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Easy Spirit Romy: Affordable Support in a Top-Selling Walking Shoe

Easy Spirit Romy Walking Shoes

Easy Spirit Romy

Fifteen years and still going strong. We love when shoe companies keep their top-sellers around instead of discontinuing them after a season or two, leaving fans to scour eBay for a lucky find. The Easy Spirit Romy checks all the boxes of a good walking shoe:

Easy Spirit Romy

Good fit:

A wide toe box provides a comfortable fit for feet with bunions, hammertoes, neuropathy and neuroma. Footwear that fits well in the forefoot often has a sloppy fit at the heel. Not so with the Easy Spirit Romy. Customers remark that their heels stay put with no slipping.

Extended widths:

The Romy comes in a range of widths from super slim to extra wide and half sizes 5-10, 11 and 12. A few color combos come in the hard-to-find 10.5.

Removable insole:

Why buy an expensive gym shoe to accommodate your orthotics when you can find the Easy Spirit Romy for under $70?

Easy Spirit Romy

Easy Spirit Romy

Decent arch support:

Most reviewers classify the Romy’s arch support as moderate, not enhanced. This may be a deal-breaker for you, but you can always add your own more supportive insole.

Sturdy, thick sole: 

If your forefoot is plagued with hallux rigidus (stiff big toe), a thick, rigid sole is recommended to protect the tender big toe joint. This feature also helps other foot conditions like plantar fasciitis that are worsened by an over-flexible sole.


For under $70, you get a well-made leather, suede, or mesh walking shoe with a good fit that comes in a variety of colors.

Find the Easy Spirit Romy in sizes 5-12, four widths for $39-75 from, Zappos, and Amazon.

Do you own a pair of Romys? Let us know what you think about them in the comments!

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One Response to Easy Spirit Romy: Affordable Support in a Top-Selling Walking Shoe

  1. Sally Dameron says:

    When looking at some these shoes, they seem similar to sketchers. How are the different?
    I have a high arch, but since RA has taken over my feet, bunion, hammer toes claw toes. It feels like I am walking on the bones on the bottom of my feet. The go walk have helped, but for distance walking they are not enough support. Looking at the knit uppers are they only thing I am somewhat comfortable in. What is the best shoe for support that can accommodate my feet. They are also wide. I need something soon for a trip to Alaska.

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