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Published on August 1st, 2022 | by Kirsten Borrink


Bzees Shoes are the Bees Knees for Sensitive Feet

Bzees Moonlight

Bzees shoes. I searched for the etymology of this brand name, but came up short. Perhaps it comes from “the bee’s knees,” a phrase that means “the height of excellence.” While that may be overly dramatic for a shoe brand, online reviews do show that Bzees truly are the bee’s knees for many achy-footed customers.

I scoured hundreds of reviews looking for common themes among Bzees wearers. Here’s what I found in regards to foot conditions helped and beneficial features of the brand (a sister company of Naturalizer that launched in 2013) :

  • Soft stretch uppers create an unrestrictive fit around sensitive feet due to peripheral neuropathy painful bunions, hammertoes and other arthritic toe conditions. I even noticed repeated positive reviews from post-surgical customers (knee and foot) that needed an easy to slip-on shoe with no pressure points.
  • Free-Foam footbeds (a specialized polymer foam with high resiliency make for a super-cushioned, lightweight ride. Customers describe it as giving them a “bounce” to their step and relieving ball-of-foot pain. I read quite a few reviews from women with knee pain that found relief in Bzees lower-heel shoes.
  • Bzees offer moderate “soft” arch support. A viscoelastic memory foam arch support compresses for customized support. Most reviewers make note of the arch support, so it is noticeable. But if firm support is needed, Bzees aren’t for you.
  • The air-infused EVA soles on Bzees shoes not only contribute to their lightweight feel, but provide excellent shock-absorption (another feature that customers attribute to the springy feel of Bzees shoes).
  • They’re travel-friendly! With many slip-on styles, you’ll get through tedious TSA lines quicker. Pack an extra pair since they’re so lightweight. If you get them dirty on vacation, throw them in a cold water wash then lay them out to dry. All Bzees shoes are treated with odor and microbial control agents to keep shoes fresh wear after wear.
  • Bzees are available in medium and wide widths with sizes up to 11 and they’re affordable ($49-69).

Let’s take a look at four popular styles by Bzees:

Bzees Shoes: Kiss Sandal

Bzees Kiss Sandal

The Bzees Kiss sandal is a tried and true style with scores of 5 star reviews for fit, feel and function. Great for narrow heels with a wider forefoot. Along with all the comfort features mentioned above, the Kiss sandal includes a “comfort cone” gel insert in the heel for enhanced cushioning. Bzees Secret sandal is an update on the Kiss sandal. Find it in sizes 5-11, medium and wide widths for $59 from Zappos.

Bzees Shoes: Desire Sandal

Bzees Desire

Although the Bzees Desire sandal is available in neutrals, I love the floral print! What a great way to add a pop of color to an otherwise monochrome outfit. Find the Bzees Desire in sizes 6-11, medium and wide widths for $59 from Zappos. Find more color options at

Bzees Shoes: Coco Slip-on

Bzees Coco: The Coco slip-on is one of the most popular styles with women who work on their feet all day. This style seems to have more arch support than the sandals. If you’re a fan of Skechers Go Walk shoes, but need a little more structure and support, consider the Bzees Coco. Find a pair at Zappos and Amazon.

Sunny days are ahead in the Bzees Smile sandal. Featuring a Free-Foam™ footbed designed to mold to your feet and moderate arch support. Find the Bzees smile in sizes 5-12, medium and wide widths for $69 from Zappos.

Have you worn Bzees shoes or sandals? What are your thoughts? Feel free to leave a comment.

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7 Responses to Bzees Shoes are the Bees Knees for Sensitive Feet

  1. Marjorie says:

    Thanks for talking about Bzees! I am going to try them as “house shoes”.
    I looked at Nordstroms web site. Then found that Zappos is also carrying Bzees.

    Only drawback for me: Bzees shoes don’t look like they have a High Toe Box (despite the stretchy elastic).

    I have read many of your Blogs.
    THANK YOU for all the info.

    It is so encouraging to know that I am NOT the only one having a hard time finding shoes. I have tried on SO many brands that work for other people (Aetrex, Naot, Birkenstock, Mephisto, Wolky, Think!, Haflinger Slippers & sandals; Giesswein Slippers; & about to Give Up on Finn Comfort).

    My 1st search started in July 2017 for a sandal & then a winter shoe
    (I couldn’t have anything pressing on large tendon that runs from instep to shin).
    Things got more complicated when I developed a bunionette (May 2018).

    My husband thinks Zappos should just FLY me to their warehouse and save money on UPS.

    I have Wide toes, high arch & NARROW heels.
    Plus my feet are “bony” (not fat) & I have Morton’s Neuroma.

    I always wore Chaco’s in the Summer: but the strap presses on my bunionette. The typical bunion pads didn’t work.
    But: with a Chaco Unaweep (the Original) with TWO “skinny” Straps: a large gel pad placed under ALL the straps takes the tension off.

    I used to wear running shoes for everyday.
    Since tongue & laces come up high: I can’t have laces digging into that tendon (skaters call this “Lace Bite”).

    FYI: Chaco NO LONGER uses a Vibram Sole (on Unaweep – Original sandal).
    The new “Chaco Grip” rubber sole feels softer on “Classic” models and the wonderful “OLD” arch support doesn’t feel the same!!!!

    For people who loved the Original Chaco: you can Custom Order & get a sole very “close to” the Vibram from the Unaweep Model.

    Sorry for such a LONG comment.

  2. Kelli says:

    Thank you. I like the long comment – the goal of my life is to make my feet happy and I have tried so many different types of shoes…


    I have bought 4 pairs this year of Zees sandals. So comfy, so good to find sandals that fit bunions and hammer toes and still look good.
    I am so happy to have found them!

  4. Madeline says:

    I wore Bzees to a Podiatry Appointment. This doctor is Chief of Surgery at a major Boston Hospital. He took off the shoe and said “this is the only shoe you need to wear 24/7. Around the house, no barefeet, etc. The shape of the shoe design gives you the support from the arch (I have flat feet) and to goes up to the most perfect heel. You don’t want any higher heel on any shoe you wear! I was taken aback at his comments, thus bringing me here to Bzees shoe collection because I now need another pair. Keep up the good work..Bravo!

  5. Jean says:

    I have worn out 2 pairs of BZees’s in the past 2-4 years. So glad to find where I can order them. Thank you, Thank you. Now for the correct size as have Neuropathy, very sensitive feet, etc. etc.

  6. Jacqueline Green says:

    Loves the BZEES shoes I am the sole care giver and do a ton of walking. I have almost worn out my first pair and I am trying to replace them.
    Looking for a light weight tennis shoe, size 10 regular.

  7. Saena says:

    I’m sure the name is a take on busy – or in this case busy bees? Anyway cute name for cute shoes. I have 3 foot problems and I’m still trying to find the right one for me. Plantar fasciistic (who doesn’t), arthritis and neuropathy from fibromyalgia.

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