joints and I need a shoe with flexibility of the materials covering the toe box. This looks like it may work. I currently wear mesh runner style shoes but not all of them fit without hurting.

  35. Angela Hill says:

    I am wondering if the soft wool feels loosy goosy when you’re wearing them? I’m very very close to purchasing them and was wondering about this last detail. I have bunions and sometimes with the softer shoe, while comfortable….slip around a bit which I don’t care for! Thanks in advance!

  36. Kirsten Borrink says:

    Hi Angela, because of the laces, you can get a secure fit. I don’t find that the wool runners slip around (this might be more of a problem with the slip-on Allbirds).

  37. Sara says:

    I have a Morton’s Neuroma and a bad lower back – think Allbirds would be a good choice? I have spent A LOT of money trying to find the right shoes for me.I am a size 8 but due to the neuroma I have been buying 8.5 to get more room in toe box; however, the shoes tend to be too long. Any size suggestions would also be helpful. Thanks!

  38. Cliff Wong says:

    Loved these shoes initially, but they gave me plantar fasciitis after a few months of wearing them. They are just too soft with not enough arch support. I tried them with an arch support insole and that helped slightly, but ultimately I had to return to my Nikes to get rid of the pain I still had in my feet with Allbirds. Really bummed these didn’t work out as they really were (initially) the most comfortable shoes ever.

  39. Jax says:

    Can anyone who has the tree mesh version comment on what that material is like? Stiff or flexible? I noticed the website said to size up for the wool runners but down for the tree runners. Not sure if that means the tree ones are roomier. The plantar fasciatis comment is interesting and makes me wonder about the heel to toe drop on the runner and where on the foot they place the weight I have small feet but quite wide in the forefoot and big instep. Fussy feet that are perfect barefoot but sneakers cause all manner of pains. Not sure if i should take the plunge. Have tried so many brands with promises of all soerts. but always dissapointed

  40. Roz Potenza says:

    I have never been happier with a pair of shoes out of the box. I bought the wool loafer slide ons and it was like slipping into a pat of butter. I’ve not taken them off all night. I noticed some sluffing of wool off the insoles but that doesn’t surprise me. The support was surprisingly viable and springy with decent arch enforcement. The toe was a bit boxy and my feet are narrow so there was a bit of room to spare. I will most likely wear these with no socks but in spite of the extra room, my heel did not slip and I felt no rubbing. This loafer is very slipper-like and reminded me of Mahabis, but more comfy.

    I will be purchasing a lace up pair next and it feels to me like it too will be money well spent. I will also be surprising my husband with a pair of loafers so we will be an Allbird all the time household.

  41. S Mickey says:

    The tree mesh is soft and flexible. I have worn them for about a month now and they are holding up well (compared to the wool). I am an 8.5 and my toe went through the wool 9 but not the tree mesh. They are comfortable all day with my mild plantar fasciitis. I usually wear vionic, sturdier and more support.

  42. Kirsten Borrink says:

    Thanks for the feedback on the tree mesh Allbirds!

  43. Alicia Quackenbush says:

    If you love Krygies you will love Allbirds

  44. andre zirkler says:

    I found the size to be off by quite a bit. I wear 8.5 to 9, ordered 9 and they’re waaaay too tight (short). BTW I ordered two diff pair – same issue with both pair.

  45. Explorer says:

    Have you worn them in a hot humid climate? I am looking for shoes to take to SE Asia.

  46. Yang says:

    I regret to have bought a pair earlier this year. They didn’t survive 6 month. Pro is basically the first 1-2 month – you never wear a shoe like this before. Good looking. You tell friends. But con comes right after, starting around 3 month mark.

    First you notice it is way too slippery for many daily activity, like a small hike, carry grocery and walk uphill, or maybe run a bit to catch a bus. It is absolutely NOT a pair of running shores.

    Then, around 5 month mark, you find holes in the inside of your shoes. Not just me, my wife, and her friend. There are four of us bought the shoe together. And 3 has the problem.

    Then, at 6 month mark, I find my foot hurts – the sole of the shoe has worn out. Creases on the midsole. I am a 160lb male who averages 10K steps a day. And I have a pair of Altra for running.

    I think the most critical issue is the sole problem. I am not even reaching out to them to ask for a replacement – I don’t want to hurt my feet again.

  47. Maricia says:

    Looking to replace my favorite pair of Rykas. Intrested mainly in support/comfort. Any thoughts as to how Allbirds wool runners would fare during a weeklong vacation to a certain Orlando-based theme park?

  48. Bobie says:

    The great thing about Allbirds is you can return them after trying them out. They pay shipping. I have bad bunions and arthritis and found them very comfortable. The soles are a soft product and do not wear well in my experience. They can become slippery in wet conditions. However it is one of the only shoes I can wear on my problematic feet. I also supinate badly and found the outside wear on the sole made them unwearable for me about about 6 months. I did not have an orthotic at the time so that might make a difference. The wool is warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

  49. Bobbie says:

    The great thing about Allbirds is you can return them after trying them out. They pay shipping. I have bad bunions and arthritis and found them very comfortable. The soles are a soft product and do not wear well in my experience. The tread just wears down very quickly. I contacted the company and they indicated they knew that was an issue. At that time they were making no changes in the construction. They can become slippery in wet conditions. However it is one of the only shoes I can wear on my problematic feet. I also supinate badly and found the outside wear on the sole made them unwearable for me about about 6 months. I wore them daily. I did not have an orthotic at the time so that might make a difference. The wool is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. My boys have them and also like them very much but felt like the upper lost shape after awhile. They also had sole wear but don’t wear them every day.

  50. Joan says:

    The material of the tree runner is soft and flexible. But unfortunately not very durable. My toe has gone through after about 4 months. Very disappointing in an expensive shoe. I was wondering if the wool would be more durable, but it sounds like not. Too bad because they are very comfortable.

  51. Claire J Ratliff says:

    I love Allbirds … really, I do. I own 2 pair of the loungers, and 3 pair of the runners. I especially like the Tree Runners with their textured fabric, because, unlike the smooth fabric Allbirds (both loungers and runners), the textured fabric is not as quick to wear through at the big toe. This is a common problem and I wish the company would do a little reinforcement in this area. Also, the vertical seam at the heel is prone to premature wear/fraying. The beauty of Allbirds is that you want to wear them ALL THE TIME, but the downside is how quickly they can look tired because of that back seam and the big toe wear-through.

  52. Skip Slade says:

    Appreciate this candid review. As a 73 year old supinator, I’ve spent a fortune on shoes, Lems is a superb example, that last only a very few months due to outside heel wear.

    To date, only hard-soled and typically uncomfortable work shoes last longer than three or four months.

  53. Joan says:

    On the recommendation of a friend, I purchased two pairs of Allbirds because I was going on a trip and needed comfortable walking shoes. I was excited to order them because they are so nice looking, however, I was extremely disappointed when I received them. I have a narrow heel but generally okay with lace up shoes. Allbirds have an odd lump in the heel that rubbed the skin off my heel. I thought I would get used to it and, although I wore one pair for a couple weeks before the trip, I still had to wear moleskin on my heel everyday to prevent blisters. For me, they cannot be worn without moleskin.

    I should have returned them immediately but I was determined to make them work because I liked the look so much. After finding a far more comfortable substitute shoe, I tried to return the second pair that was never worn. For supposedly such a great company, beware, there is a 30 day return policy. Such a short return policy is unheard of in this day and age.

    Since ordering I have spoken with others who have ordered and returned Allbirds because they are so uncomfortable.

  54. Kirsten Borrink says:

    Thanks for your honest review, Joan. I’m interested in which shoe you found that was more comfortable for you?

  55. Bonnie Schnurbusch says:

    I love my Allbirds. They are extremely comfortable and I love the simplicity of the shoe’s design. They look fantastic with so many things in my wardrobe. I would highly recommend them to family and friends.

  56. lauren says:

    I love my Allbirds but had to order a men’s pair because the largest womens didn’t fit. Also I am a pronator and think the support is lacking. I’m going to try my orthotics but that being sad what I like most is the ability to wear them without socks. My orthotic without socks isn’t comfortable.

  57. Mikie says:

    I have 3 pairs now and cannot fault them. They are so comfortable compared to other supposedly “comfortable” and “breathable” sneakers, that I find that putting other sneakers on, now feels like I’m wearing cardboard boxes on my feet! Seriously!

    I fully recommend going for it and ditching your socks! Yes you heard right, wear barefoot, sockless, no socks to really enjoy the comfort to the full. They are easily put in the washing machine and cleaned when they get grubby every couple of weeks and come up as good as new.

    Only trouble is now I feel spoilt, like no other shoes are good enough and I now dread the occasions where I have to wear hard formal shoes and stuffy socks 🙁

  58. Kirsten Borrink says:

    How have they worn for you? I wear mine once a week and have had them for seven months and the wool, insole and outsole are still in good condition (after three washes). I agree, wearing them sockless is the only way to benefit from that super soft wool which is softer than any sock I have!

  59. Mikie says:

    They hold up pretty well, considering they go in the washing machine every now and then. I’ve had one pair for 2 years, pretty soon after launch and the other two pairs are 6 months and approx 1 month old. The oldest pair are a little baggy now, but still intact and wearable, although I no longer wear them much. The 6m pair still looking great after being my majority shoe for a few months and obviously the new pair are well, new. I now wear a pair almost every day, unless I have formal work meetings (1-2 days a week) and alternate with a pair of Giesswein Merino runners, which are good too and can also be worn sockless, although a little more expensive than Allbirds and more like a “sneaker-sneaker” in styling (if you know what I mean), I prefer the Allbirds TBH.

  60. Elizabeth Cooper says:

    I am thinking of ordering a pair for my mom who is 77 years young and has really bad arthritis. Trying to decide on whether I should order the slip- ons instead of the sneaker and wool instead or the tree type? Thoughts?

  61. Kirsten Borrink says:

    WOOL! It’s so soft and feels awesome on bad feet affected by arthritis (take it from me, I have RA). If she can tie easily, the wool runners fit better, I think and don’t slip at heels.

  62. Lisa says:

    Ditto!!! A friend of mine got a pair of lace ups for Christmas and let me try them on. Heaven! I got a pair of the sliders and usually leave them on even when I get home. They are more comfortable than slippers.

    Now, I am getting pairs of lace ups for myself and husband. He has severe foot problems and I have had surgery on my little toe. No rubbing, pain or calluses. Big fan so far!!! I even bought a pair as a gift for my friend who shared the experience with me to thank her!!

  63. Judy says:

    Just purchased tree runners and need to return them. l didn’t receive any order sheet with them and cannot contact the company through email or phone. Very disappointed with their websites!

  64. Kirsten Borrink says:

    Check your confirmation email when you ordered them. You should have an order number. Enter here and start return process;

  65. Joe says:

    The problem with allbirds is they stink. I mean, they really, really stink. And if you wear them for more than two hours or so, the sweat buildup is do bad your feet burn. I tried to wear them to the office and was miserable by mid afternoon. They simply DO NOT BREATHE.

  66. Susan says:

    I am afraid to order because I keep hearing the sizes are off…

  67. Kemal Cinaroglu says:

    At first very comfortable, but limited life span for a very expensive shoe! Immediate stretching is a big issue. When I contacted customer service, I soon realized that it was beyond poor service and waste of my time! After sharing with me that the stretching was a known issue to Allbirds, they refused exchange, argued, and offered $ 20.00 discount towards purchase of two new shoes! Very poor customer service and appreciation. Would never buy or recommend!
    Allbirds seems to have a short memory!

  68. lauren says:

    I love my Allbirds, but they don’t have enough support for me (I’m a pronater). I added another insole underneath the wool insole provided. I had to order men’s ( I’m a 10 1/2-11 women’s in sneakers). The other disappointment is that my big toe went through the ‘lining’ in the upper top of the shoe. I’m hoping that it holds up. I’m afraid to take them on vacation where I’ll be walking a lot because of the lack of support.

  69. MOLLY WATKINS says:

    I’ve had a pair of the runners for about 18 months. Very light, very comfortable, but the big toe area started to wear thin after about three months. I called the company, and the person I spoke to acknowledged the issue. She suggested getting several pairs and rotating them! Ha! Ha! I didn’t wear them at all during the winter months here in New England, but now that spring has arrived, I’ve started to go for walks again. I have severe hip arthritis and am putting off replacement for a few reasons. These are the only shoes I’ve tried that give enough cushion and absorb the shock that moves up my legs. I get the cons, but I’m going to order another pair so that I can continue to go on 1-3 mile walks in comfort. Personally, I find them a bit funny looking, but who cares? They are not my “fashion” shoe. They are the shoes that allow me to stay fit until surgery. Worth the money if you need comfort.

  70. Jax says:

    Thanks. I got them a d will post my storry soon

  71. Jax says:

    OK so I got the skippers in the tree material. I can’t wear most shoes so the fact that I think these might work out says a lot in their favor even though there are a lot of cons as well as pros. If you have a high volume foot a.k.a. high instep then there really is very little shoe there and it’s hard to keep on your foot. First I had to remove the insole because it took up too much volume . I replaced it with a cheap Spenco flat one Plus a small piece of alpaca insole i cut up
    For the heel just so I would have a quarter of an inch rise there. Also I have to wear them barefoot! It’s the weirdest thing but when I wear them with socks even thick socks the heels feel like they’re going to slip off. But when I wear them barefoot it’s like a suction forms and they cling to my foot. it’s kind of cool actually. It feels like they are alive and I have some kind of symbiotic relationship between my foot and the tree. The right one still felt a little bit too much like it would slip so what I did was I threaded a piece of waxed dental floss in a needle and I ran it through the tiny holes giving myself three extra pairs of eyelets basically to add to the (only) two ipairs of eylets that are already there. So now have sort of an extra shoelace made out of floss. Then swapped out the dull color shoe laces that came wit brite white ones which both masks the white floss and actually looks better and matches the white color eyelets anyway. Oh and I also Found the tongue was too well attached and was not behaving like a proper tongue but more like a one piece material so I was able to clip a couple of it stitches to free up the tongue. So with all the shoe surgery I feel like I can wear them and have been walking around some. I have been careful so far to mostly try soft surfaces because without their insole it’s not very questions and concrete for long periods might end up hurting the ball of my foot. They are so light weight, which i love, that it may not matter that there is not much shoe material there. if this holds up I am definitely happy and would be happy to buy a new pair every six months if needed. I would get a darker color rather than the stone color I got. I saw someone wearing gray Skippers they look very lively. Also appreciate the wide toebox. things i always need and rarely find in the same shie are: very light weight, very flexible sole, minimum heel to tie drop, and very fkexible sole. Thats way i like these skippers- has all 4! (Coms are fall off feet , not enuf eyelets, material stretches out filurther adding to slippage)

    Now you might ask why I didn’t just get the runners and I did indeed try both the runners and the hightops as well as the skippers, all in the breezy tree material. . I kept the skippers and sent back the other two. The problem with the tree runners was a many fold. If you hold the tree runners up from the tongue you can see it tilting backwards. That is, its weighted towards the heel. I could not figure out what felt funny when I was wearing it. I thought it was because the piece in the back of the sole sticks out but it’s just because the thick sole is heavy in back and gave it a funny weighting for it despite its overall light weight. I also found the drop forfrom heel to toe was just too sterp l but without the insert the shoe was too big. That was the only model where they said if you’re between sizes to size down rather than up. I also by the way have a very wide fore foot. If only they had a model that combine the flat heel to toe drop and sizing of the skippers but with the full lace up design of the runners i Would be so happy. SThe tree runners also made my feet look much bigger than they really are although that’s not why I sent them back. As for the high tops they were flat like the skippers so I thought that would be great. They also had plenty of eyelets and shoe and no chance of those slipping off. BUT Problem with those is that the sole was much stiffer than Either of the other two models I tried. Definitely want a very flexible sole and had trouble walking in tge stiff soked high tops. . So I sent back those two and kept the skippers which at least had the flexible sole and the minimal heel to toe drop it was a good fit lengthwise without the insole. I normally wear a 5 1/2 and I got a size 6. So that is my story. Come winter I think I will try the wool
    runners and hope they are better than the tree runners. If anyone has a pair handy I would be curious to know if you hold it from the tongue between your index finger and thumb what happens ? Does it tilts back? Tilt forward or stay neutral?

  72. Trevor says:

    I have four pairs of Allbirds, two wool runners, one eucalyptus tree runner, and one eucalyptus tree topper. I love everything about them: style, colors, comfort, fit, but there is just one thing missing, and it’s an important thing – durability. Three of my four pair have not worn well at the end of the toe box. I have carefully checked the size and a 12 is perfect for me. I also keep my toenails clipped short, so neither of those two variables has an effect on durability. On both wool pairs, the end of the toe box has worn thin, in the case of the black ones, worn through. I assumed wool sneakers would not do well in rain, so I was careful not to wear them on rainy days; however, one night leaving a restaurant in Sydney, Australia, I was caught in a downpour and had to make a run for my hotel. That soggy experience was enough to weaken the fabric and eventually wear a hole in one of the shoes. That pair was purchased about a year ago, the other three more recently, so these are not significantly old shoes. I have studiously kept the second wool pair out of the rain. Nonetheless, the material at the end of the toe box has worn thin. Walking with a friend one day wearing my tree runners, he suddenly asked, “Is that a hole in your shoe?” Much to my surprise, it was. a small, but noticeable, hole in the toe box. While I love these shoes and would like to purchase more, I don’t think I can risk the possibility of more holes showing up in relatively new shoes. Also, especially with the shoes made from wool, they tend to lose their shape quickly, and that’s a big part of what makes them attractive. You’ve got a great concept and a good product, but I feel like I’m wearing the beta test version.

  73. Bette says:

    I’m a normal 41 / US 10 – 10.5 and can’t find a pair of Allbirds that don’t slip at the heel — I’ve tried every model in several sizes, and have now given up.

  74. Dan says:

    I bought a pair of runners–a size up after reading reviews. Unfortunately they were so tight I couldn’t wear them so they could “mold” to my feet as they say. I had to return them. If I went to an even larger size the length would be ludicrous. I really like the way they look but can’t get beyond the super tight discomfort. I’ve have a couple of Sketchers for 7-8 months, in a wide width, and they are my all day on my feet shoes. They were comfortable immediately when I put them on–super soft on my sensitive heels.
    I really wish Allbirds would offer a “WIDE” width as I would probably buy several pair.

  75. ANGELA LAMARCA says:

    I enjoy my Allbirds but now I want to buy a slip on model which one is it?

  76. Kirsten Borrink says:

    It’s called the lounger 🙂

  77. BL says:

    I want to add that I’ve had my tree runners for three months, and although (or maybe because) I love wearing them, there are holes wearing through in the toes. I’m not especially hard on them (I work from home), but I’m disappointed that a $100 pair of shoes is already so worn in three months.

  78. Bonnie says:

    I have ordered Tree Breezers, Tree Runners, and Tree Skippers. I returned all but the Tree Breezers. The Runners and Skippers have a “low” (top to bottom) toe box, and since I have a bunion that forces my big toe toward the middle, it hit the top of the toe box. Not comfortable. I do not experience this with the Tree Breezers. The fact that they allow you to wear them — even outside — for a month before returning is definitely a plus. I wish they would change the low profile, giving more room top to bottom in the toe box.

    I will say they sell their insoles separately, and they are THE BOMB. Any shoe that has room in it to accommodate these insoles, I put them in.

  79. Mary Dean says:

    I love my Allbirds. I have three pairs. One wool, two tree runners. My problem with them is the tongue and lace. When I tie the shoe, after an hour of walking I get pain on the top of my foot. The other day, there was swelling and a bump. I am going on a 17 day trip over to Europe with lots of walking so I’m going to take one pair plus my Nikes. I do love them. I think the wool Allbirds last longer. I’m 70 years old, walk 3-5 miles a day and swim three times a week. No, I don’t swim with my Allbirds. I wish they would make fins🤣

  80. Jennifer says:

    Has anyone tried the Allbirds Loungers? I have Hallus limitus and need a wide toe box and arch support. They look so cute but I’m worried the toe box isn’t wide enough.

  81. lisa says:

    are the allbirds shoes are waterproof?

  82. Kirsten Borrink says:

    The Mizzle collection is waterproof:

  83. Barbara Cullerton says:

    I have high arches and the top of my feet are very sensitive. When I wear lace up shoes, I go up the sides and then cross again at the top so that there is no pressure on the top middle of my feet. This has made a huge difference is my being able to even wear lace up shoes. Try it –

  84. Anurag Mehta says:

    overrated. Does not take on the contours of feet. the sole is not spongy enough.

  85. Mary Mount says:

    Tree Toppers are my first pair. They are so comfortable I forget to take them off …
    Jury is out on how hearty the soles are, since this is my first. Any long time All Birders out there that can comment ?

  86. Cheri says:

    I have 3 pair, and at first I absolutely loved them–I thought they were key in reducing my plantar fasciitis. But when winter came, and I started wearing the Mizzles most of the time, I realized they were encouraging serious supination, and I developed calluses and sore spots in a very specific place on the outside soles of my feet. Now that I’m aware, I can feel all three pairs pushing my feet to roll to the outsides, the Mizzles are just the most extreme. I’ll try inserts, but my initial enthusiasm has waned a bit.

  87. Kirsten Borrink says:

    I love mine for a short time because of how soft and cozy they feel on my toes ( I have rheumatoid arthritis), but the lateral support is lacking, which is needed to help correct pronation or supination.

  88. Jim Knapick says:

    Had my Allbirds for 8 to 9 months. They were comfortable to start but they provide little arch support. I also have a hole in the toe area we’re the wool upper is separating from the sole. I also have another hole in the upper wool. They are overpriced slippers that aren’t very durable and don’t wear or age well.

  89. Joanne says:

    I agree, I’ve had mine for less then a year and only wore them in the spring and summer and they already have holes at the toes. Comfortable Burt definitely not worthy the money. I wear them as slippers in the house since the toe holes.

  90. Suz says:

    Please explain what you mean by “I go up the sides and then cross again”? I am very curious about how you have managed to fix this issue! Thanks

  91. Barb says:

    Question: has anyone tried the Merino version? And if yes, how does it compare?

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