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Stylish Orthotic Sandals for Women – Summer Spirit, Extra Comfort!

You’ve tried the new built-in orthotic sandals such as Vionic and Abeo, but the support isn’t customized enough for your feet and your doctor insists that you wear your custom orthotics. You’ve experienced enough frustration trying to fit them in your shoes, let alone sandals, and summer is coming. No, you don’t have to wear your tennis shoes all summer long, open-air options do exist! However, just because a sandal description states that it is “orthotic-friendly,” doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be friendly to each and every orthotic it meets. You may find that you have to trim your orthotics to get a good fit. See this video for tips on how to do so.

Orthotic Sandals – Our Top 8 Picks

Orthotic Sandals - Naot Papaki

Naot Papaki – orthotic-friendly sandal

The Naot Papaki features a removable cork-latex footbed and an enclosed heel which helps to conceal and secure an
orthotic insert. The Papaki comes from Naot’s Koru collection of casual shoes and sandals with removable footbeds to accommodate orthotics that best fit medium width feet.

A satisfied Zappos customer wrote a helpful review about the Papaki:

I not only wear a difficult to fit size (10.5 AA or AAA), but I have sensitive areas, namely, my outer right arch on my right foot and my tendency to pronate. This she controlled the pronation due to a very good arch plus a slightly negative heel. I put an orthotic in it and it did not slip. Be aware, however, that an insert in the heel will lift your foot so that there may be some slippage. it was still more comfortable than no orthotic. Without the orthotic, there was too much pressure on my toes due to a softer footbed than some of their other sandals. Beautiful, well-made shoe.

The Naot Papaki is available for $175 from Zappos and Nordstrom, $152-175 at Amazon.

Naot yarrow

Naot Yarrow. Photo: Sole Addiction Grande Prairie

The boho-chic Naot Yarrow doesn’t look orthopedic in the least, yet offers a removable cork/latex footbed and enclosed heel to fit an orthotic. The ghillie lace system provides a customized fit for slightly narrow to wide feet. Zappos customer Lauren says this about the Yarrow sandal:

I thought I would never be able to wear sandals again with my fallen arches and top of foot pain, and I can’t even walk barefoot anymore without extreme pain. This one is great! My orthotic fits perfectly, is invisible, and the shoe is still so comfortable. Highly recommend!

Find the Naot Yarrow in euro sizes 35-42 (5-11) for $120-169 from Zappos, Amazon and Nordstrom.

Orthotic Sandals - Finn Comfort Sausalito

Finn Comfort Sausalito

Orthotic sandals - finn comfort gomera

Finn Comfort Gomera

Finn Comfort orthotic sandals are pricey–there’s no two ways about it! But if they accommodate your orthotics well and allow you to walk pain free, they might just be worth the investment. The Finn Sausalito features a removable cork/latex footbed (in fact, the enhanced arch and metatarsal support may allow you to wear them without orthotics). The rocker sole takes pressure off the forefoot and heel through the stride. A happy Zappos customer says this about her Finns Sausalitos:

If you wear custom orthotics, this is your sandal. I have very thick orthotics and the shoe straps still accommodate without the velcro showing. (If you wear thick orthotics, you know how great that is!) I bought my first pair 6 months ago and wore them every day, so I have tried them out fully. My verdict? I just bought 3 more pairs. This is my new favorite shoe. It is easily the most comfortable shoe I have worn due to the sole. It is very stable, and wonderful on my knees when I am standing all day. The only problem I have had is it occasionally rubbed my pinkie toe, but that went away after a month or so. Even then, it was never enough to warrant a bandaid or anything. I feel very stable, and I don’t trip or drag. I never wore a rocker sole before but had no trouble adjusting to these without any breaking in period. And best of all, they are pretty. I have the espresso metal, which sounds strange but goes with almost any color outfit.

The Finn Comfort Sausalito is available in euro sizes 35-43 (5-12.5), for $255-285 from Zappos, and Amazon. If you don’t care for the feel of rocker-soled shoes, try the Finn Comfort Gomera–it accommodates an orthotic, but has a flat outsole. Read our review of the Finn brand and see the Gomera style here.

Romika Ibiza 70. Photo: Shoe Thrill

Romika is another German brand that specializes in stylish comfort footwear. The Ibiza 70 feature three-point adjustability (forefoot, instep and ankle) for a customized fit for narrow to slightly wide feet and a removable footbed should accommodate an orthotic. We like this honest review by a recent Zappos customer.

These are very attractive sandals that span the dressy/casual gap quite well.  I have a difficult time finding shoes that accommodate my custom orthotics well and these do better than most. They are only slightly narrow for my wide orthotics at the arch but overall they work fine. The quality seems very good.

Find the Romika Ibiza 70 sandal in euro sizes 36-42 (5-11) for $95-120 from Zappos, Amazon, and Peltz Shoes.

Wolky Jewel

Wolky Jewel

Wolky Jewel

These funky orthotic sandals by Wolky have been around as long as I’ve been writing about comfortable shoes here at Barking Dog Shoes. We respect a company that keeps their bestsellers around year after year. The Wolky Jewel services many foot maladies from bunions (adjustable forefoot strap), hallux rigidus (thick outsole), plantar fasciitis (great support, deep heel cup). And for those that need to wear custom orthotics, the footbed is removable! Read how this Zappos customer made them work for her:

I bought these shoes to wear with my custom orthotics (I remove the Wolky insole). I consider them the best shoes for my feet when I am wearing the custom orthotics in them-even better than any lace-up shoe. Maybe it is the thick somewhat flat sole that makes them work so well? The shoe store where I bought the orthotics makes adjustments so that the orthotic better fits in the shoe. 

Wolky Globe

Find the Wolky Jewel in euro sizes 36-44 (5-12.5) for $179 from Zappos, Amazon (many colors),, and Peltz Shoes.

The Wolky Globe sandal is a new style by Wolky featuring a trendy white sole.

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22 Responses to Stylish Orthotic Sandals for Women – Summer Spirit, Extra Comfort!

  1. Robin Dorko says:

    Sandy by Drew. I have a couple of colors. Elastic on top helps with comfort.

  2. Teresa Perkins says:

    I velcro my Good Feet insoles to all my sandals, especially Aetrex, Fly London, Munro, Naot, and Taos. Works great and my feet are supported and summer ready!

  3. Lisa says:

    Clarks Un Harvest, you featured them last year and I went out and bought them, work great for me and I love the yellow colour!

  4. Pat says:

    There are several Wolky sandals w/removable orthotics. I have rheumatoid arthritis and pretty bad bunions, so I like their styles w/adjustable straps across the forefoot.

  5. cedar says:

    I was all ready to order the Ziera Banner just because it’s a New Zealand company (love) but I want it in Smoke color and it’s not available in Medium width. Oh wait! Yes, I’ll bet it’s on their website. (which I just read extensively)
    I don’t wear or need orthotics, but those look cute, sound great, and well…..a NZ company…..

  6. Kirsten says:

    I love those. Sad they didn’t return this year…Glad you got them when you did.

  7. Meta-needed says:

    ABEO – provides orthotic footbed sandals in beautiful & relaxed styles. Nice enough to wear to work in a professional environment. I always seek good metatarsal & arch support, and these are FABULOUS!

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  9. Darlene says:

    I just purchased the Pikolinos Alcudia sandals ahead of my trip to Europe, and they were as comfortable as all the Zappos reviewers said they would be out of the box. The insole isn’t removable, but I wear it with my dress shoe orthotics (Morton’s Neuroma) easily nonetheless because of the enclosed back.

  10. Kirsten says:

    Great to know. I love hearing other readers experience with certain shoes that I’ll never get to try! And I love Pikolinos.

  11. Jeanne says:

    The Naot Begonia worked best for me and my custom orthotics. I did try the Alegria Verona but the velcro on the ankle strap does not work well with narrow heels and could not be tightened enough to make the sandal secure. They also seem to run large compared to other styles.

  12. Fredel says:

    Hello, (and happy Memorial Day, if you’re reading this on the same day that I am typing it),
    I’d love to wear sandals, but my orthotics are only three-quarter length.
    I’d appreciate any advice as to whether this is possible. How do you fill in the empty space that remains in the toe area, after you take out full-length insoles and insert 3/4-length orthotics?

  13. Kirsten says:

    I’ve often put the full insole that comes with the shoe on top of 3/4 orthotic, but that might not work with shoes that have extra thick insoles with their own support built-in. This is a good question!

  14. dawn Hubbell says:

    i need desperate help.. I’ve tried to email etc.. always sends back mailbox is full.. I’m single disabled mom with serious financial problems and serious shoe problems. I don’t have a single pair of shoes to wear, can’t get custom orthotics.. wide front foot, narrow heel super duper high arches.. plantar fascitis, mestagarlia, an extra bone in the toe for my left big toe, left foot at least 1/2 size smaller than other foot (and leg is shorter too) I’ve been everywhere, and can’t find anything recommended I try womens size 8.5 eee, or mens 7.5 eee/ told to NEVER go barefoot, I do stretchs.. I also have a weird spine disease and if I don’t have the right shoes everything else pulls gets tighter and hurts my back. I hate athletic shoes but at this point I’m desperate. None of the shoes I have fit after have a surprise baby at 41. Also need some slippers or something to wear at home so I can chase after a toddler without having to lace up shoes. Please someone help me.

  15. Annie Truscott says:

    Hi Fredel,
    revere offer a 3/4 forefoot filler designed to fit with a 3/4 custom Orthotic into any of our Sandals. You can view the range, including the fillers at
    Hope this info is helpful to you.
    Customer Service revere Shoes.

  16. Noni says:

    Hi Dawn,

    I am disabled and soon to retire on disability retirement so money is tight. The shoes here are very sturdy and last a long time. The cost is up a bit but no more than other sites except the cheap shoe sites which you don’t get good comfort. I rarely can buy shoes but I do a “dime” jar where every dime I receive back from paying for something goes in it. Occasionally I’ll add a quarter or something. You would be surprised how you don’t miss it and soon save enough for shoes with their email discounts. I have severe psoriatic arthritis and love love love these shoes for fashion and comfort. My budget with all my co pays is awful. I try to pay for everything in cash because running a card don’t let you see what you really are spending.

  17. Jane says:

    Hello Dawn,

    I can’t wear any of my shoes anymore. Even orthotics failed to do the job until I found Spenco ones. The shoes I am going to recommend is KURU Quantum athletic shoes. Yes, I know you don’t like athletic shoes, neither do I but I love these. The only shoes I can wear all day. They are expensive, which doesn’t help you, I know. I only have one pair of these shoes and I don’t know what I would do without them. If there is anyway you can afford these, please try them. Shipping is free both ways. I haven’t tried Barking Dog Shoes yet, but I am going to. Great site.

  18. Penelope Smith says:

    I had no idea that you can get cute looking orthotic sandals. It is good to know you can get them from a variety of stores as well. My mother has orthotic issues with her feet and this is good to know.

  19. Mary says:

    I’ll never buy another pair of Wolky sandals! Although they were comfortable, the thick black sole (rubber, synthetic foam ?) deteriorated after very little wear and literally broke off in chunks! $139 for so very little use.

  20. Jennifer Miller says:

    I have Alegria to be too wide for me!

  21. Jennifer Miller says:

    I have used Finn sandals in the past, and was pulling mine out of the closet. While the insoles are replaceable, or you could use custom orthotics, I don’t like the actual soles. They are like a slippery plastic and not easy to walk around because you can’t get a grip on the floor. They are handmade and quality for the uppers, but I can’t recommend the bottoms!

  22. Dr. Janet Look says:

    what do you suggest for a 91/2 4e flat sandal that can accommodate an orthotic?

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